Invest in Koinage Inc.

Accept & deposit loose change directly to your bank account.



reserved of a $50,000 goal
Future Equity
 $3.5M  $3M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $3M valuation cap


⚡ Early mover in the ~$1.3T retail cash sales market
💸 $48.5B in coins sitting in US homes
📃 Patent pending and easy-to-use API platform for retailers
💪 Newchip accelerator alumni

Our Team

"I grew up in West Africa. In the US, 1¢ might not sound like a lot. But 1¢ is a lot to a family living in poverty in West Africa. When I see loose change, I see a lot of value. Change can truly make a difference in peoples lives. We’re on a mission to make change accessible and convenient."

Why Koinage?

Our patent-pending solution provides an easy-to-integrate API platform for retailers to pay loose change electronically at point of sale while reducing time and eliminating the cost of handling coins. Koinage keeps coins in circulation and accessible by users in real-time – all from their smart phone.

After paying in cash, merchants will have the ability to scan a unique QR code on a customer's mobile phone, and electronically pay loose change at point of sale.

From that point Koinage users have 3 options:

- transfer directly to their checking/savings account or credit/debit/prepaid card
- leave it securely within the Koinage app
- transfer to other apps including Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, etc.

Financial projections cannot be guaranteed

Coinstar relies on the status quo and requires consumers who pay with cash to store coins at home until they are ready for redemption.

Koinage eliminates that entire process and is less expensive for the consumer. Without being touched, saved, or stored physically, users can deposit loose change directly to their account of choice in real time.