Megafono Corporation

Social platform revolutionizing the way 160M voters impact legislation

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 26 investors
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Underserved TAM (~160M people) hungry for a solution to fix the broken Beltway.
B2C and B2B sales targets.
80% of surveyed would use our service, 30% would pay for premium (higher than industry standard).
Massive data play that preserves anonymity of our users and offers multiple revenue streams.

Our Team

We’re building Megaphone because the world is done with a lack of transparency. I was repeatedly hitting a wall trying to find information on a piece of legislation. If I, who has been doing this my entire adult life, am getting frustrated and hitting must people across the country feel.

We make legislation accessible, give lobbying to the people, and provide deep data for polling

Wefunder is here to fix capitalism,
Megaphone is here to fix democracy.

Megaphone gives government back to the people through a revolutionary social platform for 160 million voters.

With an estimated 470,000 users within the first three years, we believe Megaphone will realize $34 million in annual revenue with exponential growth in the following years.  That projection cannot be guaranteed.  

The Broken Beltway

Across the aisle and across the county line, we all agree that politics is broken. Overly complicated processes mean civic engagement requires too much effort for voters to be effective and stay involved. We’re left with barren mudslinging and special interests deciding for us.

It’s all noise, no listening. And most of us feel it’s only getting worse.

In the current system, the onus of involvement falls on the voters. You have to figure out how it works in each systems’ individual process map. You have to seek out the community meetings, research the players, start the petitions, and send emails into the void.

At the end of the day, the vast majority of effort goes unanswered and without impact. Meanwhile the lobbyists with multimillion dollar contracts already decided the legislation for us.

The people can’t compete. The people are disillusioned. The people stop trying to make a difference.

The Megaphone Solution

We’re here to change that with Megaphone: a social platform built to make government on every level, fully accessible to everyone. Megaphone removes barriers – whether it be money, knowledge, or access – and we put our users in a position to make REAL change on the federal, state and local levels.

Our lead product will be our Megaphone app which will be a one-stop-shop for legislative tracking, civic engagement, and real impact on legislation. With its game-changing features, it puts users’ concerns on an equal playing field with the most expensive lobbyists and influential special interest groups.

The app also has a gamification aspect where users can earn a blend of badges and real world prizes like books, cameos, invitations to private events. It also builds community by connecting users through common issues of importance, empowering them with the power of people.

The Megaphone app brings 4 innovative features using our proprietary AI engine:

1. Tracking issues, legislation, and leaders

Users can follow specific issues or political leaders without the filter or bias of special interest. Our app will have the most accurate and up-to-date information, giving you the power to be informed. It will also track how elected officials vote, creating an accountability loop not currently available to average voters.

2. Legislative feedback

Users will be able to submit edits to legislation that will be voted on by other users. Your opinions and questions will be submitted directly to your legislators’ offices’ and be made part of the public record, whenever possible.

3. Crowdfunded lobbying

Users can initiate lobbying campaigns, pool small dollar amounts, and our team of vetted lobbyists will lobby legislators on their behalf. With this, our users’ $5.00 will be as valuable as special interests’ $20k, leveling the political playing field and turning the current lobbying machine on its head.

4. Organic Polling

Utilizing user activity, we establish an entirely new polling system with the most up-to-date and accurate data ever seen. It generates true numbers on individual beliefs and trends of importance, all in real time. Using blockchain, we gather this data while protecting users’ anonymity and without having to ask for it. This taps a gold mine of deep data no one else has and turns it into a B2B opportunity for tailored polling.

It’s more than just an app, it’s a space for constructive interaction and actual listening, raising your voice above the noise. With Megaphone, users are informed on issues they care about and have the tools to make a difference.

The Lobby Dashboard

In parallel with the Megaphone app, we will also build the Lobby Dashboard, a B2B platform powered by our AI engine. 

It will house all available legislative documents including:

  • One of the most detailed city/county level government search engine available
  • First release will cover the 95 counties and 38 cities of Virginia
  • Future releases to include counties and cities for all States and DC
  • Proprietary Transparency Rating (PTR) of local government access

The Lobby Dashboard will also provide unparalleled levels of time sensitive data and up-to-date micro and macro polling, giving our users the competitive advantage needed to provide the best possible advice and data to their clients. They can tailor their data mining to individual populations and get real-time insight into issues of importance.

Product/Market Fit

We surveyed a group of 1,000 registered voters, asking the following questions to better predict how Megaphone would be received by the market. The results were a resounding “Yes!”.

The Business Model and Projections

Digital democracy is the future of voting, activism and engaging with U.S. politics and Megaphone is targeting the nontraditional voting market of 160 million voters with our platform. The polling and lobbying industries are massive and Megaphone’s innovative, AI powered, platform will position us to lead game-changing innovation in those spaces.

Megaphone uses an SaaS business model and has 4 main sources of revenue, adding more as we grow:

Number Breakdown 

These projections assume we can capture 2% of our total potential market. These projections cannot be guaranteed.

The Team

Our team has decades of inside the Beltway and AI tech experience, and we know how to fix this massive problem to create a new era of civic engagement. Our team is the perfect blend of technology and government, and among our team, we’ve founded 3 start-ups including 2 successful exits.

We started Megaphone because we believe everyone’s voice matters, and everyone has the right to use that voice for change in their communities, big and small. So we are harnessing our unique areas of experience to fix the broken Beltway.

The Ask

We are looking to raise $1 million to build our revolutionary platform, empower voters, and make actual change to politics as usual. We are using a community raise since just like Wefunder bringing investment back to the people, we are bringing politics back to the people.

With your help today, we will be able to finish the development of the app and invest heavily in its marketing and advertising to get Megaphone into as many hands as possible.

Megaphone is the perfect platform for a future facing digital democracy and the information hub for the new web 3.0 world. Join us as we turn the Beltway on its head and give politics back to the people!