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Lawn Love

Tech meets lawn care

What Friends Say

Alexis Ohanian Reddit Founder. Partner at Y Combinator.
I'm all about building brands people love (reddit, hipmunk) and Lawn Love is well on their way to something really special in an industry thirsty for an amazing product like this.
Kevin Moore Serial investor with multiple exits.
Lawn Love is the new vertical marketplace to unbundle Craigslist's monopoly on local for outside residential services. Jeremy jumps out at you as an outlier entrepreneur with a life story that equips him for success in this endeavor.
Robert Wuttke Founder and CEO of be2 and C-Date, a profitable $60M+ business.
Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur who uses his brain and automation where others only throw money and man-power at problems. Being a hacker and hustler at the same time, and having successfully built and sold the Southern California Homejoy play, Jeremy knows exactly what is important to make Lawn Love work.
Neal K Homeowner Mountain View, CA
I've found their service to be nothing short of awesome. It's easy to book, and they have been responsive to any feedback. I've gone through a variety of other lawn care providers, and only wish I'd found Lawn Love sooner.

In the news

Y Combinator-backed Lawn Love grabs $1.9M to help you get some TLC for your grass
November 12, 2014
As its name suggests, Lawn Love provides customers with an easy way to get their lawns serviced, offering mowing, fertilization, aeration, seeding, and yard cleanup. But its real value proposition for customers is that it provides a quote right from the site (no need for a surveying meeting), handles the coordination with lawn technicians, and above all, saves consumers from having to do the research themselves.
Lawn Love Wants To Bring The Whole “Software Eating The World” Thing To Your Own Backyard
July 24, 2014
Lawn Love has built a web platform that works as a two-way marketplace with the aim of bringing more efficiency and protection to both sides of the business transaction.
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