MedWave Software Solutions, Inc.

World Health Care Needs Changes; We are on the Forefront

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 63 investors
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🏥 Saving lives by improving healthcare delivery globally. 3% of raise to be donated to Hospital Infantil in Mexico City
🏥 Potential revenue in the developing world hospital information systems market $600M annually (not guaranteed)
🏥 Bringing affordable, adaptive healthcare tech solutions to untapped, high-demand developing markets
🏥 Making waves in the industry — featured in Business Wire, Healthcare IT News, and Black Book Research

Our Team

The founders were involved with local hospital and telemedicine initiatives for many years. EMR became an important component to achieve their goals. In addition, the founders have a deep passion for service to the underserved and a deep passion for the health and well-being of the world’s population.

Why MedWave Software Solutions?

HarmoniMD™ is the game-changing, proprietary SaaS platform that’s saving countless lives via improved healthcare delivery. Our system is mobile, in the cloud, easy to use, multilingual, and affordable for the many global hospitals in desperate need of electronic solutions.

Most clinical documentation is still on paper, and current software solutions from the US and Europe are too expensive to buy, install, and maintain for world hospitals. MedWave Software Solutions, Inc is solving this problem with HarmoniMD™—affordable software systems that improve quality of care, cut costs, and support the critical work of physicians & clinical workers.

HarmoniMD™ meets the world hospital demand for low cost, easy to implement Hospital Information Systems (HIS). In fact, our proprietary SaaS is so efficient that it pays for itself within the first year of use—while improving quality of care for patients.

After 7 years of software development and two years of beta testing at two significant hospitals in Mexico City, we quickly developed a pipeline of multi-year contracts totaling $7.5M. The proceeds from this raise will fuel our expansion.

Our platform is being used in leading hospitals in Latin America. Prestigious hospitals in Mexico, including the largest cancer center in the country, seeing over 1,000 patients a day. We are driving further expansion through our partnerships with vendors and other resellers in additional markets.

We’re award-winning! According to Black Book research, which ranks the best electronic health records worldwide, HarmoniMD® is the number one electronic health records system in Latin America for 2019 and 2020.

We’ve established a clear target market encompassing governmental, non-profit, and private hospitals across Latin America, India, Africa, and the Philippines. These markets are currently underserved and in dire need of affordable Hospital Information Systems.

Our implementations have been making headlines already. We've been featured in Business Wire, Healthcare IT News, the Sonoma West Times, and more

Our revenue model is simple: For every system installed, we receive a subscription fee. By 2022, we hope that recurring subscriptions will represent 65% of our revenue (not guaranteed).

Our Software as a Service contracts offer the possibility of minimizing revenue risk while maximizing revenue predictability

Our competitors are well established in high-income countries but are not priced affordably for our target market. We further differentiate ourselves with the ease of our platform —hospital-wide implementation of HarmoniMD™ takes months, not years.

In addition to HarmoniMD, our flagship software, we have recently introduced HarmoniMD Go, a turnkey version for small private hospitals. Next, we plan to continue extending and evolving our platform across multiple avenues of opportunity to further improve healthcare systems everywhere and save more lives.

We’ve created a seamless engine for fast growth, fueled by our affordable SaaS subscriptions and timely implementation process. Here’s a look at our timeline to date:

This slide contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

One of our core commitments here at MedWave Software Solutions, Inc is to do our part for world health. With this mission at the forefront, we are donating 3% of our raise to bring improved technology to Hospital Infantil in Mexico City via new hospital tablets. Hospital Infantil is the first hospital in Mexico built to address children’s healthcare and has been a game-changing force in improving Latin American Pediatrics.

By investing now, you can make an impact on the countless lives affected everyday by poor healthcare delivery, and help underserved hospitals better care for their patients. But as well as making a meaningful investment, you’ll be making a smart investment. We have huge potential for growth, partnerships already established to fuel that growth, and a clear target market hungry for our solution. Lock-in your investment at our current valuation, ahead of our significant expansion.

Concurrent with this Regulation CF investment offering, we are conducting an offering of the same security for accredited investors only (pursuant to Rule 506(c)) in order to further catalyze our growth potential in this round of investment--see details on