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Invest in Kunduz (YC S18)

Instant help from expert tutors - Faster, more interactive & cheaper than Chegg


πŸ“ˆ $310k MRR; growing 4.1x YoY in January 2021
🧠 Our AI can automatically answer 80% of student's questions and gives SaaS-level gross margins
🌎 40M questions answered by 35,000 tutors through Kunduz in 3 countries
πŸ“Š $120 LTC; $10 CAC; 77% gross profit margin
πŸ‘« 30k paying users with 95% retention rate

Our Team

Co-founder & Co-CEO
Strategy & business development in 5 countries and 6 sectors; 3-year consulting and M&A in education; MBA & MA Education at Stanford; Ex-McKinsey; Most importantly, raised in an educator family.
We are three lifelong friends who started Kunduz because we saw a global need for affordable education services. The most successful students rely upon expensive private tutors to get into college. Kunduz is the pursuit of sharing that high-quality educational experience.
Melih Sener Cofounder & Co-CEO
Most recently, brand manager of Lays for 32 countries; Brand & P&L management at CPG; International marketing, product launch & competitive strategy
Baris Bilgic Co-founder - CTO
3rd time entrepreneur in emerging markets and Europe w an exit; Full-stack dev. at global firms in London; 14 years of active development experience