Lotus (YC S22)

Automating custom usage-based pricing for businesses

Last Funded January 2023


raised from 53 investors


Team of former quants from MIT
From first commit to launch in 3 months
$900k raised
3 design partners already secured

Our Team


Lotus is an open-core pricing and billing engine. We enable API companies to automate their custom usage-based pricing for any metric. Rather than guess on how to charge their customers, Lotus provides companies with powerful new tools from metering to invoicing to testing new pricing.

Our team met at MIT studying

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our self-hosted software is free on GitHub, and we offer a paid cloud version and enterprise tier for support.

Our Lead Investor

Nantuket Ventures is our Lead Investor, investing $1,000 at these terms. Here's what they said about the investment:

As an early-stage investor you occasionally have the good fortune of backing a company solving a big, relevant problem in the market. Other times you get to work with a founder that has had success in other areas of their life and is working on their first startup. However, rarely do you get the opportunity to be invested in both sides of the coin. This opportunity is exactly what Nantucket Ventures saw in this pair of formidable MIT CS grads taking on the massive challenge of usage-based SaaS pricing.