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Expanding diversified employment opportunities in the trucking industry


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Growth Potential: We are starting with intrastate delivery, & will expand to interstate delivery
We are building pathways for financial stability for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals
We are a 100% Black-owned, Woman owned, Queer owned company
We are addressing the trucking shortage and doing so in a socially conscious way

Our Founder

My businesses all relate to reproductive justice, and the expansion into trucking shows how it's all related. In reproductive experiences, financial stability plays a huge role in the options for care. By creating job opportunities for communities that have systemically inadequate access to safe and reasonable care, we are making a change.

Our Pitch Deck



Loads of Pride is a trucking company centered around creating space and employment opportunities for BIPOC and Queer community members. Through a focus on hiring from communities that identify as BIPOC, Queer, Non-Binary, Trans, and individuals who were previously incarcerated, or are of Veteran status, we are opening up diversified employment opportunities and changing the narrative around trucking, one load at a time. 

Loads of Pride (LoP) opens up streams for financial stability through jobs in the trucking industry to influence wealth redistribution, self-directed employment, and security. 

Our aim is to create a company that minimizes barriers to employment, such as hiring covering up front costs like CDL training. We will establish relationships with training companies, giving our drivers the opportunity to get certified as a commercial driver and streamline into a driving job, paying back the costs for training over a period of 1-3 years.

LoP will soon be certified in 3 categories: Minority-owned (MBE), Woman-owned (WBE), Disadvantaged-owned (DBE), allowing us to secure government contracts. We are also certified through OUT Georgia and are in the process of attaining certification from the NGLCC

We are actively working with an advisor from, Legacy Trucking Consulting: a Black-owned, Woman-owned consulting service for new trucking businesses. Together with Legacy Trucking, we are working to get LoP on the road by the close of Q2. At this time, we have our DOT #, and are in the process of hiring and leasing a truck. We are on track to be on the road by the end of the month!

Phase 1: Intrastate Delivery (GA based)

2022 Q2 - Q3

Phase 2: Intrastate Dump Truck (GA based)

2022 Q4

Phase 3: Interstate Long Haul Trucking

2023 Launch

About our Founder

Sabia Wade, The Black Doula

Sabia Wade (she/they), is a Black, Queer CEO, Investor, Author, Educator, Full Spectrum Doula, and expander of Black Luxury. Founder of Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings, For the Village, and author of Birthing Liberation (available March 2023). She’s served as a board member, investor, speaker, educator, and programming development consultant for organizations, companies, and communities throughout the Birth and Reproductive Health Industry around the world.

For many years now, Sabia’s work has aimed to expand equity across BIPOC communities and created solutions that lead to resolving problems in Reproductive Justice. She continues to pave paths that represent possibilities of evolution beyond the external expectations placed on marginalized communities, as represented by the creation of Loads of Pride, and investments in luxury goods such as a new wine label, SOLOTIS, which focuses on expansion of luxury, access, and care across communities. Sabia is currently writing Birthing Liberation (the first book of many!) and provides coaching in Wealth Creation, Equity, and Business Strategy.

Every part of the work she is involved in points back to Reproductive Justice as the solution to building systems, patterns, and defying expectations in ways that allow possibilities for shifting the dominance of capitalism and racism within the ways we exist as a society.