eNURSE, the smart personal health assistant for at risk patients living at home

Last Funded January 2024


raised from 47 investors


eNURSE can revolutionize chronic care at home assisting patients, caregivers & medical professionals
A fully integrated product platform ready to initiate FDA clearance process and commercialization
Founders- serial entrepreneurs that increased the market cap of prior venture from $35MM to $400MM
A team with a track record of successful commercial execution in the medical devices business.

Our Team

Based on our personal experience assisting my mother-in-law remotely, my wife and I realized that there are four major problems that have not been effectively addressed by today's technological solutions to make a major impact in patient outcomes, cost and patient satisfaction: 1. the lack of technology-based, highly integrated solutions to assist self-managed patients living at home with their complex chronic care protocols. 2. The need for a single-point solution that can concurrently support the three principal actors in chronic care management at home: patient, physician and caregiver. 3. Medication management requires much more than pill dispensing because at-risk and frail patients frequently require medication changes or a variable medication regimen. Medication management is the biggest challenge at home, but all home healthcare protocols are important. The eNURSE Smart Medication Modules resolves this, 4. Physicians are extremely busy and need reliable, real time contextual information (not raw data) to personalize care and coordinate chronic care services.

eNURSE enables chronic care at home and everywhere:

Welcome to itracHEALTH. We are pleased to introduce the eNURSE Personal Health Assistant- the One Stop Solution for Chronic Care at Home...and away from home.

The home has become an extension of the hospital, but little has been done to assist patients with the increasing complexity of their home healthcare regimen. itracHEALTH plans to capitalize on these emerging opportunities. In addition, the healthcare market trends, and consumer preferences are in our favor.

Market research indicates that effective chronic care management at home requires much more than dispensing pills or checking vital signs, only. It requires addressing the aggregate effect of most home healthcare protocols, social determinants of health and other indicators of patient health status, because they significantly affect the patient´s ability to comply with their daily health regimen.

Chronic care management at home is complex and burdensome, and affects three principals users: patients, their medical professionals and caregivers. Our "electronic nurse" with its medIQ medication management module assists patients, caregivers and medical professionals addressing the aggregate effect of many home healthcare challenges and enabling proactive and personalized care. Busy physicians value home health information-not raw data.

The eNURSE emulates a real nurse at home and away from home, 24x7. It´s a One Stop Solution for Chronic Care at Home. Automation and real-time patient generated home health information add new dimensions to home healthcare providing reliable daily health data instead of the traditional spot check at a doctor´s office.

eNURSE AI capabilities make most technical complexities invisible to the users. We use proprietary and cybersecure communication protocols to achieve high reliability, ease of use and privacy.

itracHEALTH's commitment to innovation and excellence has earned international recognition, with eNURSE being selected as Featured Finalist in the prestigious 2023 International Design Excellence Award, health and medical category. In 2022, the eNURSE medIQ was highlighted for excellence in technology implementation at the Arduino Week Product Showcase.

Medication management is the biggest challenge for at-risk or frail patients living at home that need to comply with complex and frequently changing medication instructions for use. Each year, medication errors in the USA cause 7,000 to 9,000 death and cost in excess of $40 billion.

To address this critical need, our systems are anchored in medication management. itracHEALTH also provides comprehensive functionality to support most healthcare protocols of at-risk and frail patients living at home.

Both products provide the same holistic functionality, but the eNURSE PLUS provides the higher level of automation, safety and security needed by frail patients.

To our knowledge, there is no system in the market or in development with the comprehensive capabilities and ease of use of our eNURSE platform. There are many remote patient monitoring (RPM) integrators, but remote patient monitoring-only solutions often fail in providing accurate patient assessments due to lack of medication management, adherence records and other details related to the patient's medication history. Patient sustained-adherence to RPM is moderate because many patients perceive there is no immediate personal benefit.

Our product addresses the needs of many market segments and geographies, some of which are not included in our financial projections. These additional market opportunities could result in incremental revenue and profits, beyond our initial market projections. Partnerships will be pursued to benefit from distribution synergies and access.

A recurring revenue model with multiple revenue streams – The above chart presents the flow of payments related to an RPM (remote patient monitoring) implementation in the primary care group practice market. It's our objective to make bulk sales to our B2B2C partners rather than selling directly to consumers.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

The deployment of eNURSE should increase the physician´s office operational efficiencies, profits and reputation. A successful implementation of an RPM strategy is projected to produce $40K of incremental profit per physician.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed. Contingent on timely funding.

A staged launch plan in line with funding, profitability targets and scalability considerations. The business model is scalable to other market segments and geographies with incremental funding. International sales are not included.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

A management team with a track record of successful healthcare product launches, excellent commercial execution and vast regulatory experience dealing with FDA, ISO/ CE and other regulatory agencies. The commercial team has a deep understanding of "solutions selling" to healthcare institutions.

Our advisory board is composed by a seasoned team of gerontologists, senior care experts and practicing geriatricians supplemented by a team of pharmacists, psychologists and user-experience experts with decades of experience in chronic care at home.

Use of Proceeds. eNURSE is essentially complete. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for FDA clearance and initial commercial activities, to be followed by a Series A offering in 2024.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed. Contingent on funding.

The above chart incorporates a three-state hubs launch plan benefiting from the compounding effect of the subscription revenue, net of churn rates. The average lifecycle per subscription is three (3) years. Please note the increased EBIT generation as recurrent subscription revenue grows to ~67% and ~78% of revenue by years 3 and 5, respectively.