Making Fun

Creating the next generation of epic role-playing games for $200 billion phone / PC / console market

Last Funded October 2023


raised from 209 investors


Eternium: 37mm downloads, 7mm email subscribers, 4.8 star rating, $20mm lifetime revenue
Experienced global team, $100K/mo. revenue, high output with low cash burn
Rebuilding Eternium: more characters & story, new engine w/ better graphics, mobile & PC launch 2024
Project Artemis next-gen action RPG: co-op multiplayer, Unreal Engine 5, mobile & PC launch 2024

Our Team

Why Making Fun?

We’re on the brink of something monumental. For years, we’ve developed, iterated, and dreamed big. Behind every pixel, every storyline, every character, was a shared commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. Who have we been doing this for? Players like you. Your enthusiasm and passion have been our guiding light.

Now, we have a chance to solidify a partnership, a collaboration between our team and our most dedicated supporters. Imagine having a tangible stake in the adventures we embark upon, the narratives we weave, and the worlds we bring to life. This is about sharing aspirations, building community, and co-creating.

Let’s not just play together. Let’s build, innovate, and redefine the gaming landscape together. Let your next journey with Making Fun begin!

Video games are a massive market.

  • Projected $221 billion in 2023 w/ 6.52% CAGR → $285 billion by 2027 (link)
  • 57+ mobile titles earned > $1+ billion in last decade (link)
  • Fortnite launched mid-2017, made $5.1+ billion in 2020
  • Epic (maker of Fortnite) valued at $32 billion in 2022 (link)

Exits are numerous and frequent.

  • $34.5 billion in video game M&As across 309 closed deals in 2021 (link) (link)
  • Ex: Embracer paid $1.3 billion (10X+ revenue) for Gearbox Software. (link)

Our goal is a 50-100X ROI to investors with a $1+ billion exit.

  • Eternium players spent > $21 million in the game
  • More features + better graphics + multiplayer → more $$$
  • Only 4% of Fortnite revenue @ 5X revenue multiple → $1 billion exit

(Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.)

Founder / CEO with track record of success in video games

  • Co-led creation of first console multiplayer gaming network in U.S. (@ SEGA)
  • Launched world’s first premium online games (@ web entertainment pioneer
  • Diner Dash played by 100’s of millions of people (@ previously co-founded company, PlayFirst)
  • Hidden Express peaked at 300,000 daily players (@ Making Fun, title still profitable today)
  • Leveraging 2 decades of relationships for key partnerships.

Eternium is one of the best mobile games.  Ever.

Beautifully crafted action RPG live on Phones & Tablets (Apple, Google, Amazon) and PC (Steam, Microsoft Store)

🚀 Coveted Editor’s Choice award on Google Play

  • $21+ million lifetime revenue *
  • 37 million downloads
  • 22 million ratings
  • 2.5+ million reviews
  • 4.8+ stars on app stores
  • 7.5mm registered player emails
  • 32K daily players
  • 6K organic installs per day
  • 20 languages

* Eternium net revenue to Making Fun is > $17 million net of app store fees.

Expanding Brand w/ 2 New Games

Making Fun to scale player reach & revenue by leveraging Eternium’s proven brand & play style in 2 new, modern action RPGs.

  • Eternium had incredible success for a single-player game.
  • The gameplay of Eternium is among the best ever created on mobile. Copying it provides an immense competitive advantage for the new titles.
  • $1mm new funding to complete and launch both titles. 
  • Next-generation graphics and multiplayer features on modern game engines means each new RPG has the opportunity to 100X Eternium’s success.
  • Revenue will spike with new content & features marketed to 7.5 million player emails.

Game #1: The world is hungry for more Eternium!

BIG additions to reactivate lapsed players:

  • More story: finally face Ragadam! 
  • More playable characters
  • More companions & pets
  • More levels, more enemies
  • More event types
  • Modernized art, FX & user interface

Developed by Making Fun’s dev studio in United States + South America

  • Built on market-leading game engine, Unity
  • Global launch on mobile phones + tablets + PC + Mac in 2024 (closed alpha in Fall 2023)
  • See the Eternium Forum for development updates with video of gameplay
  • Tech is console-ready for future expansion, including gamepad controls at launch

See Eternium Forum for development updates and videos.

Game #2: Project Artemis offers a vast open world to explore solo or with friends.

✯ ✯ ✯ Sign up for the Fall 2023 closed alpha! ✯ ✯ ✯

New brand set in vast medieval steampunk fantasy world

  • Extends Eternium’s award-winning gameplay
  • Co-op multiplayer 
  • Blend abilities by adding a secondary character class
  • Exciting future scope w/ territory, guilds

From Dream Primer, the makers of Eternium, who are the world’s best small-team RPG game developers!

  • Created in Unreal Engine 5, the platform behind AAA games and blockbuster Hollywood feature films
  • 2024 global launch on mobile phones, tablets, PC, Mac
  • Console-ready for future deployments as it is already super fun to battle w/ gamepads on big screens!

See Eternium Forum for development updates and videos.

Investment Thesis for High-Multiple Exit *

Our goal is to 100X Eternium’s revenue to set up a billion-dollar exit.

With Eternium, we are starting from an incredibly strong base.

  • Gameplay is among the best ever created on mobile, also strong on PC.
  • Monetization was solid for a single player game.
  • Quality and financial performance created strong organic reach with little paid marketing.

However, Eternium also had significant limitations resulting from its orphaned game engine.

  • Difficulty adding features → slow evolution & no multiplayer
  • This limited Eternium’s monetization and retention potential, resulting in constant churn.

Removing the game engine roadblock unlocks massive potential.

  • Unity & Unreal engines built for rapid content and feature deployment including multiplayer
  • Players who see each other in multiplayer care about how they look and spend more.
  • Ex: Fortnite’s massive spending is primarily driven by players’ desire to obtain “skins”, cosmetic outfits that do not affect gameplay, only the player’s appearance.

Higher retention and monetization → higher CLV → ROI+ acquisition at scale

  • Quickly scaling users & revenue attracts growth capital on friendly terms and, ultimately, suitors.

* Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

KPI & Financial Actuals (2022) & Projections (2023+) *

* Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Experienced Management

Talented Global Development Team

  • Shipped several titles that built audiences of millions of players
  • Majority of team collaborating 10+ years
  • Headquarters in northern California + development in more cost-effective places


  • Talented global studio seeks capital via investor-friendly SAFE
  • $221 billion market friendly to startups abundant with 5X+ revenue multiple exits
  • Adding new content + sequel + spinoff to hit franchise, Eternium
  • Large installed base, steady revenue, key partnerships, experienced team, fast time to market, low-cost development, attractive valuation caps
  • “Downside” scenario is several-X return; upside is 50-100X return *

* Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Download PDF of the pitch deck.

CEO Letter