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Repeat Founder

Founder has started a previous company funded with $2M+

Founders with 6 exits & experience scaling companies to $100M+ ARR
Delivering a new platform using AI that people use to discover cities & neighborhoods to call home
Addressing search volume for new cities/neighborhoods that exploded from 60m to 100m since 2020.
Serving a market of 30M movers/year in the U.S. & 8M+ more intending to move since WFH

Our Team

We have a history helping build and grow platforms for people working through complicated journeys: childbirth, college selection. It seemed obvious that there was a similar journey in considering moving but no tool or platform designed to help people through the full journey.

Why Choose LookyLOO? The Future of Relocation is Here

Shopping for a New City Has Never Been Easier.

LookyLOO was made for people who are looking for a new location to set up house.  A way to explore the vast array of possible locales that have what they're looking for, and to understand what these different places are really like to live in.  A single, streamlined and organized place to compare, analyze and store all the relevant data they've discovered including cities, neighborhoods, reviews, vendors, and costs.  

In an era where the American dream is being redefined, LookyLOO stands at the forefront of a monumental shift in living preferences.

The New Era of Mobility with LookyLOO

The rise of remote work and the evolving lifestyles of empty nesters and retirees have sparked a new wave of geographic mobility. People from all walks of life are reevaluating their living options, seeking new horizons beyond crowded metro areas and suburban sprawl. 

LookyLOO is an indispensable guide in this journey, offering comprehensive insights into cities and neighborhoods that align with the user's unique criteria. From lifestyle and economic factors to local reviews, housing prices, and amenities, LookyLOO brings a wealth of information to your fingertips.

LookyLOO: Command-Central for Relocating Your Life.

  • We're a one-stop-shop: With all the tools to explore and to go deep; finding and comparing cities, towns and neighborhoods that are the perfect match.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: LookyLOO is an organized and easy way to master all the information, evaluate options and make informed choices based on up-to-date data and diverse perspectives.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Whether you're a young professional, a family, or a retiree, whether you're looking for small town main street, funky art scene, big city access or a sleepy rural enclave, LookyLOO personalizes your search for the perfect locale.

The Untethered Era: A Market Ripe for Revolution

Millions of Americans are shopping for a new location but up until LookyLOO, it has involved crisscrossing the internet for scraps of information and trying to organize and manage the long list of moving parts offline, and on your own.

LookyLOO consolidates the whole process, from shopping for a city to identifying notable neighborhoods, creating LookScore lists, hearing from actual residents, finding professionals to help execute and tracking costs.

The market size of U.S. citizens that move each year is massive.

  • 52 million U.S. adults move every five years
  • 30 million U.S. citizens move each year
  • 10m+ move more than 500 miles
  • 8m more people plan to move due to WFH policies

LookyLOO: Pioneering the Relocation Revolution

  • Massive Market Potential: With millions moving annually, LookyLOO taps into a vast market of relocators seeking guidance.
  • Innovative Revenue Streams: From targeted advertising to premium MoveBook services and realtor partnerships, LookyLOO is poised for sustainable growth.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

The LookyLOO Advantage: A Complete Relocation Solution

Unlike other platforms that focus narrowly on home listings, LookyLOO offers a holistic approach to relocation. From initial exploration to the final move, we provide all the necessary tools and information, setting us apart in a market that has long overlooked the comprehensive needs of relocators.

LookyLOO is at the forefront of transforming the experience for both U.S. consumers and realtors in the property market, by offering a seamless journey from the initial search to the final move.

  • Personalized Search Filters: LookyLOO's platform allows users to tailor their searches based on personal preferences, making it simple to compile a shortlist of suitable cities.
  • In-depth Evaluations: Through scoring systems, engaging narratives, and genuine local reviews, the platform aids users in narrowing down or reassessing their top city choices.
  • Intelligent Account System: A sophisticated account system supports users from the beginning of their exploration, guiding them through the process of evaluating the best cities and neighborhoods, all the way to the actual move.
  • Early Realtor Engagement: LookyLOO provides realtors with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with prospects early in their moving journey, capturing leads well before any traditional system.
  • Content Sharing for Realtors: The platform offers realtors a space to share valuable content and insights, akin to Houzz’s model for design, but focused on assisting clients with their moves. This enables clients to deeply understand the best city or neighborhood for their needs, supported by expert advice and tailored information.

LookyLOO: Filling the Market Gap

  • Early Engagement: Engage with potential cities and neighborhoods long before making a decision.
  • Comprehensive Support: From scoring systems to local insights, LookyLOO ensures every aspect of your move is well-informed.

LookyLOO combines data to show you places that are relevant (like Zillow), consumer feedback and sentiment to help you get a truly authentic sense of place (like Trip Advisor) and an active, working environment that supports you throughout the lengthy and messy process (like Houzz.)

We are first to market according to our research.

Invest in LookyLOO: A Stake in the Future of Relocation

  • Equity and Exit Strategy: Your investment holds the promise of equity and participation in our journey towards public markets or acquisition.
  • Use of Proceeds: Investing in LookyLOO means fueling our technology, marketing, and team to solidify our position as the go-to relocation platform.

Common Questions and Answers

What will I get from Crowdfunding?

Your investment will convert into equity in a future round of funding (usually led by an institutional investor) or when there is an exit (IPO, SPAC or acquisition). 

LookyLOO is not just a platform; it's a community. By opening our doors to community funding, we invite our users, realtors, and partners to be a part of our growth story. Your investment is more than just financial; it's a shared belief in redefining the future of relocation.

Exit Strategy:

We firmly believe in delivering a return to each and every investor. As such, our team’s goal is to bring LookyLOO to the public markets. We know nothing is certain, and other paths like acquisitions are certainly possible — but we will work tirelessly .

This is our commitment to you.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Use of Proceeds:

To ensure we continue to establish LookLOO as command-central for people looking to move, we’ll use the capital raised to continue building and scaling our technology, our marketing and our team. By supercharging our development and marketing engine, LookyLOO will further expand and develop key product features that lead to new revenue.

Why is LookyLOO raising funds through a Community Round?

LookyLOO is not just a platform; it's a community. By opening our doors to community funding, we invite our users, realtors, and partners to be a part of our growth story. Your investment is more than just financial; it's a shared belief in redefining the future of relocation.

*According to our research, there is no other market solution besides LookyLoo to help people from start to finish of the daunting relocation process