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Creating long-lasting injectable medications for pets to eliminate the need to give pills daily


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Long-Acting Injectables (LAIs) will replace daily dosing of pets for up to months at a time
Our first product: LS-001, an LAI to manage pain in dogs suffering from bone cancer
Our LAIs will guarantee prescription compliance, improve quality of care and enhance pet comfort
FDA fee waivers will save the company over $1M to support development of LS-001

Our Team

Giving medications to pets is frustrating and time consuming to the owner and stressful to the pet, challenges that can be minimized by an injectable. Our founder has experience in the development of Probuphine, a long acting injectable implant for humans, and based on his experience we know this will resolve challenges mentioned above.

Long-Acting Injectables Will Provide Freedom From Daily Dosing and Improve the Quality of Care for Pets

It happens in the life of almost every pet owner: at some point, your beloved dog or cat will face a health condition requiring them to go on a long course of medication. 

Administering medication to your pet can be a daunting task, ranging from challenging to nearly impossible. Finding inventive ways to give your pet their dose can be demanding and stressful.

Lifescient will resolve these challenges with our groundbreaking long-acting injectable drug delivery platform to provide medication from days to months at a time with a single treatment.

Our products will increase comfort to pets and bring freedom to pet parents by relieving them of the commitment to a dosing schedule. Placement of the injectable is quick and easily done in a process similar to the placement of a tracking chip.  Medication is released according to prescription and after the treatment course is finished, the injectable is safely absorbed.

Advantages of Long-Acting Medications

Freedom from daily dosing.

Prescription compliance guaranteed.

Enhanced pet comfort.

Reduced risk of side effects.

Superior quality of care.

Elimination of drug diversion and abuse.

How We Started

Lifescient was established by Kamalesh Rao, who has 25 years of expertise in pharmaceutical development. Kamalesh played a pivotal role on the team that successfully created a sustained-release injectable to alleviate symptoms of opioid withdrawal in humans. Upon the approval of this groundbreaking technology, he envisioned its application for the benefit of animals requiring daily dosing.

We have developed several prototypes of long-acting injectables (LAIs) and demonstrated the technical feasibility. In 2023, FDA granted sponsor fee waivers to support the advancement of LS-001, our first product to control pain associated with bone cancer in  dogs. After submitting sufficient safety data to the FDA, we were  granted our request to open an Investigational New Animal Drug file for this product.

Driven by our mission to improve the quality of care and enhance animal well-being, we have assembled a team of dedicated professionals who support our mission. Lifescient stands as a pioneer in drug delivery advancements focused on improving the quality of healthcare for pets and the quality of life for those who love and care for them.

LS-001: An LAI to Treat Pain in Dogs With Bone Cancer

Pain stemming from bone cancer in dogs is severe and often inadequately managed. Our first product, LS-001, is a long-acting injectable designed to manage the pain associated with this condition.

The FDA has granted us a waiver of sponsor fees to support the development of LS-001 based on the product being intended for a Minor Use in a Major Species (MUMS). This waiver will save the company over $1 million in product development costs. Other benefits include eligibility to seek MUMS grants totaling up to $500,000 and seven years of exclusive marketing rights upon approval of the product by the FDA.

The FDA has also accepted our Investigational New Animal Drug application to develop LS-001. The acceptance by the FDA signifies that Lifescient has provided sufficient preclinical data and safety information to justify testing in clinical trials.

LAI is a Platform Technology

Our strategy involves applying our LAI platform to develop treatments for chronic conditions across multiple species of animals. The technical feasibility  has been established by developing prototypes of several medications. We have validated the technical feasibility through the development of prototypes for multiple medications.

The Competition

Our primary focus lies in niche segments within the veterinary medicine market, targeting conditions that larger pharmaceutical companies have historically overlooked. What sets us apart is our commitment to developing products that will address the needs of both the pet and pet families, giving us a distinctive edge in the field. As far as we are aware, we stand alone in the development of subdermal long-acting injectable technology specifically tailored for veterinary medicine.


Sponsor fee waivers granted under the MUMS provision will save the company more than $1,000,000 in development costs.

FDA has accepted our Investigational New Animal application for LS-001 based on the safety data that was submitted.

Established technical feasibility for several medications.

Developed several prototypes of long-acting injectable medications.

Growing Market Demand

The pet pharmaceutical sector has proven its resilience to economic downturns historically and will continue its growth as the pet population increases worldwide.

Capital Ask

Lifescient is seeking to raise $1.6 million via this Community Round. The capital we raise from you will be used for the following:

  1. Optimize formulation and manufacture test materials.
  2. Hire key personnel to provide regulatory affairs advice, conduct preclinical testing and write grants.
  3. Apply for the FDA MUMS grant.
  4. Initiate preclinical testing in dogs.

A Paradigm Shift in Pet Healthcare

Pets are living longer, with age-related and lifestyle-related diseases becoming more prevalent. We are uniquely positioned to capture a substantial portion of the expanding global animal health market. Our products will satisfy the growing need for superior treatment options and improve the quality of life for pet families. We invite you to join us in our dedication to elevating the standard of care for our cherished pets.