The world's only camera designed for live streaming events

Last Funded May 2020


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Established startup with $5.9M revenue in 2019. 90,000+ Mevo Plus cameras sold on, Best Buy, B&H, Adorama & Amazon
30,000+ Mevo owners streaming at least one event each month
Respected partner and investor: Vimeo Inc.

Our Team

While growing, we heard from thousands of customers that hardware was their biggest hurdle to live streaming events.  That’s why we created Mevo. Customers wanted a simple, all-in-one solution for all skill levels to produce dynamic, high-quality live streams.

We made the world's only camera designed to live stream events.

The live streaming market is the fastest-growing video segment.

Expected to double yearly and grow to 17% of all video consumption by 2022.

But live streaming camera options aren't ideal.

We built a camera that has all the features of a professional rig. But at a price that EVERYONE can afford.

Who uses Mevo?

Today we expect all events to be live streamed. From moments in daily life to the most influential professional events across the globe.

Meet Mevo Start.

Mevo Start is our second-generation Mevo camera, reimagined and engineered to address the needs of our growing customer base.

  • Affordable price point at $299 MSRP 
  • Up to 6 HOURS of battery life, so you can stream events of all lengths without worrying about power
  • 1080p sensor and onboard microphones deliver professional-level quality out of the box
  • Stream to several major platforms including Facebook Live, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch and more

Easy yet sophisticated controls.

The companion Mevo App gives our customers the ability to up their production value with the touch of a finger:

See Our Unboxing Video learn more about Mevo Start!

First look review for Mevo Start.

This isn't our first rodeo.

In 2016, we launched the critically acclaimed Mevo Plus and have grown to more than 30,000 active users streaming using Mevo every month.

We've partnered with the best of the best to create a scalable supply chain.

It’s a team with proven results that has worked together for over 7 years.

The Mevo Roadmap

Mevo Start: Next Generation Camera

  • Market-transforming price point of $299 MSRP
  • Currently in pre-order, shipping Spring 2020
  • 1080p sensor and 6 hours of battery life
  • All development funded and FCC approved
  • 200 cameras already produced and in beta
  • Beta tester rating average of 4.6/5.0
  • Ready to produce 5,000 cameras (Spring 2020)
  • First 1,000 Mevo Start started manufacturing on March 10, 2020 and will ship to consumers and resellers by the end of April 2020

Mevo Multicam App and Pack

- New feature: connecting and mixing multiple Mevo cameras

- Public beta testing in progress, full release Summer 2020

  • #1 feature request from existing Mevo customers
  • Works with Mevo Plus and Mevo Start
  • Increases Customer Lifetime Value
  • Mevo Multicam Pack launch Q4 2020
  • Includes (3) Mevo Starts for $749 MSRP ($897 when sold separately)

Mevo Timeline

Use of funds

How we make money

We sell our camera products and accessories on and via our reseller network including Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Best Buy and others. We also offer a subscription plan to unlock advanced features in our iOS and Android app. Since 2016, we have manufactured and sold more than 90,000 Mevo cameras. Our customers range from consumers streaming family events (~30%) to organizations (~70%) sharing events with their customers and communities (examples: House of worship, Sports, Government, Education, ...). With the launch of Mevo Start and the Mevo multi-camera functionality and pack, we expect to grow sales and increase consumer adoption.

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