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Helping parents raise financially smart kids!


CEO led high growth product portfolios with revenue > $500M, and projects that help the underbanked
CFO has raised > $300M & led companies to successful exits including IPO
Thousands of customers acquired through word of mouth and organic growth to date
$91B spent annually by kids in US
Estimated cash flow positive in < 24 months
Only solution with data-driven insights & personalized financial literacy guidance & insights
Untapped market--Kachinga and our competitors represent less than 10% of the serviceable market

Our Team

Our team is made of parents who share a unified mission--to bring financial literacy to the next generation. This effort begins in our own homes. We understand first-hand that the financial literacy crisis is real; and want to help other parents along the way.

We are facing a Financial Literacy Crisis.

In the US, 54% are living paycheck to paycheck, 25% don’t have any retirement savings, 25% can’t cover a $1,000 emergency, and 50+ million people do not have access to credit or traditional banking options. At the same time, only 7 states require a standalone financial literacy class in school and most parents lack the time or knowledge to properly teach their kids. Families, schools, and communities need help to improve the financial literacy gap before kids leave home.

Peace of mind for parents. Financial independence for kids.

We plan to bring financial literacy to the next generation by helping parents teach their kids to be smart with money. Kachinga provides an allowance, chore & savings management app for kids, a secure debit card with parental controls that offers children and teens real world money experience, and personalized guidance for parents trying to educate their kids.  We provide options for families with kids of all ages.

Our Team

We have built a team that has demonstrated the skills needed to build and grow a successful SaaS company through decades of experience. As
parents, we are also our own customer giving us unique insight and a passion
as we advance forward.  Bill Butler (CEO) led high growth initiatives for products, business lines, and start-ups in the financial services industry.  He spent years focused on projects that help consumers gain access to mainstream banking, establish credit, and learn about financial stewardship.  John McIntyre (Chairman) has built 3 SaaS companies from start-up to $30M+ in ARR. John Zdanowski (CFO) has 20+ years in financial startups and has raised more than $300M, leading companies to successful exits including an IPO.

Growing Rapidly

Since launching the Kachinga, we’ve seen dramatic market adoption and strong organic growth.  Imagine our growth potential as we begin to invest more in marketing in 2022! Customers choose Kachinga because they're looking for more than a convenient spending card.  Kachinga offers competitive product features to support financial education, along with data-driven insight that reinforces learning.  

The Market

With over 33M US families with children under 18, Kachinga offers a unique value proposition to tap into the $91B spent annually by kids in the US.

Data-Driven Insight Drives Differentiation

Kachinga's product features are designed to educate users while interacting within the app. This reinforces learning while parents work with children to establish and track goals.

Kachinga's target audience are parents who value both financial literacy for kids as well as convenience.  While new companies have entered the market, their product offering instead is focused on families with teens--which represents less than 35% of the addressable market.  Kachinga delivers all the convenience of a spending card program beginning at a younger age, plus in-app features that encourages collaboration between parents and kids.

Path to Profitability

Kachinga currently generates revenue through our $36/child per year subscription fee for our Real Money secure debit card program, plus the interchange processed through spending.  Future pathways to monetization include sponsorships, retail partnerships, and other financial services.  We estimate being cashflow positive within 12-24 months.

Note: this slide contains forward looking projections which cannot be guaranteed.