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We've gotten 30+ LOIs from companies funded by Y Combinator, DCVC, StartX, Techstars, and more.
The United States Patent and Trademark Office uses Inventr as part of the Patent Pro Bono Program.
Recent investors: XX, Daniel Ha (Disqus), Nish (Color Genomics), John W. (Lucira Health)
Founding team of experts in deep tech, patents, & NLP. Worked in companies such as Google & Amazon.

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Our Team

When I built medical devices for neurosurgery and worked with other biotech startups, one question kept coming up and slowing down our efforts: "Can we patent this?" I quickly realized just how expensive and slow it is to answer that question, often at the cost of bringing amazing and potentially life-saving solutions to the market quickly.

We're re-inventing intellectual property, starting with the patent process.

Deep tech companies are tackling incredibly hard problems, from cancer to climate change. But securing patents is slow and expensive.

These companies spend years developing their solutions and rely heavily on patents to secure their innovative work and bring value to their company. In fact, patents can hold up to 80% of a deep tech company's value.

We talked to lots of early stage deep tech companies, and we learned that they're leaving ideas on the table because it takes too long for them to research whether an idea can be patented or not.

Inventr is an automated patent assistant for early stage deep tech companies.

Inventr helps early-stage deep tech companies automate the patent process - from the second they come up with ideas all the way to the patent application.

How it works

We help companies document and manage their ideas, automate research around patent protection, and move through the patent process. We take weeks of work and use A.I. to turn it into minutes of automation.

Inventr is built to integrate seamlessly into a company’s existing workflow of R&D and communication with patent counsel.


The founding team includes CEO Manu, with experience in deep tech research, building medical devices, life sciences VC, and more. Steven H. was a patent attorney before becoming a software developer. He previously worked at Google and built an Amazon Echo app presented at the official Amazon Echo launch event. Steven T. has been a software developer for 20+ years and built an NLP recommendation system to deliver tailored content to users.

We have 30+ LOIs & are being used by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Our previous product helped 70+ startups through the later stages of the patent process. This new, expanded product streamlines the entire process from ideation to filing.

We’ve gotten 30+ LOIs worth nearly $500K ARR (annual recurring revenue) from companies funded by top tier investors such as Y Combinator, DCVC, StartX, Techstars, and more. And we are also being used by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office as part of the Patent Pro Bono Program in St. Louis (covering five Midwest states).

Inventr was also recently accepted into Newlab, a deep tech community of 150+ companies building everything from rockets to electric motorcycles.

A $45B opportunity 

We are pursuing a $45B opportunity around IP, and we're starting with early stage deep tech companies.

Business model

Companies can use Inventr by signing up for a monthly subscription, giving them company wide access to a collaborative process to document and manage ideas.

Through partnerships with incubators and accelerators, we can rapidly scale up customer acquisition.

What's next

We're starting with early stage deep tech companies, but there are millions of patents filed every year by companies of all sizes.

Long-term, we want to re-invent intellectual property. The patent system is 200+ years old and doesn't reflect the pace of innovation today. We believe that the future holds a new model of innovation - one built on transparency and collaboration.

Join us as we change how the world thinks about intellectual property. Together, we can bring the most incredible innovations to life.