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First Web3 Fintech fund generating returns from 3 layers of crypto value using a self-developed algo



reserved of a $50,000 goal
Future Equity
 $2.5M  $2M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $50K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $2M valuation cap


Groundbreaking proprietary and patented MiFi protocol
Fintech and Insurtech applications, as never seen before
Mining is always profitable by definition,our protocol leverages solely on the profits leaving the capital intact
By delivering both safety and profitability, we bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance

Our Team

We want to offer a safe and lucrative product able to attract both traditional and crypto investors, bridging the existing gap in the industry. Moreover we are willing to leverage on our protocol to offer best deals in the insurtech and fintech world, by acting as a broker.

Invest in HeliosFund First Web3 Fintech fund generating returns from 3 layers of crypto value using a self-developed algorithm


  1. First Web3 Operation Investing in and Extracting Three Layers of Value from Cryptocurrencies. -   "Where mining meets finance"
  2. Deploying capital to mining, smart portfolio rebalancing, and DeFi applications
  3. Created and owns a ground-breaking Protocol of Mining Finance (MiFi)
  4. Uses a smart swapping strategy to create more value through dynamic portfolio management
  5. 300% APR Generated for Investors To Date
  6. Seeking to be an EU Regulated Fund, giving peace of mind to investors as a regulated fund
  7. Employing a 100% Green Policy through MiFi Protocol designed to make mining green and efficient
  8. Asset-Backed Fund owning assets created and leveraged throughout the cryptocurrency value chain

Overcoming the Contradiction of Cryptocurrency Static Investments

While cryptocurrency and DeFi applications definitely represent the future of finance and investment opportunities, most funds investing in crypto assets are contradictorily static and outdated. By investing in crypto assets mined by others, they don’t control the source of their assets. By mining assets based on outdated energy-intensive operations, they’re asphyxiated by high operating costs and they’re not sustainable. By placing investments in certain assets using the buy and hold method, they lose opportunities in an extremely dynamic market.

That’s why Helios Fund:

  • Runs its own optimized mining operation using an efficient algorithm
  • Mines the assets that provide the best returns based on up-to-date data
  • Ensures the environmental and financial sustainability of its business by controlling the mining source
  • Makes surgical investments in bitcoin and altcoins, dynamically riding market trends and fluctuations to extract more value from any asset at any given time
  • Takes a constantly dynamic and fluid approach to a fast-moving market that keeps the largest chunk opportunities available primarily to those who seek to be as fast and flexible as the market itself

Our Unique Formula

Liquid Deposits

Customers make a deposit to Helios Fund and enjoy 100% liquidity: their funds plus gains to date can be withdrawn at any time.

The MiFi Protocol in Action

Each deposit is allocated through our proprietary MiFi Protocol, which will use the deposited capital to add mining power to our operation, selecting the assets to be mined based on our algorithmic calculation of best returns and best setups.

Cheap Energy, Higher Sustainability

The mining equipment used is also selected according to its efficiency, the energy sources used are assured to be the least expensive, and the savings in environmental impact and operating costs are consequently higher: environmental and financial sustainability goals guide the entire process.

Balanced and Dynamic Crypto Basket

We produce a balanced and diversified basket of cryptocurrencies selected based on their value, and the MiFi Protocol constantly activates a smart swapping strategy according to which crypto assets are swapped dynamically according to market values.

BTC Accumulation

Ultimately, Helios Fund intends to expand its Bitcoin ownership through the optimization of the entire value chain to create an increasingly large inventory of BTC that the fund intends to hold with a very long-term outlook—a value that will reflect on the value of the company.

Our Targets:

Bridging crypto with trad finance by delivering safety which is being reached through our natively de-risked MIFI protocol. Disrupting the insurtech and fintech industries by leveraging on crypto/web3 applications, running on the MiFI blockchain

Anatomy of the MiFi Protocol


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Making Customers Happy and Capital Available

As depositors, customers will provide the blood that will irrigate Helios Fund systems and allow it to grow. That’s why, along with the unique value proposition that we offer—permanent liquidity tied to solid gains created by a unique value creation approach—we also offer a user-friendly platform.

The Helios Fund platform is being designed to be easy to use, require no special skills to be navigated, and to be mobile-friendly because we know that most users will be on mobile devices. Among other safety layers, we will also activate 2FA on the platform and via e-mail, and we will provide an excellent 24/7 customer care service.

  • Keeping Helios Fund’s customers happy will ensure that the fund will have constant access to more and more capital to deploy to its MiFi winning formula.

Keeping Value Growing On the Move

We can’t highlight enough how innovative the Helios Fund approach is: we do believe that Bitcoin is the ultimate crypto asset to hold for the long run, but we don’t sit patiently waiting for things to happen. We don’t just act based on assumptions of where the market is headed.

Since there are many opportunities in altcoins, we keep value growing on the move: our MiFi Protocol keeps converting the newly minted altcoin and its extra value into bitcoins every time we spot the best market conditions. Eventually, these gains are also used to cover the mining costs and distribute profits among the investors.

Proven Value We Can Leverage

It’s important to state that Helios Fund is not just a business idea or even an advanced business plan that hasn’t been executed yet. We have already used our MiFi Protocol successfully—using our own capital to verify the effectiveness of our algorithm and approach.

We tested our system and saw it generating a 300% APR. Specifically, despite a higher electricity cost and an early block reward, our LTC swapping strategy has overperformed the simple Bitcoin mining strategy by 3x while generating a POI of 56x.

This is the kind of unique value we know that Helios Fund can offer both to you, as an investor, and to our customers, as soon as the fund starts to operate and taking deposits.

Business Model


Technology Roadmap


Asset Rich, Asset-Backed

As founders and developers of Helios Fund, we’re mindful of the conventional perception that crypto funds are backed by nothing. That’s why we like to highlight that we’re building and offering something entirely different. Helios Fund is already and will only become increasingly more asset rich as a company—because, through our proprietary algorithm we’re structured to create, leverage, invest in, and extract value from cryptocurrency-related assets throughout the full chain: from mining to investing in DeFi applications.

All the assets are owned by the funded—and, consequently, by the fund’s investors. This is an asset-backed FinTech that aims to offer clearly identifiable and tangible value to our investors.

EU Regulated

In September 2022, Helios Fund will apply for an EU License so that it becomes an EU Regulated Fund. We intend to combine the use and development of the world’s cutting-edge decentralized finance tools and resources while also offering extra safety and accountability to investors and customers. Becoming a regulated fund will be a key step towards that direction.

Going Green

The Mining Finance (Mi-Fi) Protocol that we developed, among other features, is designed to make the mining of crypto assets more efficient from the energy consumption point of view. We’re responding to the challenge of making crypto assets and crypto investments in general as green as they can possibly be—which is why we decided to create a value chain that is 100% green, optimized, and efficient.

Becoming an InsurTech Operation

Helios Fund has also been created to ultimately leverage the MiFi algorithm that we have developed to bring extra efficiency into the insurance industry as an InsurTech. Using Web3 and our MiFi Protocol, we will be able to always offer the best deals to users while acting as a broker—but in an optimized and decentralized way that will translate into higher savings and better insurance products for users, and in solid gains for the company, given our capacity to operate in a lean way and scale our user base and profits.

Important Traction

Helios Fund integrates in his DeFi layer a handful of solar farms with an eye not only for monetization, but also to create a circular economy.

Structure of the Company

Helios Fund is a C-Corp incorporated in the state of Delaware, USA, and it is valued at $2.5M.

Form of Investment

We’re offering investors the opportunity of getting exposure to the different layers of cryptocurrency-related value by investing in the SAFE notes we’re now making available through WeFunder.

The Decentralization Opportunity

In a nutshell, Helios Fund represents an investment in the decentralized future of the economy, in the decentralization opportunities that cryptocurrencies and NFTs in different fields offer, and in the optimization of the insurance industry through a leading decentralized InsurTech company like no other.

At Helios Fund, we have created our own Mining Finance (MiFi) protocol—an algorithm that is designed to create and extract value across every step of the cryptocurrency chain. By investing in Helios Fund, you’re investing in a company that relies primarily on its own ability to drive profits

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