KGAY 106.5 Palm Springs - LGBTQ+ Radio

Invest to place KGAY Radio with LGBTQ+ investors/owners: Brad Fuhr CEO

Last Funded February 2022


raised from 23 investors


Your investment helps fund purchase & operations to bring KGAY into LGBTQ+ ownership and operations.
GayDesertGuide is re-integrated into KGAY for content, cross promotions and advertising plans.
John Taylor is back to the KGAY morning show, interacting with locals and celebs.
Money invested will earn “perks” like swag, advertising & other rewards!
The station's platform will be opened up to serve the LGBTQ+ communities here in the Coachella Valley
The Coachella Valley is growing in population and visitors. Many are LGBTQ and are making their home here.
It is difficult to reach the LGBTQ+ audience without waste. We take an integrated approach.
Radio streaming/listening is strong. There is nothing like KGAY to reach LGBTQ + demo and allies

Our Team

I began my career in radio and journalism at the age of 15 in my hometown. I was fortunate to have garnered broad experience in media over my career, with an eye toward LGBTQ media. When I founded GayDesertGuide, I hoped to add radio and podcasting to the media mix. This integrated media approach is what I spent the last 20 years of my career on


As originally concepted by Brad Fuhr, KGAY 106.5 Palm Springs radio and GayDesertGuide.LGBT together create a media company that will be unique to the marketplace, fill a need for the community and provide advertisers with a way to reach LGBTQ+ consumers.

KGAY and GayDesertGuide began together three years ago. When first launched, Brad Fuhr created an integrated sales program between radio and digital. The initial success of that strategy will be brought back to take a greater share of revenue from the market.

KGAY PSP, a California Benefit Corporation, seeks up to $250,000 in investments to fund its operation and expand services through the next two years, where the stations is conservatively forecast to break even. (Forward-looking projections can't be guaranteed).

The initial round of $125,000 will finance expanded operations to bring the station back to its recent headcount with sales, marketing and programming as well as provide operating capital for the slower summer months when advertising revenue drops due to the seasonality of Palm Springs.

The second round of $125,000 will help expand the operations with additional talk and podcast programming.

Please read the entirety of our business plan below.

NOTE: All forward-looking projections in the business plan can't be guaranteed.

KGAY 106.5 -KGAY PSP- a CA Benefit Corp.-.pdf