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Innovative functional footwear that lets people train and move naturally


Science-driven design footwear that promotes natural foot and body mechanics.
Embraced by the fitness community with over 8K satisfied customers globally.
Seal of Approval footwear by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).
250% revenue growth on our eCommerce site during the pandemic.
Founded by an athlete inspired by a personal foot injury & childhood experiences in a refugee camp.
78% of Americans have experienced foot problems as a result of wearing dysfunctional shoes.
Over 55 million Americans visit a podiatrist every year.

Our Team

CEO & Founder
Experienced founder with over thirteen years in designing and manufacturing. Successfully led a team of over twenty-five engineers for a multi-million dollar operation. Master of Architecture (M.A.) and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Chief Wellness Officer
Dr. Joe Abretski places an understanding of alignment and movement as the basis for health and performance. He studied kinesiology, the science of movement, which is actually where Kinis derives its name.
Earl Cox Chief Brand Strategy Advisor
31 years at The Martin Agency and the last 20 years of that as Chief Strategy Officer. In this thought leadership role, I developed brand positioning and marketing communication strategies for 100s of companies in dozens of business categories.

Our mission is to build a fitness movement that helps people move naturally.

Origin Story

KINIS is based on its founder, Vincent Vu's, childhood experience living in a refugee camp and playing soccer barefoot. In order to acclimate to cultural norms outside of the camp, he spent years in traditional athletic shoes as a result, his feet are weak and have had many injuries. Now, he is on a mission to design and create the ultimate functional footwear to help people move and train naturally while helping to reduce the risk of injuries.

Dysfunctional modern athletic shoes bind and alter one of the most complex motor functions in the human body. Over time, this contributes to weakening the structure of the arches, toes, and ankles. This significantly increases the risk of developing injuries in the lower body.

Kinis successfully launched a line of functional athletic footwear by leveraging fitness professionals.

Our science-driven design methodology and advanced manufacturing process resulted in a line of innovative and functional footwear that helps people move naturally and promote good foot health.

We are creating the next generation of high-performance, minimalist, pro-training shoes to help you train efficiently and naturally from the ground up to optimize full body mechanics and reach your optimal performance.

Benefits of training & walking in minimalist footwear.

Fitness and medical communities have embraced the Kinis footwear.

The APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) granted the Lucy Active shoes the Seal of Approval for promoting good foot health.

Market Size