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I Got It

Marketplace tech for NFTs, in-game memorabilia, and experiences

Last Funded April 2021


raised from 133 investors
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📈 Raised $710,939 in Round 1 on Wefunder
🏈 Multi-year partnerships signed with NFL and NBA teams like the Chiefs, Chargers, and Bucks
🏀 Charter Member NFT deals with young, elite athletes like Fernando Tatis, Jr., Ronald Acuna Jr., Vlad Guerrero Jr.!
🏆 Multi-year partnership with the Pro Football Hall of Fame to convert museum artifacts into NFTs
📈 Accelerating revenue growth in 2021 and capital will be employed for new activations
⚾ Diverse potential for tech: plug & play &/or destination app for memorabilia & digital assets
✨ Founder is prior CEO, Hedge Fund Manager, and VC with extensive investing experience
🔥 Red-hot $15 billion memorabilia market and fast-growing $2.5 billion NFTs market

Our Team

Our goals are to (i) enhance the experience for fans and (ii) increase revenues for our sports franchise partners. In an uncertain world where fan attendance may not return to pre-pandemic levels, we offer fans a new way to show their support. Similarly, sports franchises are looking for ways to expand their revenues and increase exposure.

Why I Got It?

I Got It is the game-changing platform that enables the best leagues, teams, and athletes to host marketplaces with live auction technology and exchange platforms for digital collectibles (including NFTs). 

With I Got It’s technology, teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, and Detroit Pistons can market in-game memorabilia, unique experiences and NFTs to their fans. 

I Got It also works with organizations like the Pro Football Hall of Fame to turn their 30,000+ valuable football artifacts into digital collectibles which can be collected and traded by fans. 

Additionally, I Got It has 40+ elite athletes under contract to execute NFT transactions with an innovative charter membership NFT program, allowing fans to participate in the upside of an athlete’s career.

I Got It has traction in the big leagues: multi-year, exclusive partnerships with NBA teams like the New Orleans Pelicans, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Sacramento Kings AND engagements with NFL teams like Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Chargers and New Orleans Saints. Additionally, established partnerships with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and 40 partnerships with elite athletes who are all equity holders of the Company.

Sports memorabilia markets have looked largely the same for many decades... and they lack the technological innovation needed to advance opportunity, reach, and liquidity. We believe I Got It is the only technology company today that delivers marketplace applications for its partners and end-to-end digital collectibles minting and exchange hosting for primary issuance and secondary trading.

One-of-a-kind digital memorabilia items are infused with exciting, unique content and experiences, to engage fans and create a multiplier effect across memorabilia markets.

The possibilities of I Got It’s unique platform are endless: increased fan engagement, enhanced connection with remote viewers, deepened fan allegiance, young athlete empowerment, and much more...

I Got It’s application adds auction technology to existing apps or websites, providing easy integration with team platforms, enhancing the “second screen” experience, and offering partners an end-to-end solution.

I Got It allows its partners to turn-key an NFT minting platform and host its own primary issuance platform and secondary market, without users having to leave a partner’s web or mobile properties. Our creative teams take concepts from idea to NFT with expertise in artwork, animation and video editing. We offer multiple payment sources and allow our partners to accept credit card payment and cryptocurrency. We also embrace compliance and collect sales taxes on all our transactions.

This proprietary process makes physical memorabilia available to the public as digital collectibles with unique additional content that makes them even more attractive to fans. Minted in limited editions with full transparency of ownership on the blockchain, they focus on user experience while redefining the market opportunity.

Distributing a limited supply of charter member NFTs (non-fungible tokens—one-of-a-kind items like trading cards that are unique and cannot be interchanged) allows young athletes to create their own digital economies, while performance and scarcity drives secondary pricing. Owners of charter member NFTs are entitled to purchase Follow-On or Event NFTs issued by the athlete for a nominal price. I Got It is changing the game by turning Charter Member NFTs into dividend-producing assets that can appreciate in value.

The pandemic economy has intensified the already red-hot digital sports memorabilia market. eBay enjoyed a 42% increase in sales in 2020, and Goldin Auctions—the largest memorabilia auction house—saw $100 million profits in 2020 and double that so far in 2021. And with the return of live sporting events, fan engagement will only continue to rise—on and offline. Market sizing for NFTs was estimated to be $2.5 billion in Q2 2021 and growing...

At the helm of I Got It is a world-class team of experts in investing, marketing, and sports investing.

With prestigious partnerships and ambitious expansion, I Got It’s future is bright. Late 2021 will see digital launches with the NBA, NCAA, NFT product debuts, and NBA and NFL team partnerships. 2022 will bring global growth, physical resale capability, community build, and expansion into art and music.  These are forward looking projections and are not guaranteed.

I Got It’s world-class leadership and technology is tapping into the multi-billion-dollar sports memorabilia marketplace by finally modernizing the space to increase fan access, unlock investable digital assets, and empower young athletes to cultivate a fan economy. This company is leading the pack in innovation of NFTs. Will you join?