MCARTech, Inc.

Preventing costly industrial machinery failure with Asset Reliability solutions

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 11 investors


✅ Contracts signed w/ 2 international manufacturing companies, several more in talks
🎯 Successfully completed proof-of-concept w/ 3 clients
💥 Highly-specialized engineering team w/ 150+ years of combined experience
💸 Offer more effective, adaptable solutions at more affordable rates than all major competitors
📈 Industrial IoT market valued at $15.8B in '20 -- projected to be $24.4B by 202B; CAGR of 9.15%

Our Team

MCARTech's team of seasoned industry professionals have witnessed the weaknesses in Asset Reliability first-hand over their own extensive careers in plant management and operations. Having dealt with the absence of effective tools to predict equipment failure, our team has pooled together decades of knowledge to develop a game-changing solution.

Maximize Reliability. Minimize cost.

Between unexpected downtime, compromised products, machinery replacement, and dangerous workplace conditions, equipment failure can come at immense cost.

We offer our clients affordable & adaptable industrial Asset Reliability solutions to prevent these failures. We ensure optimal performance from their machinery and plant operations with our real-time remote monitoring and predictive diagnostic system.

Technical discussions with one of MCARTech's clients in Canada.

COO Dr. Kanishka Aman Singh deploying ALERT inside a client's facility in the US.

ALERT hardware installation inside one of our clients' facilities in India.

The exterior of one of our clients' facilities in Canada.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Founder Kumar Chatterjee with the plant maintenance team of one of MCARTech's clients in Brazil.