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Invest in HellaDoge

“COMMUNISTAGRAM” - users get 80% instead of zucc hoarding it



reserved of a $50,000 goal
 $20M  $18M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $1M of investments will be in a SAFE with a $18M valuation cap


🏆 Top 90K websites in the US, according to Alexa
💫 4800+ Beta users in 4 months
💥 Booked $800 in revenue in 2 months
🌱 Founder formerly co-founded Genius & Everpedia, out of retirement to found HellaDoge

Our Team

When I launched I was frustrated that the volunteers work for free. My only option was to hire some volunteers full-time which also didn't make sense - the CEO would fire them 6 months after I hired. I tried to do micropayments but the community and CEO got mad. This is why I invested in Bitcoin in 2013 - I always wanted Hella Doge!

We're the communist version of Instagram

We are a benefit corporation with the mission end poverty via a Dogecoin-based social network. We give 80% of our profits back to our community: 2 / 3 goes to contributors and 1 / 3 to passive consumers. A portion of company profits goes to dog shelters and charities.

Facebook is worth 1 trillion. If we can get 1% of that, it's 10 billion. And if we give 80% away, it's still 2 billion. Our endgame is to become a huge "communist" social media platform.

Our Explore page.

How it Works

We sell ads for $69.

80% of profits go to the community in the form of dogecoin - both to creators (for wows, views and redoges) and just for surfing. You get daily doge updates every day.

At 420.69 doge you can withdraw, but if your account has spam, you get disqualified! No "redoge me I redoge you" etc.

We have built a unique social network around Doge. This is our lingo:
doge - user posts
redoge - user reposts
wow - user likes a doge

Our Traction in Beta

Profile of  one of our Beta users.

Next on the Horizon

Our Team