A Soccer-Inspired Hybrid Sports Company

Last Funded December 2021


raised from 71 investors
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📈 Revenue grew 11X from 2018 to 2020 (from $46k to $518k)
⚽️ Professional soccer players, including David Beckham, endorse the concept
💵 Knowledgeable investors have invested over $350,000+ in the past two years
🌎 Partnered with, the world's largest online soccer retailer, & on Grommet & Amazon, too

Our Team

Kickit Story

Help us grow Kickit; where an ancient concept meets the modern soccer world. Kicking a birdie has been a pastime for centuries from games like Jianzi, Dá Cầu, Peteca - but never before has it been played in a soccer-inspired format! 

Together we can build a hybrid sports company with global appeal and secure our foothold in the sports market. 

Why Support Kickit?

Hybrid sports are the emerging trend in today's sports market and Kickit is positioned to capture this trend in a way that no other company can - through soccer. Companies like Pickleball Inc. (Tennis + Table Tennis) and Spikeball Inc. (Volleyball + Four Square) have pioneered the path that takes a new idea from a backyard game to a widely accepted commercialized sport. 

Hybrid sports companies don't just distribute products, they build Community through tournaments, leagues, and events. This is our mission.

We are aiming to change the world in the same way with Kickit! And although there's a challenging road ahead of us, it has been traveled successfully before... 

Our complete Kickit Sport Pack has been in the market for just over a year, and already Olympic Gold Medalists and World Cup winners like Brandi Chastain and Natasha Kai-Marks have taken to it.

"How exactly is Kickit different than other breakout games"? 

Our flagship offering was a single-player soccer juggling tool, The Kickit Pro -- "Today's soccer tool for tomorrow's soccer star!" And we successfully scaled the Kickit Pro to $250k/year in revenue.

Our company stands out from the rest because it successfully serves individuals too! Not just multiple-player teams.

We built a diversified product line exclusively as a result of feedback from our loyal customers.

Young soccer players, soccer moms, soccer dadscoaches, and PE teachers wanted more from the original Kickit Pro, so we added a net and the Sport Pack was born!

The first Kickit Pro Sport Pack was challenging for younger players and many casual players. They wanted something easier, so we engineered a 40% larger version of the Kickit Pro and named it the new Standard Kickit! 

So now, we cover the entire customer journey, from novice to expert and from single-player to multiplayer. And because portability and durability matter, our products deliver those too.

And while our products do the talking, we do the walking, by establishing local tournaments for fun competition and engagement!

We've also been busy building the infrastructure to support rapid growth and enable scalability. 

During 2020 alone:

  • Our optimized Amazon sales channel and FBA inventory management resulted in a 350% increase in sales from 2019.
  • Following COVID's adverse impact on brick and mortar retail sales, we quickly created new drop shipping sales channels. This strategic pivot resulted in opening lucrative partnerships with renowned platforms The Grommet and  
  • We earned an additional $45,000 by accelerating nationwide order fulfillment during the peak holiday season. 

These and other improvements have allowed us to continue building the brand through our advertising and marketing initiatives. 

Global Appeal:

International markets show promise, too! Our marketing tests demonstrated 12% lower customer acquisition costs and 15% higher average order values from the U.K. and Brazil. As a result, we’ve just established fulfillment out of Kilkenny Ireland, and are currently negotiating a distribution deal in the U.K.

The U.K. breakthrough presents immediate growth opportunities for distribution and sales, and for brand awareness via collaborations with major Premier League players.

Our partners and advisors are experienced entrepreneurs and investors who have scaled businesses to 10 figures, raised millions in outside capital, and managed successful exits. With their partnership and guidance, we’re positioned to grow and scale quickly and prudently.

If there's one thing our founder—decorated former Division 1 College Athlete Eli Dent—knows, it's the importance of surrounding yourself with winning players with a winning mentality. Kickit has attracted and retained a team that wins, consistently. We have doubled topline revenue every single year -- consistency that matters.

On our team is former NASA and Space Command engineer, Krissa Watry, who helped engineer the new Kickit. The product was also iteratively design-tested by amateurs and professional soccer players from across the country to ensure functionality and viability.

Our fractional COO, Kent Wagner, has been with Kickit since the early days. Kent has 20 years of experience as Founder/Operator of a $75M retail chain. Currently, he is a Partner in 10X Business Consulting LLC where he specializes as an EOS Implementer optimizing leadership teams. Kent is positioned to ensure that we have the Right People in the Right Seats while keeping them focused and accountable in their roles.

Bruce Angus is helping us secure international partnerships and distribution. His wealth of experience stems from building a multi-national sports mouthguard company that he commercialized and licensed to Nike. Mogo Mouthguards was later acquired by the sporting goods giant.

With our reliable, dedicated, and passionate team, time and additional investors are the only remaining critical factors.

When you invest in Kickit, and each time you share our saga, you’ll become a part of our story. As an early adopter, investor, and player, you’ll have bragging rights that will carry you to the end of your days.

Fast forward to the day when you see a Kickit match come up on ESPN's Top 10 Highlights. You'll be tapping your friends and loved ones and saying, "Hey, look, it's Kickit! Didn’t I tell you it was the next big thing?!"