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30 years in successful Emotional Literacy (EL) program development.
Rapidly growing $2.31Bn Social Emotional Learning (SEL) market.
Experienced Global Team with over three decades of commitment to EL.
Founded by International EQ Pioneer Ayman Sawaf.

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Accessible, Impactful, Emotional Intelligence Education for Children

A Global Issue

At the heart of many global issues are emotions that have gone unchecked for so long that they blow up, with anger escalating into health issues, violence and war, jealousy and envy resulting in expensive divorces and litigation, and greed undermining our political and economic systems.

Our Emotional Literacy (EL) Series, first published in the early 90s, is more relevant and vital today than ever, paving the way for future generations to be more resilient, emotionally aware, and free.

Who is Kids EQ? 

Our founder, Ayman Sawaf, worked for 30 years raising awareness of Emotional Intelligence. In a bid to bring Emotional Intelligence to as many children as possible, Ayman set up the multi-award-winning media company Enchanté Entertainment (now Kids EQ) in 1991. With a team of experts, he produced the first-ever Emotional Literary Series, to bring emotional literacy to the world and is still selling today. 

After Ayman passed in 2022, his wife and partner, Rowan Gabrielle, now Kids EQ CEO, took up the baton, developing a vision to build a new Kids EQ team to bring Ayman’s rich legacy back to life, modernizing it and translating it into as many languages as possible.

Join us in shaping the future of emotional intelligence by becoming a co-owner of our community-owned company, Kids EQ. Your investment in Kids EQ is an opportunity to contribute to a future where emotional intelligence is not the exception but the norm.

“Emotional Literacy is the single most important gift we can give our children. It sets them up to stay in their power as ‘life events’ happen."

Rowan Gabrielle, CEO, Kids EQ. 

The Solution 

Kids EQ addresses the vital need for Emotional Literacy (EL) in today's society. Our solution encompasses a range of products and programs designed to enhance emotional intelligence among children and adults.


Team Picture

Kids EQ core team and collaborators.


Over three decades, Kids EQ has established itself as a leader in the field of Emotional Literacy. Our critically acclaimed films and TV series enjoyed global success, and our 21-book Emotional Literacy Series was the 1st ever EL curriculum in the US, at the forefront of making EL a mainstream term.

Current Kids EQ Book Series

Business Model 

Our business model leverages both physical and digital sales channels. We're focusing on the rapidly growing demand for digital Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) content. Revenue streams include direct sales of EL resources, subscriptions to our digital platform, and training programs.

Go-To-Market Strategy 

Kids EQ plans to capitalize on the current trend toward digital SEL content. Our strategy includes digitizing our EL Basics, expanding our product line, and creating a globally accessible, multilingual platform. Our team comprises of leading digital marketers to help us reach our audience online, a cost-effective route. 

Currently, we are working with Kidazzler to use influencer marketing through mom bloggers and moms groups targeting home-schooled children and other niche groups. Our research has shown there are many other mainstream channels that we will target with the injection of capital from this raise. Our aim is to build a "Community of Practice" of people passionate about emotional literacy and improving the skill set of children.

Opportunity Size 

The SEL market, currently valued at $2.31 billion, is projected to grow to $16 billion by 2032. This exponential growth, coupled with a shift towards digital content (65% of recent US SEL sales) and 97% of children (UK data) having online access, presents a significant opportunity for Kids EQ.

Customer Testimonials 

Feedback from parents and educators underscores the effectiveness of our EL resources. These testimonials highlight the positive impact our products have on children's emotional development and well-being.

Use of Funds 

$214,000 funding will support our evolution to meet the growing demand for self-directed learning in the current Social Emotional Learning (SEL) market to include:

  • Digitization of Emotional Literacy Series: Catering to the preference for self-directed learning in the current Social Emotional Learning (SEL) space.
  • Product Line Expansion: Creation of a definitive Emotional Literacy Guidebook, expanding the current suite of seven emotions to encompass four additional emotions Guided, Self-Study Training: Introducing a comprehensive 'Emotional Literacy' training program.
  • A Community of Practice: Peer-to-Peer Learning Platform, Building a space for mutual support and knowledge-sharing in the Emotional Literacy arena.
  • Global Reach: Expanding to a global audience with multilingual versions.

We plan a round two fundraiser for an additional $100k in June 2024, once the products listed above are complete, to facilitate the rapid distribution and geographical expansion of the company.

Return on Investment 

With a breakeven revenue of less than $50k/year in Year 1, we project a 1.5x ROI by Year 2. By year 5, at a revenue of $9M, we anticipate a 12x ROI. This opportunity also provides a 10% revenue share as we progress. This projection is based on efficient sales of our online guided Self Study program, and the adoption rate of our Peer-to-Peer 'Community of Practice'.


When we first launched 30 years ago the market for these types of materials was not ready.

Post the pandemic, we believe the market is more ready than ever, but we still have to test this.

Finding our target market

To pinpoint our target market, we're thrilled to have Peter Santosh onboard. Peter is a leading marketing architect who has spent over twenty years understanding customer psychology with clients including Google, Microsoft, the NHS, and Amazon. His expertise lies in leveraging data and psychological insights to craft a data-centric strategy for shaping a compelling buying journey. Once funding is secured, Peter is eager to apply his skills to further our efforts at Kids EQ.

What are our competitors doing?

Emotional ABCs and Everyday Speech are both very successful Emotional Intelligence businesses in the US supporting schools, parents, and therapists with emotional learning.

The 3 main differences are that Kids EQ’s,

  1. The quality and depth of our content
  2. Our focus on developing international reach
  3. Our peer-to-peer Conscious Parenting Hub. (The time has passed for top-down, patriarchal ways of teaching and educating.)

The Offering

Please read the offering document for the full terms when it is available.

We want to be a community-owned company. Joining together like-minded people to drive forward emotional literacy education for children both with your investment and with your support. We believe in the investment as much as the mission. To that end, we have decided to offer a SAFE with revenue share plus perks as the best for our investors, which will also allow us to achieve our goals. A SAFE is a Simple Agreement for Future Equity, which can eventually pay our earliest investors, you, equity in Kids EQ when we raise a priced round at a later stage.

In addition, the revenue share offers 10% of our revenues until you earn two times your investment back.

We also want you to be able to see and use the products today and what we are developing. We have three tiers of perks, depending on your investment.

Investment Perks

We envision KIDS EQ as a community-owned company and we invite you to join us in creating a platform - by the people, for the people.