Implant Club

Dental Implants Made Simple ($18B market)

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 199 investors


Spin-off of profitable venture that has generated $4M+ in revenue
Founded by award-winning expert in dental implant education
FDA registered and positive results via 3 years of early user cohort testing
600+ Implant Club implants already placed

Our Team

Why Implant Club?

Implant Club is here to make implants easy.

A spinoff of Implant Ninja, a dental edtech platform with over $4M in lifetime revenue, Implant Club is a medical device counterpart offering a loveable solution in the unnecessarily complex $18B dental implant industry. 

By cutting out unnecessary features and constant product design updates, Implant Club brings clarity to a confusing industry--streamlining procedures for both dentists and patients. 

Our vision is laser-focused on high-quality components without irrelevant extras or used-car salesman tactics.

No frills, no fuss. 

Implant Club keeps it straightforward because in the world of dentistry, simplicity isn't just an advantage – it's a game-changer.

Here's the reality: Big Implant Companies don't make it easy on dentists.

The vast sea of proprietary connections and designs for dental implants can feel overwhelmingly complex.

Most implant companies provide so many options that ordering a single part often becomes a feat of mental acrobatics.

Pair that with all the industry jargon, aggressive sales reps, and patient lawsuits...

And you have a recipe for disaster.

To add to the pain, dentists don't know where to turn to for unbiased information about the products. At this point, they actually EXPECT to be misinformed by the dental implant sales reps.

Adding insult to injury, the big implant companies lock dentists into a cycle of re-tooling.

As the big companies regularly create new designs, dentists find themselves being asked to throw out their "old" and now "outdated" kits and purchase all new equipment. They are forced into a cycle of perpetual investment.

The industry's focus on necessary updates, driven more by marketing than genuine innovation, creates unnecessary chaos.

In the absence of a universal solution, dentists – and patients – are left confused and frustrated.

This problem creates a large opportunity.

That's where Implant Club comes in. We cut the BS out of dental implants. 

Implant Club's subscription service offers a simplified approach that provides seamless and compatible tools to achieve reliable patient outcomes and a stress-free experience for the dentist.

Taking inspiration from industry disruptors like Dollar Shave Club, Implant Club’s membership includes a single platform, a streamlined catalog of implants, and an optimized surgical kit.

Our implant system features a compatible connection system (the classic internal hexagonal connection), ensuring seamless integration with dental laboratories and existing workflows. This compatibility simplifies the overall process for practitioners, reducing the likelihood of complications and ensuring a smoother experience for all parties.

Implant Club uses high-quality implants made in the USA. Our implants leverage a simple yet effective design using a single attachment type.

The components in our product line is carefully curated, reflecting a dedication to incorporating only elements our team of experts would use in their own practice.

Dentists commonly expect to spend $5k, $10k, or even $20k to get started with an implant system. Not with Implant Club. By offering a membership, we allow dentists to start right away without the burden of the huge up-front cost and stress.

With no hard sell and low barrier to entry by subscription membership, Implant Club is the clear choice for dentists who want to make life easy for themselves and their patients.

While Implant Club will periodically update products in its subscription to remain best-in-class, we operate on a promise to remain compatible to optimize standardization.

Implant Club is built for dentists by dentists. 

Our team is composed of medical professionals, business experts, and innovative thought leaders within the dental industry. Ivan Chicchon, CEO and Founder, is a nationally recognized prosthodontist and educator in dental implantology. He has published three books in the field, including an industry-standard book on the All-On-X procedure.

In the United States alone, 3M people currently have dental implants, and this number is increasing by 500K annually. With approximately 18M dental implants sold globally each year, the demand is further fueled by annual crown and bridge replacements. 

The global dental implants market is booming, projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9% - slated to hit over $18B by 2030. 

The market's growth potential is underscored by predictions that dental implant prevalence may rise to as much as 23% by 2026, an increase from the current 6% of the U.S. population. 

This growth is driven by factors such as an aging population and an increasing awareness of dental health. Implant Club sees a massive opportunity to further expand this market as implants become easier and more accessible.

Unlike big implant companies relying on elaborate marketing, complex terminology, and extensive sales tactics, Implant Club’s disruptive business model offers a unique membership approach to dental practitioners.

Instead of pushing for large one-time purchases, we offer à la carte implant orders for dentists while including the expensive surgical kit as a membership perk. This strategy not only differentiates us in the market but also fosters member loyalty, carving out a distinct niche in the competitive landscape.

Implant Club is poised for rapid financial growth, driven by an increase in subscription revenue and sticky repeat orders. On average, our network of dentists report placing over 150 implants per year.

Implant Club has its sights set on a multi-million dollar exit within the next 5 years, following a timeline for acquisition on par with comparable dental implant companies. 

While the future is uncertain, we are committed to working tirelessly to get our investors the best possible return on their investment.

We’re raising on Wefunder so our fans and future customers can own a stake in our success, joining us on our mission to simplify implant dentistry.

Together, we can disrupt this $18B dental implant market, bringing a much-needed change to the industry.

Because implants should be easy– invest today.