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The future of learning: software that builds performance-based habits at scale!

Last Funded February 2022


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Shares are $0.75/ea and projected to top $40/per in the coming years. 🔥
🚀 Pipeline growth from 300K in Jan 2021 to over $1.1MM in January 2022 with 28% close rate.
💪 7 contracts with Fortune 1000s + Fortune 50 (providing recurring revenue)
💰 $1.5MM raised prior to Wefunder plus over $4MM in revenue generated by software during R&D phases

Our Team

Co-creator Robert Feeney experienced firsthand the impact of negative behaviors and sense of hopelessness they create. Both his older and younger brother struggled with illness and depression, and within a few years of each other both took their own lives. He realized that the only way to create positive change was to impact human behavior.

Why KaaS?

Ringorang by KaaS: a positive changemaker born out of tragedy, and a unique combination of advertising principles, technology, and learning science. Starting with employee behaviors, this multi-patented solution is changing the workplace training landscape forever—and it’s changing lives.

The majority of managers are dissatisfied with their company’s training, and most employees aren’t engaged—so behaviors don't change. Business targets are missed, time is wasted and billions are lost to compliance-related costs.

$240B was spent on advertising in the US in 2020. Why? Because it’s effective. It repeats short, entertaining messages that change attitudes and behaviors. That’s why Ringorang combines advertising principles, cognitive science, and training methods in the first software solution to make behavior modification drag-and-drop simple.

Two Fortune 50 tech companies have applied Ringorang to increase sales performance. Two more are onboarding us now. Major utilities have used it to pass audits and compliances. World-leading consultancies recently began offering us to their customers as a change management solution. Cybersecurity. Leadership. Safety. Health and Well-Being. The list of behaviors to impact grows and grows.

The product was built in collaboration with the U.S. government, national laboratories and universities as well as marketing experts. Its process empowers a customer to reverse-engineer from their targeted business outcomes, map those to human behaviors, deliver a user experience that does not steal time from the daily routine, and incentivize "stickiness" so habits are formed over time. Measurably. Easy to sell, easy to adopt and easy to use

In the US, $83B is spent annually on ineffectively training 40 million employees. Many factors contribute to this failure: limited budget/time, competing priorities, a lack of interest from workers, information overload, and a lack of follow-up after training are just a few. We solve all of these problems and more, with Ringorang.

Our main recurring revenue stream is our high-margin platform subscription for Ringorang. In addition, we offer Success Coaching. Giant tech enterprises use our software for sales enablement, making a difference where LMS, microlearning and gamification have failed.

Advisors to KaaS include the former Director of Change Management at PG&E, an executive at MGM, the founder of the Sports and Entertainment Group at Merrill Lynch, and more.

Our mission has resonated with business leaders and investors all over the world, who testify to the global prevalence of poor workplace training. Here’s what a few of them have to say about why they invested in KaaS:

This is a team of business and technology leaders who not only possess the expertise to succeed, but who have experienced first-hand the failure of corporate training. An unparalleled passion fuels the KaaS vision, and decades of experience working in enterprises makes selling the product to enterprises easy.

Many of our clients have experienced corporate training first-hand and know that in most cases, it’s a check-the-box exercise. When leaders, trainers, and employees use our tools, they immediately see the difference. Here are just a few positive reactions to Ringorang:

For over a decade, the KaaS founders have worked closely with Sigma Software, one of the leading outsource software partners in the world. Sigma has been critical to the design and development of Ringorang since inception. We recently advanced to a new level of partnership with this ISO certified and Microsoft certified developer.

While our competitors are busy trying to improve learning, we have leapt far ahead to deliver organizational performance. We focus our customers only on what habits need forming to meet business goals. Our patented and clinically proven technology delivers industry-first impacts that business leaders love. The result? A fun and empowering experience for learners.

Developed in cooperation with the Federal government, and now privatized and commercialized, the aggressive product roadmap for Ringorang includes AI and machine learning to optimize content development, enhanced data analysis, and integration with systems and processes of the world's leading companies.

With a solid team in place, and proven software, the only piece missing are the funds to capitalize on momentum and expand our reach in the market. Together, we can help people and businesses thrive, and we have our sights set on every industry in the world. Join us and help change businesses and change lives.

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