Humphry Slocombe

Making ice cream less vanilla

Last Funded January 2020


raised from 551 investors


Pint shipments at 105% growth (CAGR) from 2016 to 2018.
Four scoop shops in CA.
Sold in 568+ grocery stores across 12 states, adding 41 every quarter.
Named "Top 5 Ice Cream in America" by the Food Network.

Our Team

We Make Ice Cream for Adults

In 2008, our founders Jake and Sean opened Humphry Slocombe, an old-school ice cream scoop shop in the Mission District in San Francisco. But rather than the classic chocolate and vanilla, they made the kind of ice cream they wanted to eat. 

Some of our unique flavors: Yuzu Cream, Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, Secret Breakfast, and Hong Kong Milk Tea. Photo courtesy of Foodbeast.
Some of our unique flavors. Photo courtesy of Foodbeast.

Over the years, we've invented hundreds of flavors. In our shops today, you can find flavors like Secret Breakfast (bourbon ice cream with cornflakes), Summer Corn with BBQ Bourbon Caramel, Matchadoodle (green tea ice cream and snickerdoodle cookies), and Harvey Milk & Honey Graham (raw blackberry honey ice cream with housemade graham crackers). 

Now, we have 4 scoop shops and more than 568 wholesale accounts in 12 states.

In San Francisco, we have our original scoop shop in the Mission and one in the Ferry Building, a renowned local marketplace for artisan foods. Our other scoop shops are in Berkeley, Oakland, and Los Angeles. We also do food truck pop-ups and events in the Bay. 

In 2016, we started selling pints and single serving cups in grocery stores. In three years, we've reached 568 grocery store accounts in 12 different states. Each of these stores has seen a 20-30% increase in sales velocities since launch, and we're adding an average of 41 stores every quarter. 

*Projections for 2019 are based on H1 '19 sale (21K cases).

Collaborations make for unique flavors (and good business).

Collaborating with other brands gives rise to tasty and delicious new flavors -- plus it's good marketing for both of us! Recently, we've collaborated with Queer Eye ahead of their new season,  Imperfect Produce, Chef Melissa KingThe Glenlivet whiskey, and more. 

What's next: Expanding wholesale accounts across the country plus 2 new retail stores.

We want to share our ice cream with as many people as possible! Our primary focus is expanding our wholesale accounts across the country. We're already doing this: in August 2019, we'll launch at 25 grocery stores in the NY Metro area. The funds raised here will go towards inventory, distribution costs, and marketing to expand our brand awareness outside of the Bay. Some of our funds will go towards opening retail: we're targeting two in 2020 on the Peninsula to aid in brand awareness. 

Cheers from our bizarre, delicious, frozen universe!

A warm summer night outside our original Mission scoop shop.
A warm summer night outside our original Mission scoop shop.