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Invest in Meet Kinksters

Meet Kinksters offers singles a way to find love and sexual connection.


reserved of a $50,000 goal
$5M valuation cap Future Equity
I’m investing in Meet Kinksters because online dating is broken and needs fixing. The entrenched legacy players don’t care so much about helping people as they do keeping them swiping like zombies. Brad has been a friend for years and I think he’s bringing a fresh perspective on relationship compatibility to the market. I’m excited to be lead investor for his seed round because I believe in the product and his ability to execute. Beyond the provocative name, Meet Kinksters is at its core about giving people a fighting chance at success in a new relationship by calling out some “taboo” topics early on. There’s no point in someone who is seeking a submissive partner to seriously date someone vanilla or similarly dominant, so why not match on these dimensions right at the outset? Beyond the focus on sexual compatibility - particularly because of it - I believe in Brad’s mission to make dating suck less for women in particular. His upcoming feature to display background-check results on dating profiles helps lend an extra layer of confidence in meeting someone online. It’s hard to start a new business, particularly in this market. I admire Brad’s determination in bringing his business this far and trust this fundraising round will provide the necessary capital to grow and achieve critical mass.


Worldwide, people are becoming more comfortable and confident in their sexuality. We celebrate them.
No other dating service empowers people to connect on both romantic and sexual dimensions.
Meet Kinksters has been 100% bootstrapped through market entry and runs lean with low expenses.
Our multi-platform (iOS, Android _and_ web!) approach allows us to target a diverse customer base.
A strong technical founder means no capital wasted on expensive outsourced development.
Industry-leading privacy and safety features - users can share their background check, up front.
Meet Kinksters' branding is friendly, inclusive and flirty. Our logo is killer.
It's fun!

Our Founder

Meet Kinksters empowers relationships based on both romantic and sexual compatibility.