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Scoop3 is an onchain podcast player built by Feedspot's #1 ranked blockchain influencer.
Founder is an ex-HP, ex-Samsung, MBA, and a notable podcaster.
Patent-pending technology simplifies the tokenization of media on the blockchain.
Scoop3 makes the listening experience exciting by gamifying listening to supported episodes.

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Scoop3 will disrupt the growing podcasting industry using onchain Web3 technology, just the same way YouTube did with Web2 technology. 🎯

Scoop3 is poised to lead an $11 billion market expected to grow over an average of 25% each year through 2032 by bringing listeners closer to their favorite podcasters and each other.

According to Podchaser, 70% of podcasters are unhappy with the quality of their analytics. Because of the nature of RSS feeds, the analytics the podcast hosting sites provide are estimates of how many subscribers they have, how many unique listens each episode has, and their demographics such as gender and where they live. There are third-party sources that extrapolate data from multiple points, but they are not only estimates, they are also very expensive. This is an issue for the podcaster because PR agencies representing guests and brand sponsors are relying on third party signals which are not accurately indicative of listenership. This results in lower revenue for the podcast, significant barriers in securing top-tier guests, and a frustrating experience for emerging podcasters.

Podchaser also cites 82% of podcast listeners want a closer connection to their favorite podcasters. This makes sense because Edison Research found the average podcast listener spends 6 hours and 39 minutes a week on podcasts. Compare that to how much time you spend each week with your friends. Indeed, listeners tend to think of their favorite podcasters as friends. Unless a listener relentlessly pursues the podcaster via social media (creepy much?), the podcaster may not even know the fan exists.

Meet Your New Podcast Player: Scoop3

A Web3 podcast player that automatically gives the listener loyalty badges for listening to supported podcast episodes.

We use blockchain technology backed by Coinbase, but do not confuse this with cryptocurrency. Just the same way email is only one part of the Internet, cryptocurrency is only one part of blockchain technology, and Scoop3 is not a cryptocurrency app.

Blockchain is powering Scoop3 for its superior data capabilities and interoperability.

Here's the kicker: all that blockchain stuff is happening under-the-hood. You don't have to be techno-savvy to use it!

How Do You Know the Blockchain Will Solve This Problem?

Because we've already done it ourselves, and it worked.

During 2023, The Blockchain Experience podcast dropped every episode as a collectible loyalty badge (in addition to being on Apple, Spotify, etc.) where the founder would recognize each listener he could identify with shoutouts at the end of the following episode. The response was overwhelming even though it was a friction-filled process where listeners had to be crypto-savvy, visit a third-party website, have an Ethereum wallet, a credit card on-file, and go through a minting process. Despite these hurdles, each episode would result in over an average of ~200+ episodes dispensed!

Just imagine these barriers did not exist, and the loyalty badges were dispensed natively through podcast player without the listener having to be crypto-savvy. With it all happening all under-the-hood, just the same way you flip on a light switch without being an electrician.

By the way, the process of tokenizing media can be a real pain in the rear. We have a patent-pending design that makes it super simple!

The Opportunity


Scoop3 is NOT in direct competition with Apple, Spotify, or similar podcast players. Nor are we in competition with Patreon.

Apple: Podcasting is not part of Apple's core business. They can discontinue their podcast player today, and it would not have a material impact on their profitability.

Spotify: Their focus is on signing exclusive content creators. The podcast playing experience has changed very little since its inception. Lastly, their podcast focus is diluted by their presence in the music business.

Virtually all podcast players: Their aim is a one-way pipeline from creator to you, the listener.

Scoop3 is a four-way pipeline: we connect you back upstream to the podcaster, and to other listeners (two-way horizontal) to support true community formation by leveraging the power of the blockchain.

Patreon: Patreon is perhaps our closest competitor, and one can argue they have a four-way pipeline as well. Here's the thing: there are about 15,800 podcast creators registered on Patreon. According to Amplifi, there are 720,000 active podcasts (10+ leaving a 97% void.

So why are so many podcasts, including The Blockchain Experience, not on Patreon? Patreon excels at direct monetization from listeners, but many podcasts do not want to directly solicit from their audience. They want to focus on making great content and monetize through sponsorships or adding leads to the top of a sales funnel where the podcaster is a subject matter expert selling a service. This is a massive target market that is underserved.

Here's another thing that sets Scoop3 apart: Web3 technology's decentralized nature. We have a great initial ecosystem Scoop3 works with, but in the spirit of Web3, we absolutely encourage anyone and everyone to come in and build something on top of it.

How Do We Make Money?

Our business model comprises of 2-sides where we serve both podcasters and listeners. Our initial focus will be growth, but here's what we're thinking when it comes to monetization:

For the podcaster, the cost is free. The 1-2 punch of being free and our patent-pending technology ensuring the podcaster does not need to change their workflow means there is no downside or burdens placed on the podcaster for joining Scoop3.

For the podcast listener, there will be 3 tiers:

  • Free to use as a Web2 podcast player (no loyalty badges)
  • Gold: Small one-time fee (TBD) and ad-driven
  • Platinum: Small one-time fee (same as Gold) and monthly fee to remove ads

How will the podcast listeners know about Scoop3 and why will they pay to have it? Because the podcasters will be evangelizing it on their podcasts and leveraging its loyalty badge system which brings benefits to both the podcasters and listeners. That's the secret sauce!

How it Works


  • Listener gets a gamified listening experience where they can collect badges and get perks such as shoutouts from the podcaster recognizing their loyalty, discounts/free merchandise, VIP access to in-person events, or anything else the podcaster opts to do. The possibilities are endless.
  • Podcaster gets reliable and precise analytics on media consumption which is logged & immutable on the blockchain. Because it is more precise, it can be leveraged for more lucrative sponsorship deals and/or leads for a marketing funnel. Web3's decentralized nature also allows for a limitless number of integrations to be built.

We're launching an ecosystem with some amazing partners!

What can these partners offer?

  • Dedicated Discord server or Telegram channel just for listeners
  • Shopify integration so listeners can get discounted/free merchandise/goods/services
  • Intimate virtual calls exclusively for listeners
  • A one-stop gallery where you can scroll and look through the badges you have accumulated
  • A Web3 identity (think of it as almost like your Web3 social media account but more)
  • And more!

We're raising to become the #1 Web3 podcast player in the world. And the coolest. 🤙 And the most fun. 🎉

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.