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Innovative functional footwear designed to help people train and move naturally

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🔬Science-driven design footwear that promotes natural foot movement and proper body mechanics.
✅ Seal of Approval footwear by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).
📈250% revenue growth in 2021
Embraced by the fitness community with over 10K satisfied customers globally.
Founded in 2017, inspired by a personal foot injury & childhood experiences in the refugee camp.
Founder ran his first Marathon barefoot in 2022 to raise money for Afghan refugees.
78% of Americans have experienced foot problems due to wearing dysfunctional shoes.
60 million Americans visit a podiatrist every year.

Our Team

OUR MISSION: To build a fitness movement that helps people move naturally.


Dysfunctional modern athletic shoes bind and alter one of the most complex motor functions in the human body. Over time, this contributes to weakening the structure of the arches, toes, and ankles. This significantly increases the risk of developing injuries in the lower body.

Meyers Line Test:

The Meyers Line is a simple axis line used to assess the anatomical and functional alignment of the great toe in relation to the rest of the foot. Follow the steps below to perform this test:

How we got to where we are today

Vincent, the founder of KINIS, grew up in a refugee camp, playing soccer barefoot. Despite the challenging outdoor conditions, he never had any foot issues. When he moved to ​Richmond, Virginia, and started wearing athletic shoes like everyone else, he started to get injury after injury. He looked into the medical science of it all and found that his feet grew exceptionally weak by wearing athletic shoes. So he started KINIS to change the design and create the ultimate functional footwear to help people move naturally and injury-free.

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Inspired by his early childhood living in a refugee camp in 2022, Vincent ran his first marathon barefoot to raise money for Afghan refugees.

Prototyping & Product Development 

As a consumer with zero background in footwear design, Vincent, solves shoe problems from the ground up by studying the foot anatomy and the body biomechanics. In addition to thousands of hours spent working with podiatrists, physical therapists, and trainers.
Early models are made in vincent's garage using foams and basic materials. Once samples are completed, they are given to local trainers to test and provide feedback.


Vincent employed the science-based approach to footwear design resulting in the ultimate comfortable shoes that promote healthy foot health and proper body mechanics for all body types and fitness levels.

What makes KINIS different? 

With over ​12 ​years of professional experience as an architect with a strong background in manufacturing, ​global supply chain,​ and management. Vincent successfully led the team to develop world-class materials and advanced manufacturing processes resulted in a line of innovative and functional footwear.

  • Proprietary Ultra Strong Military Grade Spectra Fiber
  • 4D advanced 360 flex knitting
  • ​Triple layers composite natural insoles 
  • Patent Pending 
  • Science driven design methodology
  • Passionate movement community
  • Diverse team with robust industry experiences

Kinis successfully launched a line of functional footwear by working closely with fitness professionals, podiatrists, physical therapists, and brand ambassadors across the world.

Fitness and medical communities have embraced the Kinis footwear across multiple training modalities and daily wear.


Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


The Future:

Building on top of the solid foundation in the fitness market, with the proper funding in place we will expand to the Athleisure wear market to drive topline revenue. 

  • Fully Integrated Smart Shoes  
    • Injury Prevention 
    • Performance Optimization 
    • AI-driven Smart Training Program 

Market Size:


Use of Funds:

We Believe: Stronger bodies start with stronger feet.

Functional footwear should work in tandem with the human body to optimize natural biomechanics to keep us moving injuries-free.

Our feet are naturally strong. They have been through millions of years of evolution, and they don't need much support to keep us moving throughout the day. All we have to do is set them Free so they can function as nature intended.

Link to customer reviews
Link to customer reviews

Current Products:

We are creating the next generation of high-performance, minimalist, pro-training shoes to help you train efficiently and naturally from the ground up to optimize full body mechanics and reach your optimal performance.

Benefits of training & walking in minimalist footwear.

The APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) granted the Lucy Active & Apollo Pro training shoes the Seal of Approval for promoting good foot health.

Our Team:

We are a team of highly passionate athletes who share a common vision of building a strong and active movement community.  We celebrate the back-to-back lifestyle daily where nature and movement are our core values. We take pride in our work and are on a mission to bring positive impacts to our community.