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πŸ“ˆ, Smart Marketing 😍

βœ… Smart Marketing for Underdogs (aka SMBs). Grew 21,900%, Rev $200,000+ ! πŸ‘

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Investor Panel

Claudius interviewed πŸ“ˆ, Smart Marketing 😍 on March 19, 2021. Play Video
Claudius Mbemba
CTO @ Alum: Techstars, Microsoft, OSU. Speaker & Tech Entrepreneur advising early-stage founders.
says, "HelloWoofy's smart marketing dashboard for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) is game-changing. Arjun is a serial entrepreneur who while working on his past businesses noticed that social media & content work was time-consuming for SMBs. HelloWoofy is leveraging AI to empower the small guy (SMBs) with less marketing budgets to compete with larger competitors. HelloWoofy makes it easy for a 1-person team to create and distribute marketing materials. And its integrations with Hootsuite and Alexa (smart devices) are leveling the playing field for SMBs."
says, "Integrations across more channels for SMBs to market and share their messages will increase the great value HelloWoofy already provides. Additionally, I like the idea of turning the AI into an API that other businesses can tap into and be powered by but for now, focus on being the premier partner to SMBs. "

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CEO of Seed Round Capital
Invested $10,000 this round
As founders investing in founders, we are excited to lead the investment in HelloWoofy. While HelloWoofy checks all the boxes for a great early-stage investment, we are most excited about the issues that HelloWoofy tackles head-on. As business owners, we have seen and experienced firsthand the large gap in technology available to SMBs compared to their enterprise-level competitors. HelloWoofy’s smart marketing platform addresses this gap head-on by offering comparable, and in many ways superior, features at a fraction of the price. HelloWoofy isn’t just taking a piece of the pie from a competitor- HelloWoofy is creating a larger pie by bringing in SMB customers that otherwise wouldn’t pay but continue to feel the urgent need to become digitally savvy today.
Arjun Rai and the HelloWoofy team practice exactly what we preach at Seed Round Capital:Β  Focus on paying customers while continuously improving the product. Instead of hiding behind the CEO title, Arjun is actively involved with customers and holds weekly virtual how-to meetings and while soliciting feedback directly from customers. They are truly building something great and the customer feedback and traction speak for themselves. We are particularly impressed with the Amazon Alexa integration. They are the only platform with this capability- at any price- and HelloWoofy’s timing is perfect with smart speaker use increasing over 82% in the past few months.

We believe Arjun and the HelloWoofy team are going places. Aside from investors, we are happy customers- and we aren’t alone. I’d encourage you to check out their social media channels and their customer Facebook group, Content Masters. HelloWoofy believes in giving small businesses a voice, and we do too.

Brad Jenkins and Austin Hill

Seed Round Capital


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