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Technology-enabled minority recruitment platform

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Jopwell Using Tech To Drive Workforce Diversity Featured at 2015 Entrepreneurs Summit, startup helps companies recruit top minority candidates
September 15, 2015
Launching their startup in July 2014, the platform is now operating through, a website already used by some high-profile corporate partners with a commitment to hiring more minorities. Those companies include Facebook, McKinsey & Co., Morgan Stanley, Abercrombie & Fitch, and MasterCard. Braswell, co-founder and CEO, says the two started the venture because there was a significant gap in connecting talented minorities with companies focused on creating diverse workforces. The platform allows job seekers and HR personnel to engage, providing a niche to help companies overcome minority recruitment challenges such as inadequate marketing, a limited pipeline, and a lack of resources by providing technology that directly addresses those key barriers. “Jopwell was born out of our desire to fill a void that we were both intimately familiar with through a technological solution that did not previously exist,” says Williams.
YC-Backed Jopwell Is Building The Apparently Missing “Pipeline” Of Diverse Candidates For Tech Jobs
July 15, 2015
A Y Combinator company called Jopwell is taking aim straight at the “pipeline” question. They’re building a recruiting platform that allows employers like Pinterest to connect with black, Latino and Native American candidates from colleges across the country. Job seekers, who must have a college degree in any discipline, can sign up and create a detailed profile and express interest in specific companies. On the other side, Jopwell’s partners can search for candidates with specific qualifications. CEO Porter Braswell said that corporate diversity initiatives usually rely on partnerships with nonprofits that can only handle small-scale amounts of hiring. “They haven’t really changed their model since the Civil Rights Era,” said Braswell, who previously worked at Goldman Sachs. “We took a business mentality and formed a startup to look at a traditional non-profit space.” At the same time, Braswell argued that tech companies don’t really know how to reach out to minority candidates.
Jopwell (YC S15) Helps Tech Companies Recruit And Hire More Diverse Candidates
July 15, 2015
Jopwell is a startup launching today out of our Summer 2015 class that is looking to help tech companies find and hire more diverse staffers. Jopwell has built an online platform that connects recruiters at technology companies with minority candidates from colleges across the country for both technical and non-technical job roles. TechCrunch's Kim-Mai Cutler interviewed Jopwell's CEO Porter Braswell about the platform in an article published today: "[Jopwell is] open to all colleges, not just elite schools, and already have candidates from more than 200 schools across the country. 'Our pipeline is incredibly diverse across many spectrums including income,' Braswell said. For now they focus on Black, Latino or Native American candidates. 'We will expand our definition of diversity over time,' Braswell said.
Why I Left Wall Street to Launch a Recruitment Platform
June 16, 2015
In June of 2011 I started my career at Goldman Sachs. It was an incredible experience and it was amazing to work with and learn from leaders in the finance industry. Every day I was challenged to “do more” and to always have an opinion. I learned what being productive truly meant. Attention to detail, communicating efficiently and effectively, and being a team player were all critical traits of a successful employee. It’s the best training ground a budding entrepreneur can have. However, I wasn’t satisfied. Not because of my experiences or my role, but mainly because finance and corporate America were the only two industries that I knew. My only jobs, from high school until I was 26, had always been in finance. And then it hit me like a brick – how and why did I end up here?
They Left Goldman Sachs To Help Corporate America Find Minority Candidates
April 7, 2015
Jopwell is a platform that lets companies connect with and recruit minority candidates for internships and jobs. These employers are considered “partner companies” by Jopwell, which helps them create a highly customizable employer page on the platform. That page enables companies to market their internships, job opportunities and programs to Jopwell’s minority users, which come from underrepresented ethnic minority groups– Black, Latin/Hispanic, and Native American. It’s difficult, especially for large companies, to recruit and retain minority candidates. One way businesses attract minorities is through internship programs. “Across industries, most of the Fortune 1000 companies recruit minority candidates this way,” said Braswell.
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