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Invest in Megara

Immersive entertainment company bridging the digital and physical worlds


CEO took last company to IPO on NASDAQ resulting in 15x ROI for investors.
Fast growing fan base
Support for diversity, equity and inclusion
Immersive Entertainment

Our Team

A passion for the arts, specifically the live performing arts, and the financial potential of such an idea.

Support a New Festival and Become a Part of Something Spectacular

We are Kingdom Faire, a new fantasy-themed live festival and immersive storytelling experience. Our inaugural season has launched to rave reviews and consistent growth. We are raising $250,000 to secure a larger, permanent location and expand our guest base with in-person and online experiences. Your investment will support our exciting new Faire and entitle you to a piece of our original fantasy world!

What we have:

  • A brand new festival, Kingdom Faire, currently open and running April 30-June 26 in Putnam Valley NY, which has received rave reviews
  • A kick-ass original show that extends far beyond the boundaries of the scripted acts, allowing audiences to experience an immersive, interactive theatrical event like no other
  • A completely original fantasy world, with larger-than-life characters and endless opportunities for storytelling and exploration
  • A hugely talented artistic and operational team, with a collective 75+ years of experience in live events, and an incredible cast of performers
  • A commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to paying all of our teammates a fair wage

Where we’re going:

  • Purchasing a physical location. This will allow us to build permanent structures, which will improve our amenities and greatly increase the immersive experience of our audiences. It will also allow us to lower our operating costs and vastly expand the kinds of events we’re able to offer.
  • We are looking at a few potential locations, near the current site where we operate, with the full support of the county and town. These sites are accessible, well-priced, and would allow us the perfect place to build and expand.
  • Expanding our offerings of both live and digital experiences. We have already started developing augmented reality technology that can blend seamlessly with the live experiences we’ve already created. We aim to offer something truly unique, with an immersive world that extends across many branches of storytelling.
  • We have future festivals and seasons already in planning, tied into and expanding on the original world we’ve created, to build on the success of this year’s Kingdom Faire.

What you can do:

  • When you invest in Kingdom Faire with Wefunder, you are not only supporting our festival and vision for the future—you will also own a small part of the world we’ve created. At each investment level, you will receive not only stock in our company, but a title and style that reflects your station in our world. You’ll be honored on our display of Peers and Pirates and formally recognized at any event you attend. Our cast members will endeavor to address you with the formal style becoming a person of your station.


Peerages are granted in the kingdoms of Denmira, Arden, Orland, and Galdora. Your rank will be listed on the display of Peers of the Realm and recognized by the King of Arden, the Queen of Denmira, and the Royal Court at any event you attend.

  • The Prince/Princess of Orland or of Galdora (“Your Highness”) - $50,000
  • The Most Noble Duke/Duchess of Duncaster or Ostwick (“Your Grace”)-$10,000
  • The Most Honorable Marquis/Marquise of Coniston, Ilyever, Andorith (“Your Lordship/Ladyship”) -$5,000
  • The Right Honourable Earl/Countess of Fallkirk, Orilon, Willendale (“Your Lordship/Ladyship”) -$1,000
  • The Right Honourable Baron/Baroness of Tergaron, Hallbeck, Dewhurst, Yarrin (“Your Lordship/Ladyship”) -$500
  • Baronet/Baronetess/Lady of Caer Oswin, Briar Grove, Frostford, Silverplunge, Mirstone, Oakheart (“Sir”/“Dame”) -$250
  • Knight of Denmira, Arden, Orland, or Galdora (“Sir”/“Dame”) -$100


Pirate titles will be listed on the display of Most Fearsome Pirates and recognized by the pirate captains at any event you attend. For Buccaneer and Marauder tiers, in addition to your title, you may also choose honorary membership in any of our pirate crews. Dread Pirate (Terror), Scourge, and Sea Dog tiers will allow you to designate a captain of your own ship (which may be yourself). You may also ally your ship with one of our pirate crews, become a Privateer for one of the four Royal Kingdoms, or remain independent. Privateers receive Knighthood in their Kingdom and are addressed with the style Sir or Dame.

  • Dread Pirate [Name], Terror of the Obsidian Isles or of the Ocean of Amphitrite-$50,000
  • Scourge of the Lioncrest Coast; Scourge of the North Sea-$10,000
  • Sea Dog of the Narrow Sea; Sea Dog of Morgana Bay-$5,000
  • Marauder of Amberhold, Navarro, Starlow Cove, Saltmark-$1,000
  • Buccaneer of Ironhaven, Haron’s Peak, Wallowkill, Larnwick, Marketown, Lindow-$500
  • Rapscallion of the crew of the Great Pirate Queen Briganta-$250
  • Scallywag of the crew of Captain Bonecrusher, Sharkbait, Filet, Blackjack Jameson, or Goldtooth-$100


If you transfer your investment, the new owner may accept your peerage or request a new peerage at equivalent rank. If your investment is transferred to multiple others, they may choose an available peerage or pirate title commensurate with the basis of their ownership. Transferees with holdings having less than $100 of basis are not entitled to retain a title.