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25,000+ patients treated across 50+ hospitals including Mayo Clinic
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Reimbursed by Medicare and commercial insurances
Backed by #1 Hospital in the World - Mayo Clinic, investor & co-development partner

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More than 70% of patients with neuro-muscular conditions do not fully recover due to lack of access to world class rehab in their towns. That included my friend's daughter in India with cerebral palsy. JOGO treated her remotely from New York via telemedicine and made the little girl walk for the first time in her life.


JOGO is revolutionizing the way we treat chronic pain and neuromuscular disorders - with no drugs and no surgery, just results.

With a Breakthrough Device designation for chronic lower back pain, FDA market authorization, and coverage by Medicare and commercial insurance, JOGO is already improving the lives of over 25,000 patients worldwide. 

JOGO’s wearable technology and app work by leveraging the brain’s natural neuroplasticity, providing relief from pain, helping stroke recovery, and alleviating migraines and incontinence. A recent Harvard Medical School study shows that JOGO is better than opioids in treating chronic lower back pain – offering a groundbreaking, noninvasive solution in a rapidly growing $380B market impacting 1.5B+ people worldwide.

Backed by VCs like Mayo Clinic Ventures and Hourglass Ventures, we’re creating a world where individuals can overcome pain and muscular disorders without surgery or drugs.

JOGO has achieved the three most important milestones for any healthcare company: Patents, FDA market authorization, and insurance reimbursement. 

JOGO has earned endorsements from leading medical institutions, including the Mayo Clinic, the #1 hospital in the world, in addition to achieving 'Breakthrough Device' designation from the FDA.

Living with chronic pain and neuromuscular conditions is a relentless battle that millions face with few truly effective solutions. The constant discomfort, the inability to perform daily tasks, and the mental toll of enduring pain without respite can severely impact one's quality of life, and that of those around them.

For too long, the primary options available to those suffering have been either pharmaceutical interventions or invasive surgery—choices that come with their own set of challenges.

Medications often offer temporary relief and carry risks of side effects, allergic reactions, and dependency, along with the accompanying hassle of prescriptions and refills. Surgery, effective in some cases, poses significant risks, requires long recovery periods, and has no success guarantee. It can also be costly, difficult to access, and is often avoided altogether due to fear of adverse outcomes.

In many cases individuals opt for no treatment at all, resigning themselves to live in discomfort. At times, neither drug nor surgical solutions are even viable options for someone’s given condition.

The reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and surgery has left a significant gap in healthcare—a gap with a pressing need for innovation that is noninvasive, free from side effects, and accessible.

Introducing JOGO Health. Our wearable device and app harness the brain's natural neuroplasticity, offering a clinically superior, safe, and convenient solution without the side effects commonly associated with drugs and surgeries.

Our proprietary, noninvasive technology is driven by AI, revolutionizing care for over 20 conditions including urinary incontinence, stroke recovery, migraines, Parkinson's disease, cancer pain, and more.

JOGO can provide long-term help for health issues that traditional surgeries simply can't fix. Plus, it's safe for pregnant women and children, and for treating often undertreated conditions like migraines and pelvic floor disorders.

At the heart of JOGO's healthcare revolution is the science of neuroplasticity—the brain's remarkable ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout a person's life. 

JOGO's patented platform, protected by 18 patent claims, harnesses this capability through wearable sensors that directly target the root causes of chronic pain and neuromuscular conditions. These conditions often arise from the brain losing connections during neuromuscular events or becoming overly sensitive to pain signals.

JOGO's technology utilizes EMG-biofeedback (EMG-BF) to initiate the creation of new neural pathways. This process effectively teaches the brain to reduce its sensitivity to pain and to better recruit muscles in the rehabilitation from neuromuscular conditions, even in the extreme cases of nerve damage. This method alleviates symptoms and promotes an internal environment conducive to recovery.

A standard treatment cycle with JOGO lasts 5-6 weeks, with a one-time setup of 30-45 minutes, and daily sessions lasting 15-20 minutes.

A transformative healing experience. Patients experience reductions in pain, improved muscle function, and enhanced overall well-being.

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The JOGO leadership team is made of accomplished healthcare entrepreneurs and brings together backgrounds from prestigious institutions like Columbia University and New York University, and global corporations, including IQVIA, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, and Astrazeneca. 

Co-Founder Siva Nadarajah previously led a healthcare AI startup to a lucrative acquisition by IQVIA, the world's largest clinical research company, delivering 10X+ returns to investors.

On the JOGO advisory board are award-winning medical experts from Harvard Medical School, Yale University, Tufts School of Medicine, and Boston University School of Medicine.

The chronic pain and neuromuscular disorder treatment market, set to exceed $600B by 2030, is ripe for disruption. Historically dominated by pharmaceutical and surgical interventions, there lies a significant, meaningful market opportunity for JOGO’s safe, noninvasive alternative.

By capturing a significant share of this expansive market and redefining the standards of care in treating neuromuscular conditions and chronic pain, JOGO is paving the way for a new era in healthcare.

JOGO sells directly to patients via referrals from some of the largest and leading hospitals in the country, including Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai Hospital (New York), Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Weill Cornell Medicine. Treatments are paid for per session, with costs typically covered by insurance.

Additionally, JOGO leases its platform to healthcare systems, such as clinics and hospitals, which pay a monthly fee for a 12-month leasing period. This arrangement allows them to integrate JOGO's solution into their patient care systems, thereby enhancing their treatment capabilities.

We’re scaling rapidly. With the capital to scale and reach 100,000 patients globally, we are poised to reach projected annual revenues of $100M+ by 2028.

We’ve also started selling directly to employers to include JOGO as part of their benefits program. We have already secured a contract with a pharmaceutical company and are developing an exciting pipeline of engagements with large corporations, including Silicon Valley giants.

JOGO aims to expand its B2B leasing model by leasing JOGO devices to 70K+ individual regional physician offices specializing in neurology, pain management, orthopedics, urology, gastroenterology, and physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R).

JOGO has begun expanding our footprint internationally and is on track to treat patients across the globe. We aim to be the first line of treatment for chronic pain and neuromuscular disorders.

With proven product-market fit, insurance reimbursement, and commercial traction, we're raising capital to scale our reach to hundreds of thousands of patients impacted by chronic pain and neuromuscular disorders worldwide.

Our vision is to embed JOGO devices in over 1M physicians' offices, rehabilitation centers, specialty clinics, workplaces and homes around the world.

With JOGO, we anticipate a transformative shift in healthcare: a future where our innovative approach becomes the first line of treatment, eliminating the need for drugs and surgery, and significantly enhancing the quality of life for patients worldwide.

We believe that Healthcare is too important to be left in the hands of a few; healthcare affects everyone and demands collective participation for the needle to move in the right direction. JOGO is built on the vision of “by the world for the world”, and opening our investment round on Wefunder is a crucial step towards realizing this vision.

Investing in JOGO means you'll be joining forces with venture investors including Hourglass Ventures and Mayo Clinic, the #1 hospital in the world, in championing a future where 1.5B+ people are free from chronic pain and neuromuscular limitations.

Together, we're crafting a future where healing is achievable for everyone - the future of healthcare. Invest in JOGO today.