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Invest in HNA Live

A technology that captures, visualizes, and optimizes manufacturing productivity


reserved of a $50,000 goal
$6M valuation cap Future Equity


Claimed top 23 Colorado ventures to keep your eye on (2023) - Denver Business Journal
Claimed top 24 most innovative cloud data services companies (2022) - Data Magazine
An IP-protected cloud solution that combines AI and 3D technology for manufacturing facilities

Our Team

HNA Live is built to be the perfect tech co-existence for manufacturing. Our service features big data, 3D modeling, real-time analysis, and intelligence systems. A stacked visual intelligence technology evolved from big data insight and innovation.


Manufacturing a product is a journey of tireless work, intricate processes, and the collective effort of countless individuals; imagine a solution that brings all these elements together and drives results with precision and clarity – that solution is HNA Live.

The Problem

The need to streamline manufacturing processes to drive overall site efficiency and profitability.

  • Inefficient processes and poor visibility can lead to up to 20% of manufacturing capacity being unused, according to a study by Aberdeen Group.
    • Globally, 91% of plants increased investment in digital transformation with 77% reporting a significant or dramatic increase in investment.
    • The global smart manufacturing market size is expected to grow to over $500 billion dollars by 2027, demonstrating the growing demand for HNA.Live's manufacturing cloud solutions.

HNA.Live MFG Cloud Solutions

“Transforming manufacturing through the power of artificial intelligence.”

  • HNA Live is a cloud-based platform that combines AI and 3D technology to optimize manufacturing facilities.
    • Greatly increased productivity by providing real-time visibility into the manufacturing process.
    • Manufacturers can monitor production lines, identify bottlenecks, and use predictive analytics to drive improvement.

Real-Time Product Flow Analysis

Lower manufacturing labor rate. Save $250,000+ with technology

Material Tracking and Management

Lower annual material variance by $1,000,000+ with technology


Increase safety inspections. Lower building insurance premiums.

The Team

  • The HNA.Live team, led by CEO Cooper Mojsiejenko, brings AI expertise to the manufacturing industry through cloud development partnerships and big data analysis, driving high-quality results.
    • The team has already accomplished a lot. The MVP proves the idea works.
    • HNA.Live's manufacturing cloud solutions have been validated by the market through positive feedback and successful implementation from several pilot customers.

    • HNA.Live has raised approximately $100,000 via founder bootstrap, family, and friends. Our barrier to entry is the complexity of the manufacturing industry and the high cost of developing a comprehensive cloud solution. 
      • We prioritize building trusted relationships with customers by delivering personalized manufacturing cloud solutions, through close collaboration and focus on digital transformation, driven by industry experience and expertise, to establish long-term partnerships.

    Investment Ask

    • We are raising $1.4M to execute a 12-month plan.
      • We are seeking a lead investor for a SAFE/equity-based round with a pre-revenue valuation of $9M, offering 15% shareholding, with $20,000 already invested and looking to raise more funds.

    The fund use percentages for HNA.Live's $1.4 million dollar investment round are as follows: 

    • Hire key employees: sales team, marketing team, and technical employees: (55%) 
    • Data collection sensors: (19%) 
    • Business operation expenses: (19%) 
    • Upfront costs for the consumer’s materials: (6%) 
    • Further proprietary CV technology (1%)

    Lucrative Investment Opportunity

    • This investment produces $600,000+ for HNA.Live's first-year technology servicing.
    • This investment brings in the first 6 manufacturing plants.
    • This investment funds our expansion to the 6 full-time employees needed to properly execute HNA.Live's first-year technology servicing.

    Our Vision

    HNA Live's vision is to transform the manufacturing industry through cutting-edge technology, providing companies with real-time data insights for efficient, safe, and sustainable operations.