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LFG Nexus is a Game-changing Social Media Platform designed for Gamers by Gamers.


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$1.84M pre-money valuation
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Gaming culture is at an all-time high, a $200+ Billion industry growing at 30% in the US according to Forbes.
Recurring B2B revenue streams will include Ad Sales, Partnership Services & B2B/B2C subscriptions.🔥
LFG Nexus has identified over 10 different types of businesses that should be advertising with us.📱
Exclusive w/Best Coast Pairings a top Tournament platform. Bringing 1,000+ Tournaments/month & potentially 300k users.

Our Team

There is a real need for a One-Stop-Shop for ALL Gamers. Right now we are completely scattered and that makes it harder to bring like-minded people together.

LFG Nexus... Social Media for Gamers and Geek Culture!

My name is Adam, the founder of LFG Nexus and I am a gamer; Like the other 214 million gamers in the United States. As a gamer, I was looking for an encompassing platform to find other people to play my favorite games with; a place to share thoughts, and theory-craft ideas for my favorite games and shows.  Unfortunately, I could not find what I was looking for. 

So, we built it ourselves!

LFG Nexus... 
What does LFG stand for?
Looking for Group/Game/Gamemaster/Get-together.

This term has been around in gaming for many years and there are studies that show that 83% of gamers like to play with others.

Where does Nexus come from?
nex-us noun,
a connected group or series
a nexus of theories
a nexus of relationships
Nexus is to show that we are intent on connecting people and bringing them to a central place, LFG Nexus.

A few Quick Videos-

I quick message from Sheldon Menery, the God-father of the Commander format for Magic: The Gathering. 

LFG Nexus is the game-changer in the gaming industry. We are changing how people meet each other and play the games they love.   LFG Nexus makes it easier for gamers to coordinate and have discussions around their favorite games and related topics.

"Geek" Culture is now mainstream, while Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and others are bringing more people into gaming. It was Stranger Things that brought Dungeons & Dragons back from the brink to the point there is a new movie coming out at the end of March '23 with several A-list actors in it!

Video of some of our features

As a cultivated platform for Gamers, there are plenty of options we have built to drive them toward LFG Nexus. LFG Nexus's value is in our offerings of aggregating unique features and catering them to all aspects of gaming.  We listen to our audience and they in turn play a key role in the features we offer our audience on LFG Nexus. 

Our Multifaceted Features are what make us different than other platforms. We have all of the usual features of other platforms, ie. feeds, posts, reactions, groups, etc. What makes LFG Nexus different is our map of live events and businesses, our ability to watch multiple streams on Twitch, tournaments, and leagues, also our business pages, and the list of crowd funders for new games, just to name a few of the features that set us apart.

LFG Nexus differentiates itself by catering to all types of gamers. Additionally, by catering to the gaming industry as a whole, we bring the broadest set of people to LFG Nexus. This will make us very attractive to advertisers as their target audience is all in one place, LFG Nexus.  

There are few industries that have the sheer numbers like gaming does. To help put this in perspective, in the United States 66% of people over 18 self-identify as gamers. This does not even count those that play games but do not self-identify as gamers. The average gamer is actually 33 years old, owns a home, has an established and well-paid career, and has kids. Currently, women make up 48% of gamers. This vast eclectic range of Gamers throughout the world creates a deep and broad wealth for advertisers across every facet of industry and businesses for LFG Nexus to draw upon. Thereby creating a strong, powerful, and never-ending revenue stream for LFG Nexus to draw upon to steadily and continuously grow, scale the business, and provide financially satisfying results for our investors!

Our biggest revenue generator will be our Premium advertising, where we have identified a vast multitude of different types of businesses that will massively benefit from being visible to the LFG Nexus Gamer.

Another revenue stream that we are particularly confident in and proud of, is our unique LFG Map of Business and Events. This feature allows local businesses such as game stores, laser tag, escape rooms, movie theatres, etc. to be positioned on our map so that they are easily located and accessible to expand their visibility to a much larger share of their needed gamer audience. By marketing their events on the map they will bring more clientele to these events increasing their own revenue stream, which can more than cover their cost of advertising on LFG Nexus.  

LFG Nexus fully embraces the idea that content visibility is incredibly important. This is why we use social media, influencers, industry conventions, and joint ventures to get our brand out there. We are constantly engaging with potential users and businesses to greatly contribute to the growth of the LFG Nexus platform.

There is nothing else on the market like LFG Nexus. With us reaching all areas of gaming, no one else compares with us. As for Twitch, we pull in their feeds for people to watch more than one stream at a time. Even Twitch itself currently does not do this, which also indicates they are not actually a competitor.

Discord seems to be the default for gamers as a place to go. This says more about the state of communication with gaming, than the services they provide. With the funding from this offering, we will be able to further develop our chat and video features to make us on par with Discord's features and far exceed them with our other current features.

These are also reasons why any of these companies would want to acquire LFG Nexus in the future.

The LFG Nexus management team has the experience needed to grow LFG Nexus into a household name in the gaming arena. We already have the IT and Security end covered and we have our fingers on the pulse of the gaming industry. As gamers, we understand the difference between the genres of gamers and how to bring them all into our platform.  

LFG Nexus has put in place a different way of doing advertising, where you pay per month versus impression based. As we continue to grow the platform we will look at other models and implement our other streams of revenue which include our Business Pages, building Stores, Beta Testing options for new games, and more. 

Again the above information is based on bringing on 3 new companies per month that are spending a total of $15,000 in reoccurring revenue. Even with these very conservative projections we are bringing in more than $100,000/ month in just a few months!

This raise will do the following for LFG Nexus-

  • LFG Nexus needs to continue marketing and get its name out there. This will not only help with additional users but with potential advertisers as well.
  • While our development team has done an amazing job, we need to add additional people and resources to get the most out of it. This will allow us to quickly iterate and bring new and exciting features to the platform while continuing to offer a great user experience.
  • It is said that it takes 7,9, 11 touches to reach a potential client. We need to be sure our dedicated Sales team has the resources it needs to get in front of new potential advertisers.
  • We will upgrade our infrastructure to be future-proof and allow for millions of concurrent users at the same time, without affecting user experience.

  • Now is an exciting time as we have some amazing things going on!
  • Our integration with Best Coast Pairings is underway and we are pulling in greatly sought-after tournaments and leagues, sure to impress the gaming audience!
  • The Nexus Circuit is growing and the name LFG Nexus is getting wider visibility and bringing in new users. 
  • We have several new influencers, connections, and joint ventures in the pipeline to continue to strengthen our marketing and expand our reach.

Our goal here is just to present the options we foresee, at this point, we do not want to commit to anything until we understand all of the opportunities available.

Now is the time to join the LFG Nexus family, and invest in the platform that is going to change how gamers look at social media.