Personalized, short-form e-learning for moving up at work

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🧠 Led by startup/product/engineering vets (Cisco, Digital Ocean, Princeton).
🙋‍♀️ Over 1,000 invite requests from people at companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
🏋️‍♀️ 2 yrs in the making.
🚀 The e-learning market is set to explode to $109B by 2025 (9.16% CAGR).

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As busy PMs and engineers, we were exhausted by the daily cycle of checking our email, opening newsletters across 10 tabs, scanning for BS, liking a few things, and forgetting what we read. We knew that a 10x more impactful short-form learning experience could empower people to keep up with accelerating competition and complexity in their jobs.

Homeroom is promotion-focused learning for busy workers in a beautiful mobile app.

Slogging through random articles and newsletters is one of the only ways for most workers to squeeze in professional learning. 

Homeroom is a mobile app that personalizes short-form learning so that you actually get better at your job. And we're starting with some of the best articles ever written on what you do. 

Visual thinker? Check out the first installment of our 90 Second Demo series. 


🧠 We want to be the best in the world at recommending content that strategically levels you up. 

Step 1) Give us the scoop on your skills and professional goals.

Step 2) Tap the app each week for your personalized read, generated by our proprietary machine learning algorithms. 

Step 3) Experience articles in a whole new way alongside talented peers 🍿.

🛠 Tools to maximize learning from content so you can experience articles instead of scanning them.

Highlight, react, discuss, save, compare, contrast and organize what you read. All in crisp, beautiful formatting. 

 👯‍♀️ Homeroom will turn weekly article reading into a multiplayer experience.

If you want, Homeroom will group you with other people in your role at different companies who happen to be reading the same thing. These intimate groups will allow for rich learning and authentic networking through social features. 

🏆 Early users have given us a toehold into organizations with world-class talent.

We already have users that love us in some of the best talent pools on the 🌎. We're building product-led growth strategies to capitalize on these inroads, including a custom Slack app.

👏 Our team includes builders and advisors from LinkedIn, Slack, Digital Ocean and more. 

Homeroom has a kernel of founders who care deeply about building cohesive, principled teams. 

Erik earned his product stripes while embedded at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco. At Octerra, he built a world-class product/engineering team from scratch. Blue brings decades of technical talent and best practices from top tech companies like Cisco and Digital Ocean.