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✅ Smart Marketing for Underdogs (aka SMBs). Grew 21,900%, Rev $200,000+ ! 👍

What Investors Say

CEO of Seed Round Capital
Invested $10,000 this round
As founders investing in founders, we are excited to lead the investment in HelloWoofy. While HelloWoofy checks all the boxes for a great early-stage investment, we are most excited about the issues that HelloWoofy tackles head-on. As business owners, we have seen and experienced firsthand the large gap in technology available to SMBs compared to their enterprise-level competitors. HelloWoofy’s smart marketing platform addresses this gap head-on by offering comparable, and in many ways superior, features at a fraction of the price. HelloWoofy isn’t just taking a piece of the pie from a competitor- HelloWoofy is creating a larger pie by bringing in SMB customers that otherwise wouldn’t pay but continue to feel the urgent need to become digitally savvy today.
Arjun Rai and the HelloWoofy team practice exactly what we preach at Seed Round Capital:  Focus on paying customers while continuously improving the product. Instead of hiding behind the CEO title, Arjun is actively involved with customers and holds weekly virtual how-to meetings and while soliciting feedback directly from customers. They are truly building something great and the customer feedback and traction speak for themselves. We are particularly impressed with the Amazon Alexa integration. They are the only platform with this capability- at any price- and HelloWoofy’s timing is perfect with smart speaker use increasing over 82% in the past few months.

We believe Arjun and the HelloWoofy team are going places. Aside from investors, we are happy customers- and we aren’t alone. I’d encourage you to check out their social media channels and their customer Facebook group, Content Masters. HelloWoofy believes in giving small businesses a voice, and we do too.

Brad Jenkins and Austin Hill

Seed Round Capital


What Friends Say

Claudine J. Reg CF Investor
I invested because this seems to be growing fast and small business need the help for a reasonable price.
Ashli M. Reg CF Investor
I am excited to use their products and feel that they will be an important resource for small businesses such as myself.
Robert D. Reg CF Investor
It's an awesome program that is very much needed today and going forward
Chris C. Reg CF Investor
This is one of those rocket ship companies destined for unicorn status!
Chuck H. Reg CF Investor
I like the space and the solid leadership behind the company.
Gustavo G. H. Reg CF Investor
I am a partner in a small business and I see a lot of value in Woofy.
Alejandro G. Reg CF Investor
I think artificial intelligence is the future and I see potential in the CEO so that he can take the company forward
Douglas K. Reg CF Investor
This company is clearly filling a need in the marketplace! Exciting growth in 2020 in the face of the pandemic!
Randolph P. Reg CF Investor
The founder thinks ahead and is dedicated to his work. The idea of A.I. helping businesses with social media posting is also pretty cool!
Abdul J C. Reg CF Investor
Better solution to a specific and new problem. Interested to see where this is headed. Promising stuff for online businesses.
Diann A. Reg CF Investor
AI is the future. And small business owners need cost effective and simple ways to market
Ian T. Reg CF Investor
Arjun was so helpful and good at onboarding me as a client, I wanted to follow his success and support his work.
Lavette D. Reg CF Investor
This company is taking off in a good direction. Congratulations on your success and your success to come!😊
Kelly C. Reg CF Investor
The problem is real. The solution is sound. My love for social media didn't hurt. Arjun seems like a sincere person.
Gregory L. O. Reg CF Investor
I invested because I have heard and read so much about this company. I want to invest in a company that is hitting all the right marks.
Kumar M. Reg CF Investor
I am a small business and we understand and experience the challenges when it comes to marketing our products.
Tashuma P. Reg CF Investor
I invested because I believe in the founder and his dream. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Francisco C. Reg CF Investor
Arjun is antifragile--nothing can stop him, he all the way up!
Jason L. Reg CF Investor
I'm backing the founder on this project. This project has significant potential for growth & it's a product i will use myself.
Cleante C. Reg CF Investor
Recommendation by other investors and a strong portfolio with great potential.
Lamar H. Reg CF Investor
We provide social media management to our clients and we saw this tool as a great resource to add value to our clients through social media marketing.
Katherine H. Reg CF Investor / Customer
I am a customer of HelloWoofy and enjoy how it works. I find response time to questions to be impressive. I think the product is great, and I want to see them succeed. This is the first time we've invested but when you believe in the product it seems less risky.
Adam M. Reg CF Investor
Founder is very passionate about the company. It is a necessary product for social media marketers and I think they can be the dominate player in this niche.
Jared S. Reg CF Investor
I invested the first go around on Republic and since then your team has done well promoting your product, Your team has received much recognition and amazing press that has been helping this product grow. I am happy to invest again and have faith that your team will do well and this product will grow and make all of us investors happy
Novemar T. Reg CF Investor
This will definitely help small businesses, marketers, and influencers everywhere. It will save a bunch of time in terms of social media marketing and management. I think the tech, design and customer research is great. 😃✅🚀🎆
Evelyn R. Reg CF Investor
I invested on, because I strongly believe is a company that will be very successful. millions of companies in the U.S. will be using it to save time, and much more. I'm 100% sure that it will be successful.
Joseph Q. Reg CF Investor
There was an immediate draw to HellowWoofy because of how diverse the team was and how many problems an Ai driven social media tool fixed that I was unaware of. With this type of business model, it was by far an intelligent way to invest risk-free as I know that we're in a situation where the world is building more and more daily on heavy social media presence- and not in just business anymore.
Andrew M. Reg CF Investor
I invested because I know will change the online marketing landscape. HelloWoofy is the future and I want to do my part in making it happen!
Teremachus C. Reg CF Investor
I love the fact HelloWoofy gives you the ability to manage multiple social media networks, And there available 24/7. Simple integration campaigns organized. Love to be a part of watching this company GROW
Melanie P. Reg CF Investor
I invested because I believe HelloWoofy is a cutting-edge social media marketing company that is using AI to help its customers beat their competition. Also, I personally know the founder, and have full confidence in his abilities.
Troy S. Reg CF Investor
Arjun has such magnetism and ambition that will position him and those he works with[ ...]. Watching him grow this startup to the numbers he's reached, the community he's established, has been very exciting in such a short time! If investors or leaders are looking to partner with him, definitely take a second look. He's the real deal. He's a phenomenal presenter, salesman, cultivator of talent and relationships, and has the ability to connect data with demand and find those solutions gems that will make everyone happy and successful. He dreams big and goes after it. I'm confident that Arjun will continue to take Woofy [...] to new heights.
Scott K. Investor
Arjun is one of the brightest, most relevant entrepreneurs I have had the pleasure to associate with. Not only does Arjun see the future in technology clearly, he continues to invent solutions in which his products and his vision can grow. Arjun is a tireless worker, and is absolutely fearless in his quest to grow the business in a linear path. Furthermore, in my dealings with Arjun, I have seen him to be consumed with integrity. Arjun is focussed on the shareholders and investors in his company, and is consumed with communicating the progress and challenges, and the current value of the investments. Arjun is wonderful business partner.
Jodie G. Investor
I met Arjun when a friend of mine saw his post on a Facebook group for marketers. She immediately brought Woofy to my attention, knowing that I look to work with truly innovative entrepreneurs. Arjun and I connected, he sent me a link to see his AI-driven, data-science powered social marketing product, we talked a few days later. Five minutes into that call, Arjun blew me away with his brilliance, enthusiasm and integrity. He was already blowing major-league doors wide open with his persistence to raise funds. And I could see that he would soon blow the industry away with his first-of-its-kind product. A few days later, I became not only an advisor but also an investor. It is my pleasure and my privilege to go on this ride with him.
Steve H. Investor / Former Chairman of Ogilvy and Mather
I believe HelloWoofy has the potential to transform the online marketplace for entrepreneurs of all kinds, intelligently automating some of the most challenging work of creating awareness and turning that into successful relationships.

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