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LegalGuru, LLC

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Only legal site delivering localized content.
Only video centric legal site.
Platform functioning with future improvements coming.
Platform built to expand to other professions.

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LG aggregates and displays free, helpful legal information to end users, both consumer and sophisticated. We provide a centralized profile system to attorneys who provide the site content and our technology allows users to directly contact the guru through click to call, click to IM/chat, click to email and click through to the profile/web site. Lawyers pay for membership and then pay per contact (at a rate set by the lawyer (Google model)).


Busy lawyers need new clients at an effective price point, and traditional advertising is expensive and saturated. LG is a market disrupter through its focus on video and engagement with users. By keeping monthly fees low and shifting the variable cost to contacts, lawyers scale their spend based on results. Our system is dynamic allowing a lawyer to define their geo-area and price points for contacts which factor into search results. Win/win.


Lawyers spend over $5B per year promoting their practices. We believe that our superior user experience and innovative technology will make us a player in that space.


We presently have three members of our management team, including CEO, CTO/Program Manager, and Content Manager. We need to add expertise in marketing and media purchasing, though we are working on a partnership that would essentially handle those pieces. Our CTO/Program Manager (see Management Team) manages development with a group in Russia.


Our primary target market is lawyers who need to reach potential new clients. There are 1.2 million attorneys in the U.S. LG's consumer portal is aimed more at attorneys in small to medium sized law firms, which account for more than 450,000 of those attorneys who spend more than $5B annually on advertising and marketing. LG's b2b portal,, is aimed at large law firms, which have another 400,000 attorneys.


LG will use accelerators, like, to expedite growth. We will give access to our content to verified inhouse lawyers for free in order to drive the value proposition for listed attorneys. Likewise, aggregating legal press releases in LawSuitPedia will be an impetus for the named lawyers to join and add their dynamic profile, who we then cross sell and promote the primary LG video service to. Then advertise like LegalZoom.


LG has six revenue streams: (1) monthly membership fees paid by attorney members; (2) connection fees paid by attorney members when a user (in-house counsel or consumer) contact them directly from our platform; (3) white label content fees paid by attorneys who want to use our content on a geo-exclusive basis; (4) partner fees for geo-exclusive category specific advertising; (5) video production fees; and (6) listing fees for LawSuitPedia.


LG's competition in online legal marketing can be divided into three categories: (i) directory services; (ii) referral services; and (iii) case matching services. LegalGuru is an advertising model and is not a referral service since we do not direct our users to any particular attorneys. We consider (Lexus/Nexus) and (Thompson Reuters) to be our main competitors as directory services as well as and others.


LG delivers a superior user experience (consumer or in-house counsel) through the use of video (LG) and geo-limiting, so the user sees videos from attorneys who practice in the area of law the user needs help with and in the user's local community. We also deliver the entire service on application so the attorneys content and profile is in the palm of the user's hand. LG is designed as a brand that will be the Lending Tree of legal services.