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Robotic system that helps companies deliver safely and timely to their customers

What Investors Say

Invested $100,000 this round + $350,000 previously
Kiwi has built a leading robotics delivery technology platform which has been verified beyond proof of concept at Berkeley and now enjoys significant momentum going into 2H 2020.  The current landscape with Covid coupled with the cost efficiencies of robotic delivery and reduction in COGS should allow KIWI to rapidly expand and grow exponentially.  The team is highly experienced and battle tested.  New business is backlogged, new partnerships formed.   This is one of our most exciting investments to date.

In the news

Kiwibot delivery robots head to San Jose with new partners Shopify and Ordermark
July 24, 2020
Kiwibot, the delivery robot startup that got its start shuttling burritos and snacks to students on the University of California-Berkeley campus, is expanding to San Jose with a new business model and partners Shopify and Ordermark . About 25 Kiwibots will today begin delivering food and goods to c...
The pandemic is giving unmanned deliveries a fillip
July 4, 2020
U NMANNED VEHICLES, airborne or earthbound, have been pressed into anti-pandemic service the world over. In Mexican slums they spray disinfectant from the sky. "Shout drones" with loudspeakers scold socially undistanced Americans, Chinese and Europeans. Most consequential, the popularity of contactless provision of food and medical supplies is boosting the drone-delivery business.
Kiwi's food delivery bots are rolling out to 12 more colleges
April 3, 2020
If you're a student at UC Berkeley, the diminutive rolling robots from Kiwi are probably a familiar sight by now, trundling along with a burrito inside to deliver to a dorm or apartment building. Now students at a dozen more campuses will be able to join this great, lazy future of robotic delivery ...
Burrito Delivered by Bot, as Long as Students Don't Trap It
November 7, 2019
As an industry begins to sprout, Kiwi Campus and Nuro, two start-ups, are dreaming up new ways to deliver groceries and lunch. BERKELEY, Calif. - Come lunchtime on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, thousands of students rush out for a bite to eat and head back to class.
Who Comes to the Rescue of Stranded Robots? Humans
April 11, 2019
Fannie Osran just had to help. Last semester, the student at the University of California, Berkeley, came upon a food-delivery robot, one of 120 deployed around campus by a local startup, in front of a long flight of stairs. The cooler-sized robot can't navigate stairs, so it immediately backed up into a plant bed-where it got stuck in some mud.
What People Say