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πŸ“ˆ, Smart Marketing 😍

βœ… Smart Marketing for Underdogs. Sales ~$600,000 + 2 Issued AI Patents! 🎯

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Investor Panel

Nicole interviewed πŸ“ˆ, Smart Marketing 😍 on December 1, 2021. Play Video
Nicole Walker
I am passionate about enabling others to develop and test ideas. I am a Corporate Innovator, Mompreneur, and Angel Investor!
says, "Very strong pitch! Great job articulating the value proposition!"
says, "Continue to demonstrate what life looks like before and after Hello Woofy and add some testimonials to your pitch."

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Invested $50,000 this round + $100,000 previously
Over the last four years, Quake Capital has made 250+ early stage investments. Through that effort, we've worked closely with hundreds of founders, witnessing first hand those traits necessary for success. Words like "passion, grit, drive, and determination" are not simply buzzwords in the startup space. They are a core requirement. Building and scaling a startup is a monumental challenge, and it takes a special type of leader to make it work. We've had the unique opportunity to watch from early in its journey and it's clear that Arjun and his team have what it takes to see this project through. Arjun is one of the most determined and passionate founders you could ever hope to meet. He leaves no stone unturned and he has a deep understanding of his market, and his customers. In fact, it's obvious that he really loves his customers, and it's reflected in the numbers, with high rates of loyalty, adoption and engagement, and very low rates of churn. It's also worth noting that the company appears to be at an obvious inflection point, with key metrics such as those mentioned above (user adoption, customer engagement, churn, revenue growth) all trending in the right direction and with growth metrics accelerating over the last 12 months. For Quake, this is a key indicator and one we apply to almost all of our investments, as it reduces overall risks, lowers the time to exit, and is a trait which we consistently find in winning startups. I've been very impressed with HelloWoofy's progress over the last few quarters, and we expect to see this continue in 2022. Speaking of 2022, we expect to see a significant increase in the number of startups and small businesses launched over the next 12 months. This is a common trend following any inflationary period and one we expect to be amplified next year, given the number of people now working from home, coupled with a strong desire within the workforce to have more visibility and control over one's own employment. provides many of the marketing tools necessary for a small business to compete and win against larger, entrenched competition. Our view is that these tools will become even more valuable over the next two years, as the target market grows and as new businesses seek out the tools needed to rise above the noise. will benefit from this unique combination of market opportunity, business timing, and customer need, which should only help to accelerate their growth.

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