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A positive social network that connects users over history is building Google Maps to the past!

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Background: Lyfmap is an Interactive, User Generated platform initially targeting age 50+ who own 70% of the wealth
Network Effects: Our users are building a unique database of the world's history, with massive network effects
Time: Lyfmap returning User time spent (12 min) is super sticky and similar to Pinterest (14min)!
Scale: Social networks can SCALE to billion dollar valuations whereas consumer products companies rarely can
Virtual Time Machine: VR recreations of any place at any point in time will be possible as our data expands
Always Learning: Accepted into Jason Calacanis' Founder University 16.
Expertise: Larry Bieza has run 3 profitable businesses based on monetizing people’s fascination with history
No Algorithm: Lyfmap won’t serve content to users via an algorithm, but instead via proximity and chronology

Our Team

Built 3 history related businesses, all of them successful. Author, Maker, 22 years in Automation Controls at USPS. The intersection of tech, data, and history is where I thrive.
Over the next 30 years the Baby Boomer generation will have passed away. All their memories gone, all their BILLIONS of paper photos discarded. Lost forever. Our Moonshot mission is to prevent that tragic loss, by saving WHERE IT HAPPENED, all of the stories, memories, and history of a generation, and then for every generation that follows...
Full Stack Developer at
Building Lyfmap into something amazing. Highly experienced agile software development professional with first-class coding skills and more than 20 years of experience in desktop, database, mobile and web programming.

The MOONSHOT mission of To capture all the history of everywhere into one place.

It began with a realization:

That the Baby Boomer generation has Billions of paper photos and knows the stories behind them.  And that they will all disappear......

But, if we could build a website to capture that information, we would provide a massive social benefit, and at the same time be building an incredible moat of proprietary data!  

Since every event in our lives happens at a specific time and a specific GPS location, the perfect index for the worlds memories is to place them on a TIMELINE at the MAP locations where they happened! 

People love to tell stories and reminisce about the places of their lives, and Lyfmap gives them an easy way to save those stories where they happened, and then connect with others who have those locations in common.

And so began the 4 year challenge of building out

I began with conceptual drawings and wireframes of the idea

Found a developer and built the MVP. 


Then found my dev Dusan Lalic and got AMAZING! launched with free promotion on 2 local location-based Facebook Groups, Old St. Paul and Historic Minneapolis.

We quickly gathered 600 users and ran a survey.  Users wanted easier discovery of memories.   The result of that realization was our new 


Where the user has 5 customizable tabs to find the memories that they are most interested in. BUT NO ALGORITHM WILL DECIDE WHAT YOU SEE! (Hear that Facebook!)

And then..... Our team in Ukraine began work on our super secret data project.  This has been a very long process of collecting data that will make things magical for our users. With a successful fundraiser, we PLAN to roll this out in the  future, as well as start our Revenue Model.

But for now it's all about gathering more users...

And we've now topped 3000 local (St Paul, MN) users with no ad money spent!  Over 1 million pieces of history saved so far, users who have saved over 1000 memories each, and we're just getting started!  

Can't wait to tell the WORLD, hopefully scale to millions of users, and let them save all their memories on!

*These projections are not guaranteed.