We make whiteboarding tools that are helping people work from home

Last Funded April 2020


raised from 360 investors


Grew 600% in Q1 (and still growing through the pandemic)
Serial entrepreneur founder with 4 lucrative exits
50 products across 6 product families with grown margins above 75%
Self-manufacturer, made by us in Denver Co!

Our Team

In my last venture, I ran a lot of workshops - I noticed that the people with the best ideas were the least likely to share them. I set out to solve that problem and mcSquares was born.

Q1 Sales

Revenues are growing very fast and we are still growing through the pandemic!

Our Founder

Anthony Franco is a serial entrepreneur with 4 lucrative exits, 2 to public companies.

Our Story

It’s not rocket science, it’s social science.

At mcSquares®, we’ve taken the traditional whiteboard and reimagined it into a family of eco-friendly products that foster creativity, productivity, and collaboration in offices and learning environments around the globe. Our customers are quickly discovering that our products are critical for work and learning at home. What we do is not rocket science, it’s social science—creating sustainable tools that boost innovation and productivity.

People need tools to boost productivity, wherever they are working or learning.

The digital revolution is transforming the globe at an unprecedented pace, enabling learning and working anywhere. But the basics still apply—people need flexible, sustainable ways to organize themselves and their teams.

We’re inspiring human innovation, all through a whiteboard.

Whiteboarding is not just simply using dry-erase products, it is the definition of how we effectively capture our thoughts, manage our schedules, and interact with our teams. What does Whiteboarding mean? It means visual thinking and working through a problem; it means community enlightenment, encouragement, and creativity without fear of judgment. Whiteboarding isn’t new, but the way we are doing it is. mcSquares:

We’re breaking the mold across multiple markets.

mcSquares is at the intersection of several markets:

  • Dry-erase boards and markers (roughly $500m)
  • Reusable sticky notes (roughly $2B)
  • Generic office products (over $200B)
  • Collaboration tools ($16B)

We’re already moving with over two million dollars in lifetime sales.

We have already experienced tremendous growth, success and excitement over our innovative products. In Q1 and Q2 of 2019, we experienced 45% month over month growth. People are talking about mcSquares and for good reason.

● Well Established: $2M in lifetime sales.

● Strong Brand: We are not a single product company; over 50 SKUs in 6 product categories (and growing).

● Made in America: We have mitigated our supply-chain risks by bringing manufacturing in-house.

● We Are Growing: $300k revenue in first quarter of 2020 (an increase of 600% over Q1 2019).

● Unfair Competitive Advantages: 3 trademarks issued, 2 pending; and 3 patents issued with 6 pending.

We do not confine ourselves to just one revenue stream.

We make money through myriad outlets:

We are creating a new category of office products.

mcSquares are purposefully designed for the way people work in real life. We have a strong brand and strong IP with 4 registered trademarks and 3 issued patents with 6 more pending.

Material Exclusivity

Our ‘rocket-ship’ product line ‘mcSquares Stickies’ is made with a proprietary material we call ‘BubbleBond’—BubbleBond is used commercially in aerospace by Boeing, JPL, and NASA. We have global retail exclusivity on this material into perpetuity (as long as we meet minimum thresholds.)

Vertically Integrated

From a business perspective, we stand apart because of our vertical integration. We spent most of 2017 and all of 2018 tooling our own manufacturing facility. Because we own our manufacturing, we can launch new SKUs based on customer demand very quickly. What takes most large companies months to do, we can turn around in weeks (and sometimes days).

Our motivation is to create motivation in you.

As we continue to scale, we will find new methods of getting our products to the public. Next, we are selling to Big Box retailers, which boosts our continued growth to new audiences.

mcSquares is the future of visual communication and collaboration.

mcSquares are being used everywhere—from businesses, to households, to homeschooling. We already have tremendous success and know we’ll continue that trajectory. Crowdfunding is the perfect realm for us because we are a company built around the idea that everything is done better through teamwork. We want to take on investors who will be a part of our team. We couldn’t be more excited to continue building out this world.