LeanMed LLC

Medical device company on a mission to bring essential treatment to 1.2B people

Last Funded August 2022


raised from 68 investors
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The O2 Cube is a solar powered medical oxygen production system for rural healthcare facilities
The O2 Cube is recognized by the WHO as an Innovative Health Technology for Low Resource Settings
Our focus is the 50,000 rural health centers & hospitals w/o electricity serving 1.2 billion people
There is a significant financial opportunity to leverage current medtech IP into underserved markets

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When we learned that almost 1 million children die from pediatric pneumonia every year and that 99% of these deaths occur in developing nations we were inspired to create LeanMed and start a mission to close the gap between healthcare in the developed nations and the developing ones.

Our Story

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

*forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed