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A technology that captures, visualizes, and optimizes manufacturing productivity


reserved of a $50,000 goal
$6M valuation cap Future Equity


Claimed top 23 Colorado ventures to keep your eye on (2023) - Denver Business Journal
Claimed top 24 most innovative cloud data services companies (2022) - Data Magazine
An IP-protected cloud solution that combines AI and 3D technology for manufacturing facilities

Our Team

HNA Live is built to be the perfect tech co-existence for manufacturing. Our service features big data, 3D modeling, real-time analysis, and intelligence systems. A stacked visual intelligence technology evolved from big data insight and innovation.


The Problem

To maximize their profits, manufacturers need to refine their processes. They need to access data when they need it for a true and accurate understanding of work environments.

Executives and managers, and shopfloor supervisors need to solve complicated problems to improve operational efficiency and safety. Having data available in real time is ideal.

Accessing data for business insight in an efficient time/time costs manner is hampered by:

  • Legacy software that is not integrated
  • Data scientists earn high salaries and need extensive coordination
  • Analysis and reporting are not available in real-time
  • No other real-time solutions are on offer
  • There is little innovation in markets as the bandwidth is too small to innovate

The Solution

HNA.Live distills big data into actionable insights that enable manufacturers to maximize profits.

HNA.Live's digital twins with lidar and other data collection technologies help optimize manufacturing and reduce waste in time, energy, and materials. It removes operations, safety, and quality bottlenecks, thus creating smart spaces.

This enables executives to solve complex problems like the virtual elimination of material waste in asset production, plant layout optimization, advanced preventative safety alert systems, and corporate measurability.

HNA.Live Technology: 

We connect data collection technologies to precisely measure everything going on within a manufacturing warehouse and create 3D models of what is going on whether it is plant movement, all the working parts getting processed, or the entire plant's operation as a whole, alerting decision makers priority real-time data issues happening in their operating plants across the country.

Monitor, gather and report data across all geographic locations.

All activity within each plant.

Everything going on within each section of the plant.

Market Size

  •  The global visualization and 3D rendering software market:
    • $2.95B in 2022
      • Projected at $7B by 2028

  •  The global artificial intelligence (AI) market:
    • $90B in 2021
      • Projected at $1,600B by 2030

Market Trends

  • 700k manufacturing plants in the US in 2022
  • 91% of plants increased investment in digital transformation globally
  • 77% significant or dramatic increase

How have things been going?

  • Established central headquarters in Denver CO
  • Agreements have been signed with:
    • Pilot customers
  • International sales vendor
  • Exponential Impact summer technology accelerator
    • Colorado Springs, CO

The Ask

  • $1.4MM

Use of Proceeds

  • Hire key employees
    • Sales team, marketing team, and technical employees ($770,000)
  • Marketing ($12,000)
  • Upfront costs for the consumer’s materials
    • Data collection sensors ($260,000)
  • Business operation expenses ($270,000)

      Key Milestones

      • Achieve Y1 projection
        • 12 MFG plants
      • Pre-Seed close
        • $1.4M
      • Team Expansion
        • 6+ full-time employees
      • S-Corp --> C-Corp

      Graph representing forward-looking information for the worst, base, and best-case revenue between years one through four.

      Business Model

      • HNA.Live sells contracted B2B technology service agreements
      • 0.1% market penetration = $80MM+ revenue
      •  ~ $100k annually – licensed cloud solution includes data collection sensors and software installation, real-time data collection, visualization, analysis and optimization, and expert support. Prices can be reduced for customers with smaller needs and/or a smaller number of variables.
      • Indirect Market Contracts can provide servicing to others with a negotiated price
      • Can provide custom services to others at a negotiated price.


      Demonstrating Customer ROI:

      • The business case has been built, is solid, and not yet verified
      • Principles agree with the verified value considering agreement investment
      • ROI is demonstrated over time