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Redefining Pre-k to Gray education and putting educators first in EdTech.



reserved of a $50,000 goal
 $5M  $4M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $250K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $4M valuation cap and 25% discount
$250, $500, $1K, $5K, $10K, $25K


🤝 Run by Experts. 117 Years of combined management, education, and project experience with 2 exits and 1 IPO
🚀 Awarded a "Meet In Moment" VELA Education Microgrant Sept. 2022
👥 Tap into E-learning, expected to be a Trillion-dollar market by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 21%
📱175 Early Adopters and Educators helped launch platform on iOS, Android and Web.
💸 Up to 30% Tax Credit (if qualified) Approved Angel Small Business - Arizona Commerce Authority
👪 Awarded Startup of the Year in 2021 Hackernoon/Brex
👥 Collaborations with non-profit organizations for a good cause with the launch of each learning pod
👨🏽‍👩🏽‍👦🏽 Lifelong learning approach scales across generations, leading to potential long term customers

Our Team

I have a strong drive to always be evolving my skill sets from music to computer programming. Joticle was born out of the frustration from the results of "just googling it" while trying to learn the programming language Kotlin in 2017. There had to be a better way to research and discover topics.


EdTech tools have completely transformed modern-day learning.

Before a teacher can impart some ‘actual learning’ today, he/she must go through an avalanche of e-learning links, logins, dashboards, and programs while juggling up to ten learning applications every hour! Unfortunately for educators, that’s not where the challenge ends.

Lost in the shuffle is the passion and craft that educators have for specific  topics and being able to share and monetize their true passions and 

Most existing EdTech tools in the market fail to integrate with one another and offer a decentralized view of information. Educators today are not only overwhelmed by a technology overload but also tired of the massive hours it takes to learn every new tool.

Enter Joticle—the first-of-its-kind, topic-driven social learning and research platform that is driven by teachers, not technologists.

Our solution not only empowers educators to manage digital learning from a single platform but helps them win back significant time and monetize on the topics they love to teach, not the ones they are told to teach. Finally, with Joticle teachers can go back to being teachers instead of fighting tedious technology silos during valuable class hours. Our aim is to pave the way for future-focused education across the lifelong learning spectrum within the following niches—Elementary through to Junior High, High school, and University, Career, Hobby, and Post-Retirement.

Joticle is built upon our unique, proprietary Content Management Systems (CMS) and delivered across the Web, iOS, Android, and soon Virtual Reality.

Our platform takes away the pain of logging into different tools for learning, assessment, and communication and packs everything into ONE solution. Joticle offers a centralized source of learning management and creation, accessible with a single sign-on. We are talking about seamless classroom communication, a central point for assignment submission and management, access to curated learning pods, interactive dashboards, and so much more! Joticle allows teachers to always stay on top of every classroom activity with a comprehensive view of student performance fostering a streamlined and engaged learning environment.

To truly build a teacher-centric learning solution, we are aligning with more teachers and inviting them to be part of the next phase and evolution journey of our platform. In line with our vision, we are super excited, and all geared up to launch the Educator First Initiative.

Currently, Joticle reflects the Research and Discovery aspects of our platform and we have identified over 3500 topics, with more onboarding. It supports microlearning and offers free access to learning for EVERYBODY without any hidden charges, paywalls, ad saturation,  and inconsistent research results.

Joticle is not a tutorial site. Part of our mission is curating information best suited for learning a topic and building it into learning pods for a growing topic community.

Joticle utilizes proven technologies such as Google Classroom, Google Docs, and Google Translation wrapped into a platform that enables student needs filtering, advanced content creation tools, vetted content partner integrations, and student engagement through gamification.

We are scalable to specific topic requirements and adaptable to curriculum and corporate training data workflows. To be the best, we partner with the industry best such as Merriam Webster and CodeLab, the software company at the University of California, Davis.

We are democratizing learning through research-backed, best-in-class studying techniques. We feel everyone should have access to research and discover the ins and outs of a topic without being forced to sign up or get through a paywall, just to see if the content is even worth looking at.

Our primary advantage also lies in how segmented our competitors are in the lifelong learning field. We are rolling out across all phases of lifelong learning, but our first phase is within the K-12 range. We are not only raising the bar in lifelong learning with our unique and exclusive features but bundling it all within a winning proprietary filtering system that helps teachers address specific student needs like English as a second language, reading comprehension, and dyslexia.

It Gets Even Better - First to Market META Lifelong Learning

The Joticle Virtual Reality Immersion Library (VRIL) is a lifelong learning platform for the META world. Building upon our open API framework, we are developing a STEAM education engine that will provide lifelong learning like never before. We have partnered with Mobile Programming LLC, to bridge our proprietary CMS/LMS and deliver content to multiple VR headsets. We are also excited to launch the META Prototype  – A Virtual Reality Immersion Library focused on the K-12 phase of lifelong learning in STEM+

The e-learning market went through a hyper-growth of 36.3% in 2020 and is expected to quadruple in size from $250 billion to $1 trillion in 2027. E-learning solutions saw massive growth during the pandemic and played a crucial role in permanently transforming the face of education.  

Source -

The adoption of cloud-based learning platforms, AI and VR-based technology, development of smart content, and digitized study guides are some other contributing factors behind this staggering growth. Given the massive adoption rates by corporates, individual learners, and educational institutions alike, e-learning platforms are a favorable market for investors with venture capital investments in EdTech up by 2x from 2018.

Presently, e-learning is a catalyst for lifelong, social learning facilitating a move toward a knowledge-based society. Recently, when Harvard Business School introduced a new online education initiative based on social learning, the completion rates jumped from 5% to 85%. 

The Joticle social learning platform is not the future of learning but the present.

However, the biggest problem with e-learning tools is their inability to connect with each other, foster communication, and support learning and discovery. Schoology’s annual state of digital learning in K-12 research revealed the following findings when over 9200 educators were asked to identify their biggest challenges.

Given the present conditions, Joticle is all set to spark a learning revolution with its unique educator-centric platform.

Moreover, within the last two years with everyone in lockdown, people want to gather extra knowledge, upskill, and learn beyond the classroom. Lifelong learning is not a passing trend, but a direction in which society has evolved.

Today, learners and educators alike are hungry for easy access to vetted content. The content curation market valued at $524.85 Mn in 2018 is expected to reach $2,427.60 Mn by the end of 2027, driven largely by the education sector. 

Source - 

    In such times, Joticle opens the door to a curated topic environment that provides diverse exposure to ideas while filtering out the noise.

    North America: 240,000,000 Life-Long Learners

    While our main focus initially engages a target audience of 64 million, as we complete content partnerships and expand into niche markets that number grows to well over 250 million potential users in the United States.

    What about Global?

    While our main launch and focus is on the United States, we are already in discussions with institutions in Canada and the Government of India for EdTech platform integration partnerships. We are also working with Gaia Learning out of the UK for a potential home school integration. We plan to be extensively implemented internationally by year three.

    Come With us on our growth Journey: Target 2023

    • Stem+ Education Phase Launched
    • 100k Subscribers
    • 1 mil Active Users
    • 200 Active Experts/Educators
    • 2000 Topic Learning Pods

    The projections above are forward looking and cannot be guaranteed.

    Authentic, Organic, and Community Driven.

    Our go-to-market strategy beyond advertising is focused on reaching out to people where they are actively involved with a topic and engaging customers through:

    -Teacher Associations


    -Student Groups/Projects

    -Digital Librarians


    -Trade Groups/Shows

    -Topic Bloggers/Influencers

    -Topic related podcasts

    6.5% of funds raised will go towards the Wefunder intermediary fee.

    Meet The Team

    Scott Wilson- CEO- Founder

    Scott has 24 years of Software Architecture and Development Experience. He has a strong management background with 1 exit. When not taking Joticle to new heights, Scott is a professional musician and the former voting member of the Recording Academy, and 2008 LA Music Award recipient.

    Jeff Stoll- EVP Co-Founder

    Jeff has 14 years of experience in entertainment marketing and management. He is Professional Long Driver Sponsored by Krank Golf.

    Robert Wilson- CFO 

    Robert has been the CEO and CFO of 3 public companies. He is an Eagle Scout and Navy Veteran.

    Here is a peek into our media files. Happy Learning.