Mainstem Malt

High integrity malt for brewers, distillers, bakers, and fans

Last Funded December 2021


raised from 234 investors
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🌾We sell the #1 non-water ingredient in craft beer ($29B+ US market) and single malt whiskey.
📈$1.25MM lifetime malt sales w/ 71+ accounts nationally. ~$500k contracted 2021 sales and growing.
🤝A new processing partnership cuts historical COGS by 50%+ and unlocks big growth opportunities.
🛒We think big, beyond malt sales, to a marketplace that connects fans to premium artisan products.

Our Team

Alyssa and I got into malt while exploring market-based ways to support conservation projects on family farms. Along the way, we realized Mainstem is in a unique position to inspire much broader change, so we've been pushing to be the beverage industry's model for comprehensive malt sustainability. Getting it right means the world to us.