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Invest in HUGS

Building the future of International Student Housing

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253% average WoW revenue growth in August
Over $85,000 committed in reservations pre-launch + $35,000 in side investments and grants
Partnership acquired with University of San Diego
Our HUGS Score extracts 60+ different criteria to make a precise creditworthiness assessment
Featured in SD Chamber of Commerce, International Affairs Board, and the San Diego Business Journal
Founders have intimate first-hand experience with the problem

Our Team

We are a team of international students who are intimately familiar with this problem. We refuse to let this go unsolved for all future international students to come.

Invest in the Future of International Student Housing🏡

Hassle-Free Housing for Internationals:✅Fast & Secure.✅No SSN.✅No Credit Score!

International students face major obstacles in obtaining housing in the US

Every year 70% of International Students that come to study in the U.S. are unable to secure off-campus housing

International students face these issues by lacking a credit score 

60% cite the lack of ssn as an issue in securing housing. Without a credit score or social security number to generate a credit score international students have no way of proving how qualified they are as potential tenants. 

Help International Students and Landlords better understand one another 

HUGS is building the future of International Student Housing by being one of a kind. 

1️⃣International students create an account on the HUGS website.
2️⃣Students upload their documents and are calculated a HUGS Score!
3️⃣Students can now secure housing and browse worry free - all this can be done before they even step foot into the U.S.!

    HUGS is here to innovate. The HUGS advantage:

    ✅No Credit Score / SSN Required

    ✅Secure housing before arrival to the U.S.

    ✅Turnkey solutions to find a new place

    ✅Access to large tenant pool

    ✅Ability to qualify a tenant

      Business Model

      Why HUGS works

      Our Proprietary Rating System

      The Market Opportunity

      ✅Market Share: We believe there are no leading companies in this space.
      ✅Go to Market: Target the 11 - 17k international students coming to San Diego, then target nationwide aiming for the 1.1M international students that are in the U.S.
      ✅Market Opportunity: In California alone, we are looking at over $177,000,000 with nationwide sitting at about $747,000,000.

      The Competition

      In our current market, international students have 4 options when pursuing and searching for housing solutions which all require them to have either a social security number or a credit score.

      Breakdown Of Funds Usage

      Key Milestones

      HUGS' Initial Success

      The HUGS vision

      What's next for HUGS

      *The above slide contains forward looking projections that are not guaranteed

      What Do People Say About Us?

      “On Nov. 15, a problem-solving idea generated by Dumesle and d’Amours resulted in an entrepreneurial victory. The inaugural $45,000 Fowler Business Concept Challenge (FBCC) hosted by the equally new Entrepreneurship and innovation Catalyzer in the USD School of Business awarded the duo’s idea, Housing for Undergraduates and Graduate Students (HUGS), as the top prize winner of $15,000 in scholarship money, both increasing awareness of the issue and working toward a solution.” - USD News Center, 2019


      Carl Dumesle and HUGS

      After successfully completing his Bachelor’s degree in the Dominican Republic, Carl was ready for his next adventure, graduate studies at the University of San Diego - or so he thought. Going off to further his studies wasn’t the only thing that Carl grappled with upon his arrival to the U.S. Coming in as an international student meant that Carl had no social security number or personal credit he could use to prove his credibility to landlords and housing institutions which unfortunately landed him in stressful and unpleasant situations. 

      All these struggles Carl had to experience seemed unjust and as a result of a lack of structure. In order to even be eligible to study in the U.S. Carl, like millions of other international students, was required to show proof that he had funds available to cover a year's worth of expenses, including rent. So if he had the money necessary why was it so difficult for him to find and secure housing for himself?

      There was no way for him to prove his credibility. Tired and frustrated with the constant cycle of negative experiences, Carl went back to his hostel and created HUGS, which he then showed to his landlord and was accepted for the lease on the spot.

      THE TEAM

      "When Life Gives You Lemons - Make Lemonade." - Elbert Hubbart

      This is one of the best quotes that sums up our humble beginning and encapsulates what HUGS does. All of our foundational members came together through a bond and sympathy for the issue. Just hear how some of our founding members were inspired to join.

      Akash Atapattu - CTO
      "I first met Carl and heard about HUGS through the USD Fowler Business competition. As an international student who has had many friends struggle to find housing in the US, Carl's idea immediately struck me as a necessary solution to a nationally prevalent problem. When I learned that HUGS needed help with engineering in January of 2021, I immediately joined the team to build the future of student housing."

      Russell Leong - COO
      "When I met Carl during my previous role at a startup, I immediately connected over our shared background as international students, and our mutual passion for entrepreneurship. HUGS’s mission deeply resonated with me and I jumped at the opportunity to leverage my operations background to create a better environment for other international students here in the US."