HeartFoods Community Farms

Transforming our food system by upcycling food wastes to grow vegetables, greens, herbs and berries

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 156 investors
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Fresh organic foods are grown year-round using recycled nutrients, carbon, water and energy from local food wastes
Sales of "turnkey" design-build-operate contracts to local farm owners
CEO is professional engineer with 25+ years sustainable project design and construction experience
Sales projected to expand 5X annually in current multi-billion dollar food waste up-cycling market

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Our Team

Over 25 years ago, Mark Buehrer created 2020 ENGINEERING as visionary engineering consulting company, founded on a simple design approach to economically solve complex environmental problems. As time passed, he realized that the issues of food waste, food transportation, food security, food poverty, and urban food deserts could be better addressed. The year 2020 gave opportunity to bring the idea to fruition with the formation of HeartFoods Community Farms.