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We have a revolutionary business model - Pollution Reduction as a Service (“PRaaS”)
We have raised $4 million to date
We are close to commercialization
Our technology is patented

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  • Patented technology captures and transforms harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into reusable resources.
  • Enables businesses to move towards net-zero emissions while uncovering new opportunities for revenue with recycled gases and carbon credits.
  • Enhances air quality, with measurable health benefits for communities.


Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from industries threaten our environmental health. In 2020, the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions totaled 5.9 billion metric tons (13.2 trillion pounds) of carbon dioxide equivalents, according to an EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) report ( One of the biggest contributors to these emissions are smokestacks. Until now, removing these toxic gases from industrial manufacturing processes before they make their way into the atmosphere has been cost-prohibitive and inefficient, increasing capital and operational expense for companies.  


KLIR Sky transforms harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) into sellable assets, fostering clean air and bolstering corporate social responsibility. Our goal is straightforward: to help businesses significantly reduce their environmental impact while maintaining their operational success. Our Pollution Reduction as a Service (“PRaaS”) model is based upon a shared partnership with clients to mitigate GHGs from the atmosphere and slow climate change to reach net zero emissions. They no longer pollute, GHG waste becomes income and they can sell their carbon credits instead of buying them. 


Our PRaaS model is powered by the KLIR Sky Machine, a first-of-its-kind device that connects directly to smokestacks and liquefies harmful GHGs. It is compact and mobile, transported in a standard shipping container and installed on-site. It is scalable to fit each client’s pollution reduction needs, requires minimal electricity to run and can process multiple gases. It contains patented technology developed by a partner company in whom KLIR Sky has an ownership interest. The technology is in the final stages of pre-commercialization. Funds raised from this campaign will allow us to complete the final stages of the technology build along with systems integration and connection to our first client.

The process is simple: 

  1. The machine is connected to an exhaust/ smokestack to capture GHG emissions. 
  2. Gases are scrubbed and split into various gases. All small and large particles are scrubbed, resulting in virtually 100% removal of harmful gases released in the atmosphere. Once the gases are removed, they are condensed into a liquid at various sub-zero temperatures. For example, methane is cooled and liquefied at -260 °F/-162 °C to 1/600th of the original volume.
  3. The machine we are deploying has a capacity to process 250 MCF of gas per day. (1MCF = 1,000 Cubic Feet). 
  4. Typical gases removed from the emissions include: 
  • Carbon Dioxide 
  • Carbon Monoxide 
  • Nitrogen 
  • Methane 
  • Brown Hydrogen 


Our PRaaS model can be used in any GHG producing industry worldwide at potentially little not no upfront cost to the client. The result is near net zero emissions for our clients who can now claim carbon credits and reduce their carbon footprint. We currently have a service agreement with our first smokestack customer and are negotiating with several others. With a ready buyer of repurposed gas (RGs) and the growth of the US. Carbon Credit Market, there is a significant revenue potential available. Revenue per machine is estimated at $300,000 per month and will be shared between KLIR Sky and its client. 


KLIR Sky operates in a rapidly expanding market where environmental impact and profitability are no longer mutually exclusive. Our target clients are GHG emitting businesses in the utilities, manufacturing and transportation industries, which are responsible for more than 75% of all pollution related damages ( companies use smokestacks to exhaust waste products from their manufacturing processes and are one of the largest contributors to the Greenhouse effect, causing devastating effects to the natural world around us. These companies exist in all areas of the supply chain, providing us with products we use in our homes, for travel and leisure. There are about 21,000 companies listed in the EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory. Our strategy is to focus marketing effort initially on these businesses in the U.S. followed by Canada, European Union and India.  

Vision and Strategy

KLIR Sky is committed to solving the greenhouse gas emissions problem by helping clients reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a future of clean air. We envision a world where every industry can thrive without harming our planet. Our strategy? To embed the KLIR Sky Machine into the heart of industrial operations, mitigating GHGs and making sensibly sustainable practices the cornerstone of economic growth. With every KLIR Sky Machine installed, we will play a key role in solving the climate change crisis. 


KLIR Sky’s seasoned team is composed of veterans from strong business backgrounds, clean tech to NASA engineering. Founder and CEO Nicholas Upchurch grew up in the oil industry as a child and started drilling with his own company in his early twenties, eventually leading him to start a charcoal production plant. Seeing the emissions produced by both industries and the global climate change issue helped him find his true calling in life, to find a means to leave a better earth for his children. “Seeing the direction of the world has made me think about energy differently. If I aim to teach my children about energy like my parents taught me, I better teach them about green energy and pollution reduction. We need to do something to stop our current climate crisis from becoming an irreversible climate catastrophe, so I made it my goal to diversify my oil business and focus on green projects as soon as possible.” 

“We joined Nic on this movement, because all of our kids and their kids deserve a healthy future on this beautiful Planet.” - Patrick White, COO


With KLIR, you're not just investing; you're joining a movement to safeguard our planet for future generations. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should invest: 

  1. End Smokestack Pollution- the time for change is now, with visible pollution clouding our skies.
  2. Huge Revenue Potential - Invest in a multi-billion dollar market opportunity - there are 21,000 polluting companies in the U.S. alone that need this solution today.
  3. A Healthier Planet for All - Contribute to the reduction of air pollution, directly benefiting air quality and enhancing community health and well-being. 
  4. Game Changing Technology - Revolutionary and patented technology that is green, low energy, portable and scalable.
  5. Established Pipeline – Upcoming commitments from major players who want to reduce emissions in the coal power, car, brake pad, roof shingles, marine and cement industries.
  6. Resources Available– KLIR Sky is well-positioned to leverage loans and grants for swift scaling in a sector expecting trillions in investments.