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Next-Gen Materials for 3D Printers

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MadeSolid Releases a New, Tougher SLA Resin
November 12, 2014
MadeSolid has officially released its Vorex Resin – a tough material for your SLA 3D Printer. After conducting many mechanical tests and comparing it to other consumer-grade resins, we are very happy with the results. The material has better elongation, flex, tensile, and toughness which will allow your prints to withstand workloads better. It is perfect for functional prototypes, testing wearables, and gadget covers.
MadeSolid Introduces V2 MS Resins for 3D Printing
October 17, 2014
In addition to improving the performance of the 3D printer as the resin runs through it — which MadeSolid tested by simulating regular printing via printing 100 micron bars, each 800 layers tall, on several 3D vat-based printers — the reformulation enhanced the printing resolution of final products. While the original formula was already one of the sharpest available on the market, the updated resin blew all expectations out of the water.
Openness is a glorious thing
September 15, 2014
Spending some time in the workshop once again this summer, Al Dean has been exploring the next generation of 3D printers and comes to the conclusion that an open market is what’s driving the industry forward
Made Solid - An Alternative Material for your SLA 3D Printer
August 27, 2014
Well the tests are in and the proof is undeniable, the MS resin produces impressive detail and consistent surface finish. A contributing factor is the lower viscosity of the MS resin that seems to aid the printer's peeling process, resulting in less failed prints and cleaner layer lines.
The mad scientists of 3D printing: How MadeSolid is remixing the formula
July 9, 2014
3D printing is exploding in popularity. According to Canalys, the market for 3D printing services and materials will grow from $2.5 billion in 2014 to $10.8 billion in 2018. If MadeSolid is able to satisfy this growing demand with a superior product, they will have the opportunity to play a key role in the transition of 3D printing from a commodity product to a serious consumer and business tool.
MadeSolid, Inc. Releases New Industry First FireCast Resin, Specifically for Casting of Metal
June 24, 2014
Even with the influx of affordable SLA 3D printers, there was yet another thing missing; the availability of resins created specifically for the casting of metal jewelry. That is, until now. MadeSolild, Inc. has announced today that they are releasing their new FireCast Resin. According to the company, this new material is the first consumer-grade resin formulated specifically for the casting of metal parts.
MadeSolid’s New 3D Printing Material Is Meant To Be Burned Away
June 24, 2014
MadeSolid’s new FireCast resin is the first resin engineered specifically to be melted away as part of the casting process. You create a high-heat mold of your 3d print, then use a super hot oven to essentially evaporate the print within. After about 11 hours in the heat, the 3D printed model is completely burned away, leaving behind no ash or residue to screw things up.
New 3D Materials from MadeSolid
May 27, 2014
When you survey the 3D printing landscape you find that almost all innovation is focused on printers and software. Yet all printers use consumables and we all have spools of PLA or ABS filament where color seems to pass for innovation. “Not good enough!” thought the founders of MadeSolid who organized last Fall to innovate on 3D printing consumables.
10 Y Combinator Startups to Watch
March 25, 2014
This year's first group of hopefuls, who presented Tuesday in Mountain View, included a service to help passengers get reimbursed by airlines for delayed flights, a new technology to make batteries last longer and a startup that's creating new materials for 3D printing.
MadeSolid is creating next-gen 3d printing materials
March 25, 2014
MadeSolid is going after the 3D printing market from the other end: the materials.
Y Combinator Demo Day At The Computer History Museum In Mountain View
March 25, 2014
Based in Emeryville, Calif., MadeSolid has shipped its materials to 25 countries, reporting 16% growth week over week. Pickens says the company has 80% profit margins. "The ultimate value in a 3-D printer isn't the printer," he says. "It's in the output, and the output is ultimately determined by the input: the bits and atoms."
A New Prosumer Castable 3D Printing Resin from MadeSolid And This Phoenix Leaves No Ash
March 24, 2014
With a long term vision for advancing the capabilities of 3D printers through better materials, MadeSolid’s latest addition to its portfolio has been developed in response to a high demand for a reliable but more competitively priced casting resin from designers and jewellers that are working with prosumer level SL 3D printers such as the Form 1. To date, there haven’t been many options and MadeSolid saw an opportunity to develop a formula that filled that gap.
MadeSolid Is Creating Next-Gen 3D Printing Materials
March 18, 2014
MadeSolid actually started out with the intention of being a 3D printing service, but quickly realized that the fail rates of 3D printers was just too high for them to do it at scale. With backgrounds in chemistry, nuclear engineering, and business (quite the combination), the company’s three co-founders set out to tackle what they saw as an overlooked weakness: the materials used to 3D print.
MadeSolid's new PET+: a strong and flexible filament for 3D printers
December 12, 2013
3D printing materials startup MadeSolid has just launched PET+, a strong and flexible material for 3D printers. According to the company, the PET+ is derived from a different strain than existing PET filaments on the market. PET+ is stronger than many ABS filaments and has the high print success rate of PLA. It is ideal for functional objects that need to combine toughness with flexibility, such as phone cases, wearables, robotics, and mechanical parts.
October 22, 2013
It's all about the materials when it comes to the quality of the final output of a 3D printing project. To that end, the team at MadeSolid are working on developing high-quality resins and plastics for 3D printers.
New Stereolithographic Resin
October 21, 2013
Stereolithographic (SL) home 3D printer users: do you feel frustrated with failed prints? Feel limited by slim colour selection? MadeSolid – a team composed of makers – feel your pain, thus have developed their own reportedly high quality resin with a broad range of colour options at a very reasonable price.
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