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Reimagining pet medications


✅ Successfully developed implant prototypes to replace daily oral dosing of pets.
💫 Our implants safe & free of toxicity; release meds continuously in a controlled way
💥 Injectable gel prototype ready to treat chronic condition in cats
📈 Global vet medicine market projected to reach $50.8 billion by 2028
⭐️ Packaged Facts reports the Pet Pharmaceuticals industry has historically been recession resilient
💸 Our first product has a global market of ~$60 million
🏆 Scientific advisor formerly an Executive Director at Pfizer and Zoetis

Our Team

I love animals. Talking to my friends who have pets, I realized that administering oral medications is an ordeal and can cause stress. I decided to use my knowledge and expertise in developing human pharmaceuticals to improve quality of life for pets.

We're making medications easier for pets and their owners 💪

If you're a pet owner, you may know that getting your furry friend to take their medications ranges from difficult to impossible. Coming up with creative methods to feed your pet their medications can be time consuming and stressful. Plus, giving them a daily dose requires acute attention and commitment.

Even worse is that a lack of pet-specific medication availability means pets are often prescribed human medications. We're solving both of these issues with drug delivery tech that is easier on pets and owners.

Kamalesh's close friend Sue with her family and her canine companions.

    In the past 2 decades, more than 600 human drugs have been used by vets to treat various maladies in pets. This is less than optimal for the pet and their owner. 

    Moreover, 74% of vets report that ease of administration is a primary factor in selecting medications – especially for cats. This is why we are intent on developing pet-specific medications that are also convenient for the pet and the pet owner.

    Our team has developed several implants that can be placed by a veterinarian in the pet similar to the placement of a microchip. After placement, the medication is released from the implant over weeks or months. A single implant replaces weeks and months of daily oral medications with a single trip to the veterinarian.

    One of our partner facilities.

    Pixie posing for a picture.

    Here's one of our existing investors, Renee Sera, explaining why she decided to join our mission.

    These market factors favor our business areas. We are an American company and North America is the world’s largest market accounting for 45% of the total global veterinary pharmaceuticals market in 2020.

    Kamalesh with Peanut.

    “I have dedicated my professional career to the development of human pharmaceuticals and have extensive experience in the development of implants. Many of my friends have pets and I enjoy spending time with them. I realized the lack of pet-specific medications and the challenges of giving oral medication to pets. I was inspired to use my knowledge of pharmaceutical development in addressing these challenges."

    - Founder & CEO, Kamalesh Rao

    “My interest in the entire project stemmed from my experience as a pharmacist and dispensing medications to pet owners. It always worries me as to whether the pets we are treating in our pharmacies are receiving the right dosage, or are the medications administered the way they should be. These are concerns that many pet owners have shared with me and it leads to stress for the owner and the pet. So, when Kamalesh approached me in 2018 with the implant delivery system, I thought it was a great idea and I joined the effort to address these challenges in veterinary medicine.”
    VP of Product, Vidya Hebbar

    An intro from our advisor, Bill Baker.

    On the Horizon

    The funds we raise in this community round will be used for the development of our first product aimed at treating hyperthyroidism in cats. Since we are developing a drug delivery platform, the research results will pave the way for the development of the next 2 products aimed at dogs & cats. More than 50% of the funds will be used to gather data for the 1st product which will enable the company to start clinical trials and plan for eventual product approval.

    We will continue to raise capital and seek partnership opportunities to successfully bring our products to market.

    Join us in improving quality of care for pets & owners all over the world 🌍

    All of Sue's dogs.