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Looking For Group Nexus

LFG Nexus is a Game-changing Social Media Platform designed for and by Gamers.

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Gaming culture is at an all-time high, a $160B industry growing at 30% in the US according to Forbes
We believe LFG Nexus will disrupt the gaming industry with a unique platform for Gamers/Geek Culture.
The unique, scalable, social platform will enable LFG to generate multiple recurring B2B revenues
Recurring B2B revenue streams will include Ad Sales, Partnership Services & B2B/B2C subscriptions
LFG links local gamers with local commerce driving social engagement and physical meet-ups among members
LFG Nexus is for ALL Gamers including Esports, videogamers, Tabletop, Cosplay, M:TG + Board Gamers
Unique offering is gamer tested/gamer approved w/influencers + celebrities driving platform interest
Winner - Pitch Competition at Atlanta Tech Village Startup competition, and invited on to next level

Our Team

There is a real need for a One-Stop-Shop for ALL Gamers. Right now we are completely scattered and that makes it harder to bring like-minded people together.


Here you can find data on a survey we did in March 2021 of Gamers, and what we learned about their habits and preferences of social media platforms. Click here to see the data.