Invisible Foundry Inc.

Invisible Foundry Inc. is an intellectual property (IP) licensing company.

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 20 investors


Intellectual Property Currently Licensed
Revenue Generating
Large Potential License Market
High Growth Potential

Our Team

This is the biggest idea we have ever had and now we have patent protection. SIOs level the playing field for creators and builders.

Invisible Foundry Seed Funding

Invisible Foundry Inc. is an intellectual property (IP) licensing corporation that generates revenue from licensing intellectual property–patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets–and providing consulting services.

The Opportunity

Invisible Foundry is looking for investors who will fund continued innovation and our licensing efforts as we expand beyond our first contract into many others.

For backing Invisible Foundry, the investors will share in the revenue earned through our exclusive license for the Social Identity of Objects patent family as well as the newly acquired "Smart Fuse, Limited Mobility" a patent family showcasing a system designed to restrict ignition access in vehicles.

Imagine a New Google

“As defined by Invisible Foundry’s licensed patents and technologies, the Social Identity of Objects has a profound impact on how all information will be stored in the future. Just as Google needed ways to search all information sources, Invisible Foundry has found a way to add tremendous context (the story) to all information, adding tremendous value to information stored.”

John Cronin, Inventor, Founder of IBM Patent Factory, CEO IP Capital

"The global digital asset management market size is expected to reach USD 10.19 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 13.2% from 2019 to 2026, indicating robust growth and increasing adoption of digital asset solutions across industries."

Grand View Research

How we make money

Licensing: A direct licensing approach that includes an annual fee.

Royalties: Receiving a percentage or minimum of the revenue as royalties.

Equity in a Project: By taking an equity position, stock, in the company for later sale.

Cross-Licensing: Allowing both parties to use each other's intellectual property,

Co-Inventing: We have been asked to pursue co-inventing as a service for projects that license our IP.

IP sales: In some cases, we could work with our partners to sell individual patents or entire families.

Litigation Settlements: Patent infringement can lead to additional financial compensation but can also incur high costs.

Revenue Generated to Date: $40,000 (Contract with Esaiyo, 10k per year plus 800k shares)

Progress to Date and Roadmap

  • Exclusive License to Seminal Social Identity of Objects Patent 
  • Exclusive License to CIP for evolving social identities in collections and between real world and virtual objects (Granted 11/23)
  • Exclusive License for Authorized Operation of Vehicles (Granted 3/20)
  • Licensed IP to First Customer (Esaiyo contract 02/20)
  • Expand team of inventors (Brought in Jon Cronin as partner, 03/22)
  • Obtained license to 10 more provisional patents/CIPs 
  • Obtained exclusive License for Global Human Story (Non-Provisional)
  • Sign License in music space (Currently in development)
  • Complete 4 licensing contacts in 2024 ($800-1.2m in revenue) (not guaranteed)

Use of Funds

This raise is dedicated to turning multiple provisional patents into non-provisional patents, building out a sales and licensing team, and creating exemplary technologies.

How You Make Money

Our goal is to begin paying our annual revenue sharing with our investors as soon as we hit $500k in annual net revenue. This revenue share will be paid out on a per-share basis.

*All Invisible Foundry IP is held privately by Invisible Holdings and Invisible Foundry has an exclusive license to license all Invisible Holdings IP

*Forward looking projections can't be guaranteed