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This Lab Found Out What's Actually In The Kardashians' Favorite Hair Vitamin
October 20, 2016
But the gummy-bear vitamins still earned an overall A-grade for having the amount of vitamins and minerals a person needs to compensate for nutrient deficiencies that affect hair growth, said Labdoor. Labdoor, a San Francisco-based lab that tests and grades dietary supplements, found that the listed quantities of 7 of the 11 nutrients listed on the SugarBearHair were inaccurate by 20% or more.
LabDoor sheds light on supplement world
October 20, 2016
Unlike prescription drugs the FDA does not inspect vitamins before they hit the market. Neil Thanedar, LabDoor CEO, provides independent product safety research and grading to help consumers learn what's really inside their vitamins.
Could blotting your pizza with a napkin really help you lose pounds?
October 20, 2016
Mmm ... pizza! It's cheesy, chewy, delicious and, inevitably, a bit greasy. Hey, no one said it was health food! Still, for some people, paper napkins can practically be considered a topping, because as soon as they get that perfect pie or single slice, they slap one on top and start dabbing the oil away - and maybe a few calories along with it.
Knowing What's in Your Supplements
February 12, 2015
Last week, the New York State attorney general's office uncovered another example of what appeared to be widespread fraud in the dietary supplement industry. The office accused four of the country's biggest retail stores of selling herbal products that in many cases were contaminated or did not contain any of the herb listed on the label.
What's in Your Fish Oil Supplements?
January 22, 2014
Millions of Americans take fish oil supplements to promote heart and vascular health. But a new analysis suggests that some consumers may not always get what they are paying for. The new research, carried out by a testing company called LabDoor, analyzed 30 top-selling fish oil supplements for levels of omega-3 fatty acids, a group of compounds with anti-inflammatory effects.
The Truth About 5 Hour Energy, And All The Other Questionable Supplements You Take
March 11, 2013
Eventually, he envisions the LabDoor seal of approval as something sought by manufacturers who want to prove the purity of their products. For that to happen, though, consumers have to care about what’s in the products they use every day. LabDoor might be the company to help facilitate that.
The Truth About Weight-Loss Pills and Energy Drinks, for Knowledge and Profit
January 25, 2013
The goal, Thanedar says, is to shine a light on all those questionable ingredients and eventually encourage manufacturers to be more transparent. Maybe the next time you and your biceps are shopping for protein powder, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.
LabDoor Wants To Shed Light On The Murky World Of Dietary Supplements
January 24, 2013
As for taking on the big dietary supplements companies, such as GNC Holdings, “we’re very confident that science is on our side,” says Thanedar.
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