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Simple, shareable navigation

Mapkin is the ultimate way to give someone directions. We're combining turn-by-turn GPS with human storytelling, allowing you to create a navigation guide with better instructions, a great looking map, and details a regular GPS wouldn't know about. You get to tell the GPS where to go and what to say. We're adding the human element back to navigation.

  • Founders have built apps used by 10s of millions
  • Team has worked together for a combined 15 years
  • Exciting space, huge potential impact
  • Built a turn-by-turn nav app with very lean funding


Meet the Founders

Marc Regan

Co-Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur, iOS dev, co-founder of @mapkin.

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Why is this important?

Giving directions is never as simple as "take a left here," or "bear right now." Every route has little, real-world details that matter. But, imagine if your GPS knew all these little tricks and could guide you like a real person?   

Mapkin is a mapping platform that connects the GPS experience with real people who know the way.  It lets you create and share custom maps with each other so you’ll never take a wrong turn again.  

How does it work?

A Mapkin is a totally unique map, created on demand for your particular route. We simplify the map, use landmarks at tricky turns, and our voice guidance is more personable than you'd expect. It’s the best of maps and the best of turn-by-turn, bundled into a free mobile app. 

Mapkins can be created and shared with others.  Planning a trip?  Know an awesome cycling route you want to share with a friend?  Or the world?  Create a Mapkin.  You can change the route, point out tricky intersections, add landmarks, and even change what it says along the way.  Make their journey more meaningful when you can’t be there to experience it with them. 

Why is our team awesome?

We’ve built highly successful mobile apps before.

At Nuance, Marc led iOS development, and John was a principle on that team. We’ve built hugely successful apps together, including Dragon Dictation and Dragon Go, with millions of active users worldwide.  

The team continues to grow with two new recruits. Core software developer Alex Kinney works on tough map data and computational geometry problems. Jake Wasserman comes to Mapkin from MIT Lincoln Laboratory. In addition to focusing Mapkin's vision (including its name), he brings over 9 years of experience developing complex architectures and algorithms.

How do you acquire customers?

Mapkin is inherently viral. Imagine receiving a Mapkin email with customized directions for a wedding you’re attending.  You’re a few simple steps away from having Mapkin running on your phone, giving you rich, personalized directions.

What makes us unique?

The human element. When someone shares a Mapkin with you, it’s sort of like they’re with you on the journey, showing you the way. The more people who use the product and contribute local knowledge, the more personal our maps and navigation experience becomes.  Our goal is to build navigation products that are a delight for people to use. 

How will we make money?

There are a variety of compelling ways to monetize the platform once we have a significant user base. These may include showing ‘sponsored’ landmarks along the route, searching along the route, providing business analytics, and offering paid add-ons to the core experience.

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