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We help deep tech companies automate the patent process

What Investors Say

Cofounder, Disqus
Invested $5,000 this round
Manu and his team are on a mission to democratize the patent system. By using technology like machine learning, they’re going to help innovative companies navigate the chaotic patent process — ultimately so the system works for them, not against them. It’s a huge, ambitious vision and it’s one of the reasons why I'm investing in Inventr. We are at a time in which the world is working faster than ever to find solutions to deeply difficult problems. Thousands of new startups are at a disadvantage against deep pocketed incumbents who are only too happy to maintain a calmer pace. I think Inventr is going to help these startups stay on equal footing. The other reason I invested is because I believe in Manu and his customer-focused approach to solving real problems. The Inventr team deeply understands the problems that R&D teams face. If they do what they’ve set out to do, Inventr is positioned to be a major force in fixing the patent system and let us get back to solving those real problems.

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St. Louis startup Inventr eyes more funding through pandemic-focused XX accelerator - St. Louis Business Journal
July 30, 2020
A St. Louis-born technology startup is looking to raise fresh capital as part of an accelerator program focused on Covid-19. The startup, Inventr, is participating in the third cohort of the XX accelerator program. The cohort, with a theme of "Fight the Virus," consists of 15 startups that the San Francisco-based accelerator says could assist with mitigating the Covid-19 pandemic.
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