Building AI dataset to power a marketplace for hiring diverse freelance talent

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We're building a dataset of diverse talent to power the AI behind our platform for hiring Black, Latinx & Women freelance professionals.
Only company that's focused on building tools to power marketplaces for diverse freelance talent.
Total addressable market for flex work in the US is $25B in net rev a year, & growing at 20% a year. Int'l growth rates are up to 80% a yr
Global workforce is rapidly shifting towards freelancing - 1 in 3 US workers currently freelances. Soon, 1 in 2 US workers will freelance!

Our Team

I found it difficult to find Black & Latinx freelance talent when hiring for my 1st startup. Only after exiting the company & becoming a freelancer did I find other companies had the same issue. Companies began reaching out to me, looking for black freelance web development talent. --Finding diverse talent was a much larger problem than I imagined.

How We Started

Several years ago Incluzion's founder found it difficult to find diverse freelance talent when hiring for his 1st startup.  Only after exiting the company & becoming a freelancer did he realize other companies had the same issue. Because of the press he received from landing on the INC5000 list, companies began reaching out to him, looking for black freelance web development professionals. The problem of finding diverse flexible talent was a much larger problem that needed to be addressed. 

1. (Top Half) According to the Delivering through Diversity study conducted by McKinsey and Company 2. (Bottom Half) Survey conducted by Incluzion

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The Birth of Incluzion

After exiting his first startup, working on projects as a freelancer and pivoting from another startup that also focused on diversity, Jibril continued to reflect on how he could use his life experiences to help others.  For 2 years he'd worked as a board member for his hometown's African American Chamber of Commerce, creating relationships with local Black, Hispanic and Women business groups to provide solutions for economic empowerment. 

He was also able to grow a successful company and create his own economic empowerment, by accessing skillsets at the right time, while providing overseas talent with the opportunity to earn money in a remote and flexible way.  

However, Jibril wanted to provide other minority and non-mority owned companies with a similar opportunity to access the skills of diverse professionals in the USA and empower US professionals with the opportunity to access flexible work.  

So he launched Incluzion.

    Incluzion is the first talent marketplace that will leverage a dataset of Black, Latinx and Women professionals to power algorithms that connect companies with skilled "contract to hire" freelancers in any region of the world; where companies work with freelance professionals in a project, freelance, remote, contract-to-hire or full-time capacity.

    Incluzion's Mission: To elimiate the issue companies have connecting with diverse talent and provide professionals with an additional ways to leverage a flexible work-life balace. 

    Incluzion also provides a dedicated social community that serves as a safe space for talent to network, collaborate and share.

  • With our freelance talent platform combined with our direct hire and contract placement offering, Incluzion covers all avenues for job placement and will be well-positioned to provide talent to companies than need to hire thus, promoting a diverse and flexible future of work.

The Workforce is Shifting to Flexible 

In 2019, more companies are realizing that they can save 30% in costs by hiring flexible talent vs full-time employees. Technology is providing hiring managers with a way to circumvent recruiters and staffing companies through talent platforms and marketplaces.

Workers are also shifting.  By 2027 more than 50% of the workforce will be professionals who want to sip cocktails on the beach and work. Talented professionals are increasingly wanting more flexibility and technology is giving them the opportunity to do so.  

There's a major shift in the way companies hire and the way workers work. But as companies search for diverse talent, no recruitment firm, staffing firm or talent marketplace is focused on highlighting flexible Black, Latinx and Female talent. 

Here's Jibril's pitch for Atlanta Tech Village Monthly Startup Pitch-off:

How do we make money?

Incluzion generates revenue in multiple ways:

  • Platform fees that occur when a company hires and pays for talent through the Incluzion Marketplace.
  • Margins earned as part of the bill rate when a company hires contract talent from Incluzion in a technical staffing scenario
  • Commissions earned when talent is permanently placed with a company through recruiting activities.

The Team

Incluzion has a team whose experiences comprise of startup operations, entrepreneurship, business strategy, HR leadership, workforce development and technical experience.

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